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    In this story, nature reveals to you the secret about the powers to which the common man gets attracted, and how disturbing they are for the person who actually gets them. This is the story of a person who’s been through many fluctuations. He failed everywhere, but was selected by nature for its work, however due to fluctuation, he lost his position in the universe and got replaced. Nature never forgives! In this story, nature is the central character and story teller. This story is devoted to the loving inspiration of Supreme lover. I am not claiming anything in this story. It is totally upon you to consider it imaginary, or as having any elements of truth. It is only a story. [‘Remains Are History’ means turning towards the zero in your life to grow till 360°. For testing it read the full story.]

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    “Why Hijab, Still Confused?”, written by Muhammad Saad, is specifically for those people who are confused that why some women wear Hijab (an enveloping outer garment worn by women to cover themselves in public, which covers the body and the face). This book logically and statistically tries to show the problems which are emerging due to anti-Hijab attitude, the reason for its increase in the last few decades and why Hijab failed to safeguard some women of East.Along with it, some basic knowledge regarding women status in Islam is also provided. Reader might think that what was the purpose of teling such things in this book. The reason behind it is that in such a time when digital and printed media are being used to divide us then it becomes our responsibility to know each other in order to strengthen our nation. If media has told you hundreds of lies regarding Islam and then I claim that ideas of this book gives the best protection to our sisters, then definetly it will not work. You should first see that how Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)gave women a high status and then along with those rights he ( Peace Be Upon Him) told a way for their protection.
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    The book is a startup glance over the vast ocean of Indian Vedic Astrology. It is a go-through study over predictive astrology and deals with Chitta Kundali system, the finest predictive form of Predictive Astrology till date. In the preliminary chapters, the book states the definitions of astrology, brief history, origin, and inner concepts Chitta Kundali system and brief idea about the most prominent constellation of the sky, Kalpurush, the status of 27 constellations and Gana of a native, the basic idea, cardinal features, various characteristics and definitions of Rashi, preliminary idea about Varna, and relation between Rashi and Nakshatra, and the results in the life of a native according to his Janma Nakshatra and Janma Rashi. Then it deals with the basic idea about Lagna and the cardinal features of 12 Bhavas, classifications of Bhavas and explanation of Bhavas by Chitta Kundli; followed by the total details about Planets or Grahas and details about Vimshottari Dasha system and results of dasha-antardasha. After these preliminary and basic ideas, it states the ideas of Chitta Kundli, such as importance and effects of Moon and Mars, application of numerology, the study process of a natal chart, significance of Dasha in the lifespan of a native, importance of Janmadasha in human life and a unique Dasha feature known as Soubhagya Dasha. The book ends up with the brief accounts on various practical fields and attributes of human life and practical chart analysis.

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    ‘Athma Thathwardha Ramayan’ explains the Journey of Jeevathma (soul) to Paramaathma (God): 1)The moving chariot, the body which has ten senses is called Dasaratha. 2)That body which has manas with three gunas Sathva Rajas and thamo gunas are Kausalya, Sumithra, and Kaikeyi. 3)The manas which is turned towards Atma is Sita, 4)The virtues which are meant for Atma to become God is Lakshmana, 5)The body which is meant to do Karma of God is Hanuman, 6)The Bhakti Rasa Thathwam is Bharatha (Who has done Dharma Rakshna when Lord Rama was not present at atmapuri Ayodhya) 7)The enemy for mamakaram i.e., the attachment is Sathrugna. Sathruvulaku Ghanudu (Sathrugna protects the man who has Bhakti Rasa Thathwam to sustain Dharma) 8) The desires in the body is Ravana, 9)The desirous body in which the blood has the three qualities like Vibheeshana, Ravana and Kumbakarna are Sathva Rajas and thamas qualities. 10)The emanated thoughts from the mind are nothing but monkeys 11)That human mind in which the sensual feelings are Vali 12)That human body in which the Jnana Rasam in the Jeevam is nothing but Sugriva (Sareeramuna Uthpathi aiyna Jnana Rasam – Sa + Vu + Ga + Ra + Va) 13)That human body which is full of Daivathvam (Angamuna paru Daivathvam is Angada) 14)The Guru at the Young age is Vasihta (Vairagyam sihtimchesina vadu), the Guru Janaka who gave Sathyam to Rama as His consort, The Guru Viswamithra who makes you do Karma for the welfare of the world. 15)The virtue in us is Lakshmana who is Adesa (one who is with you to obey all the time) and the Karma in us is Hanuman who is Acharana (one who does Karma without any ego and attachment) 16)The bridge towards Manas to kill Desires is the Sethu towards Lanka and after The Kama dahana the coronated place in Ayodhya, 17)The fruit of Sathya Palana and Dharma Rakshana are Lava and Kusa who are nothing but Shanthi and Prema and much more…A must pick up for spiritual enthusiasts!

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    The book, Bliss of Supreme Knowledge. This is a compendium of 4 books expounding spiritual knowledge. The first book narrates the significance of thirty-six principles. The second book logically interprets various principles by 21 illustrations. It explains the character, words spoken, the quality and the nature of the enlightened person. The third one state that a heinous sinner afflicted with all the disease gets cured by the Divine vision of the Realized Master. The last book deliberates the nature of the Ultimate Reality and elucidates practices as a means to obtain The Absolute Bliss through inquiry are narrated. Anyone who reads all the 4 books shall attain the whole knowledge of Self Enquiry and Self Knowledge. It is certain that such person would attain Equanimity, live a joyful emancipated life free from all miseries and end transmigration.

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