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    जग की सताई है नारी पर कमजोर नहीं, एक और देखा जाए तो नारी हर असंभव से असंभव कार्य को संभव कर सकती है, नारी तो वह शक्ति है, जो वक्त आने पर अबला से दुर्गा का रूप ले सकती है, नारी को कभी कमजोर मत समझ नारी अबला नहीं शक्ति है।

  • Ranjesh’s Practical Golden Global English Speaking Course for Trainers & Trainees by: Ranjesh Kumar 384.00
    This book introduces you the basic concept of English Speaking Courses for Trainers & Trainees – in a concise manner. This book is meant for all Trainers and Trainees who are interested in developing their skills in Speaking English. More than an English Speaking Course, this book will motivate you to enhance your speaking and interaction skills. If you are learned but  lack the skill of Speaking English, this book is a must for you all. It may be useful for masters, trainers to train English teachers and students in one of the major skills of English Speaking Courses. This book will help readers, learners, trainers and trainees to overcome communicative problems in English.
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    Leaves of life is a collection of poems written by D. Brinda on various aspects of life . Most of the poems are short on various themes and genre. These poems were written during this lockdown period in the WhatsApp group of Profound Writers , Creative Writers and Crazy English teachers groups.

    LEAVES OF LIFE by: D.BRINDA 250.00
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    Learn more, learn fast, and learn confidently. If you do that then you will be a fluent speaker. Don’t think about the past. Instead, think about the present and the future because they are in your hand. Learning English is hard to those people who are afraid of learning it and easy for those who think learning English is fun. People who want to be successful, who want to be better, and have great ambitions in life, they will have to put some efforts to get what they want. This book is for those people who want to learn English but are afraid because they think that it is very hard. But in real it is not as hard as they think. They start learning English with old methods and when these methods don’t work, they stop. Nothing is impossible if you have determination to learn, if you have strong interest in it, and if you have great potential. Yes, everything is possible. I have mentioned easy methods which are useful to those who want to learn English. If you read this book, I assure you that these methods will help you learn English faster. The methods and the ways I have mentioned in this book will transform your perception towards English. If you think – Learning English is funny, simple, and exciting. You can speak like native speaker. Learning grammar is not necessary to speak English. It is as easy as your own language. It is very interesting to learn English. – then this book will be your best choice. It is written in easy language. Everyone can understand it without any difficulty. In this book,  Surender Sharma will tell you the best and easiest methods of learning English. If you learn this book, you will find it more interesting, entertaining, and motivational. I am sure it will be very beneficial for you if you learn it.
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    World of Words, is a vocab book for beginners who wants to start communicating in English. It has all those needy words of our day to day life.
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    This book is a guide to writing essays in French .It contains vocabulary alongside with exercises to upgrade writing skills while learning grammatical rules.
  • How to learn Arabic by: Abbas Ali Baig 157.00

    It is a book written in English with a view to learn Arabic
    for the beginners.

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