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  • FILTHY FEELINGS OF EMPTINESS by: Kashish Pandey 300.00

    The book is based on certain life instances where we have felt empty often. It is based on psychological, social and controversial issues. Some issues are given cold shoulder and not talked about. Lets not give cold shoulder to such issues and talk about it. It is time to get it out of the system, Also, it is prominent to understand the nature of any situation practically. So, along with problems mentioned, I haven also suggested solutions . Kudos ! Enjoy the book.

  • A man of wonder by: D. MAHADHAR 199.00

    The seed of the banyan tree is so small as to be invisible to the naked eye, but once it begins to fall to the ground and germinate, no one can imagine what its cosmic form will be … It can soar into the sky with infinite form, and spread out in all directions around the world with quadrangles, With his waves, he can sink into the abyss and remain in this creation forever. Also in this story of novel.. (A man of wonder )an old man becomes a burden to them at home, gets stuck in a finger and falls on the road. ? .., Introduced to the world! ? . Did he stand on his own two feet? ! . Or .. what happened to old man in the end at all! ? .. This novel with the story of the suspenseful … written .. born man gittaka manadu … such a man in life so many strange, pictures, strange, why … God …! ? . After reading this book, Jabba slaps the hero (old man) in the story, saying that if the girls fall in love, the boys will live like weedy if they live .. In the same way, the whole world will rise up and salute to old man. Guaranteed … yours.

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