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  • Mujhe kehne do. Bhag-1 by: SHAILENDRA SAGAR SINGH 499.00

    This book (mujhe kehane do.bhag-1) is regarding *Hindi poetry* & ……………. *philosophy of literature*.
    In this book I have written my experiences of life in poetic & philosophical form. in this very book I have described about the *process of* *being an author* */* *process of* *creation of literature* ……….this book also contains emotional description of all kinds human experiences…… the form of poetry

  • Panditain Ji by: Rajesh Kumar Shukla 199.00

    “Panditain Ji” is all about feminism, written & created in the backdrop of status of Indian women in our patriarchal society during colonial times when thinking of women’s rights & aspirations were considered taboo. The pivotal plot this literary piece beholds is women empowerment by allowing widows to get re-married and abolition of Zamindari system letting poor & downtrodden people reclaiming their own destiny which they were entitled to.

  • First and Half Darling by: Prithvi Raj Singh 162.00

    This is story of a young Doctor named Dr.Raj who is living with his family in Jaipur city. In Corona pandemic soon he felt some flu like illness, and on advise of a senior he admitted in a hospital where he tested for corona and quarantined.

    In corona ward he felt loneliness and during this period some colleagues phoned him and re- membered good days of M.B.B.S and hostel life. He also felt that there was much more in these days which have forgotten due to his busy professional life. He remembered ragging days, college festival days and his love life. In those days he was in love with a beautiful school girl Neelu. And in same time an other college girl Ragini also loved him. College girl was very caring for him but he couldn’t decide his fate. Some ups and downs came in his life and due to destiny he lost both. After some time once destiny knocked his gate to select his first love but this was too late. Then what happened next? Now after 14 years he realized that his first and half love must be memorable. Then how he full-fill his memories of love.

  • Mann Tarang by: Hari Singh Shalwar 410.00

    ‘Mana Tarang’ (Mind Wave) – As the name is the wave of the author’s thoughts which has been scintillating in his long life from time to time in the form of poetry, articles, short story. The book mentions mixed subjects such as, religion, society, politics and wonderful events in life. Since writing is my hobby, structures have been collected inadvertently, so why not them should be brought into existence as a book before the evening of life sinks. Under this thought, the book is presented in the form of ‘Mana Tarang’ published by Blue Rose publication. It is expected that the publication will be successful in entertaining the lessons and creating positive thinking. In my creation I will be happy my experience and thoughts benefit the readers. I have my own style of writing in “Hindi”.

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