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  • Doctor Yagnaseni by: Arwind Ray 275.00

    This novel depicts the mental and real journey of a doctor. This work is purely fiction and any resemble to any one is mere a coincident. I have tried to depict good and bad events and characters, not to be didactic but to express in suppressible intuition to depict the discriminations prevailing in the society.

    The existence is not futile but a chance to get unlimited joy. Though India promotes the tradition of salvation through stoicism, it also sings the erotic songs. When a man becomes human and starts to look at others with love, it ultimately creates a strong society. The saints, monks, scholars and leaders need to know the people. The stale and meaningless rituals, rites and traditions must be abjured. All that do not fit into the contemporary lifestyle are to be abjured. Women should be encouraged live their parasitic lives and fight against all the factors that give them cry and weeping. The life is to enjoy, not to shed tears.

  • Jiwan Ki Bagiya by: Sangeeta gupta 250.00

    “Jiwan Ki Bagiya” is my first book. A new book also brings new life, new happiness, new hopes in life like the birth of a child. Seeing their child growing, flourishing, every parent leaves no stone unturned to nurture that child.

    In the “Jiwan Ki Bagiya”, you will feel some sour, some sweet experiences of everyday life somewhere in your life.

    Keeping in mind today’s environment, I have tried to put the words of my loved ones in words. I hope my readers can feel it.
    If we all try to understand the mind of others, then the sweetness of the relationship always remains.

    Will be eagerly waiting for your thoughts and feelings. You can also send your thoughts by mail or on YouTube channel. Soon the “Part 2” of “Jiwan Ki Bagiya” will be in front of you

  • Dahej Ek Buri Bala by: Monika Pradeep Pandey 100.00

    bhavri ager dar ka samna karti to jeet jati

  • Adhunik Gram Panchayat by: Deepak Yadav 220.00

    Adhunik gram panchayat is my first Hindi book. With writing this book major aspects related to social concerns are considered as the focus. In which the three tier system (gram Panchayat, Kshetra Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat) and the panchayati Raj has been described in simple language in details and tried to bring the moral and knowledge of the panchayat representatives to the powers of gram sabha members.


     The summary of the book is that people should speak the truth of their life.In this era, every person is living in sadness because of others ditchness.To make every person happy ,right counselling is required with appropriate action. Moreover, every child should be given equal opportunity with transparency to prove his/her intelligence so that every person remain satisfy and give his/ her 100% effort in their work.Lastly, good work and crime free society will result in best country.

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