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  • Future of Work: The Complete Blueprint by: Reema Nakra 175.00

    This book gives a summary on the whole gamut of future of work covering various aspects.The book provides a roadmap for what leaders across contexts require to do to generate high quality jobs and develop competitive and profitable businesses.The main goal of this book is to lend support to HR professionals and organizations. This is a book about how the workforce of the future will engage them, how managers will lead, and what companies of the future will look like.


    The priorities of childhood are changing day by day, as such, it has to be recognized that the parents of yesteryears who do not suit the requisite physical and psychological demands of today’s children have also to change to work out new theories and try out new experiments. AN INTELLIGENT PARENT’S / TEACHER’S GUIDE TO SUCCESS AND ACHIEVEMENT OF THE CHILD of M. K. RAINA RATNAKAR gives an account of the lesser-known world of today’s child of which most of the parents are not aware and the same is interspersed with an account of most recent educational research, survey, and analysis in the shape of fresh and stimulating ideas of bringing out the best in the children from the day they start their life in the mother’s womb. This book from the pen of Ratnakar brings with it the assurance for every intelligent parent to see that his child excels in every sphere of childhood.

  • Quarantine Dairies by: Adishree Kasliwal 224.00

    This book tells the story of a young teenage girl who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. With her courage and hard work, she remained isolated and ensured the virus did not spread to any other family member living in the house. It gives an insight into her day-to-day life in quarantine. She penned down her daily experiences and emotions; which she later converted into this book. Read to find her experiences, feelings, struggles, and learnings throughout her 14-day isolation.

  • The modern Plague by: Shashwat dev 195.00

    The world is amidst a global storm that is set to change almost every social obligation which hitherto has commanded the human response. For most this is the first time that they are experiencing a historical event of such scale. “The Modern Plague- History Shared En Masse” is an attempt to portray the magnitude of this pandemic. Miseries have been inflicted upon everyone in varying degrees, for some it was question of life and death whereas for some it was a sort of solitary confinement for months. This book is an attempt to collage every story of this epic. From the world’s largest economic lockdown to the migration of labours on foot and from the fight for an investigation to know the origin of the virus to the race for a cure, every aspect has been touched upon. It has been almost a year since the world was hit by this catastrophe, yet every study on the virus makes us realize how little we know. This book tries to bring forth the reality and to argue whether the problems that people faced were genuine and uncontrollable or a result of complacency on the part of the authorities that were vested with the responsibility to tackle adversities such as these.

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