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    “Journey of A Common Man”, the maiden autobiographical novel by Bikash Paul Choudhury, a retired technocrat, is basically an account of his experience with life. It is a moving, no-holds-barred dissection of his own self on the surgical table of life that ebbs and flows in its richness, enveloping all our rationality and irrationality, emotions and frustrations, longing and despair, making us at times rejoice at our triumphs and achievements, and at times curse ourselves at the follies and blunders we commit willy-nilly. It is an honest account of the remarkable journey of a common man who could have been any of us.

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    This is a true story, you can call it my life story and it is also related to the media. When I started traveling alone with a little girl, you can imagine how I would have managed my whole life. And I have tried to put some parts of my life in front of you.

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    This book lends a helping hand to all those frustrated teenagers who either get lost in the world of drugs or end their lives. Through this book, the author wants to convey her readers that we will get many ups and downs in our lives but we should not quit. All those who fight the circumstances and keep going find success.

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    Jyoti was struck by a life threatening chronic disease (IgA nephropathy) when she was a young student. It changed her life forever. She happens to have acquaintances with several patients and has observed that people who are diagnosed with diseases like these normally get demoralized and their families feel helpless. Not only the patients, we humans in general have the tendency to get depressed for silly reasons. The ailment or its solution is not in our hands but we can always opt to enjoy life with it. The book is about this way of life. It covers struggles and successes of Jyoti and her family. It traverses through her travel experiences, hobbies, love, married life and outlook towards IgA Nephropathy. She has written this to spread smiles and positivity and believes that it will be a good read for everyone.

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