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  • Rewind and Replay by: M SIVARAM PRASAD 200.00

    The Book is an autobiography of a less known citizen of the country whose life spanned over seven decades, out of which over four decades were spent in the profession of Chartered Accountancy and financial services. The story narrates the journey of an independent professional which will throw light on the multi-dimensional professional life along with his experiments, experiences, thoughts and lessons learnt in life in a rich country with poor people which may rattle the thinking minds.

  • THE STORY OF MY REBIRTH by: Suhas Surendra Sumita Jadhav 212.00

    *This book is an autobiography of a fighter Brain Tumor Cancer Survivor Suhas from Mumbai; Maharashtra; INDIA.
    *Suhas wrote his book after his recovery.
    * He had forgotten the memories during his 3rd brain surgery because of memory loss.
    *But his parents, sister, relatives, and friends helped him to recollect what had happened.
    *In spite of vision & physical problems Suhas managed to write this book.
    *In the coming days, this book will definitely inspire and motivate all categories & types of patients, their relatives, beloved ones, all the doctors and all the people from the medical field over the globe.

  • Mentoring my Mind by: Noushad Nilgris 399.00

    Do not pick this book just to replace it on the shelf, but to reshape and energise the thought process in your mind. This book has the potential to be a gospel for some while a mentor for others because a successful entrepreneur is sharing his first-hand experience of transforming every stone of uncertainty into a cornerstone for his establishment. It is a travelogue of failures and uncertainties which finally brought out stunning success and certainties. What is the actual mantra behind the success of an entrepreneur? What should I do now and how? Yes, the book answers many such questions that rattle the mind of any entrepreneur as he/ she finds things not moving their way. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, reading this could make a turning point in your life. So, make the choice to turn your destiny

  • Flying to Pursue Continues: Biography of Meet Tadhani by: Adwait Pillai 199.00

    This book aims to show how our country has changed and now taking up a career in athletics is not as tough as before. If you are talented and are ready to do genuine hard work, you will be successful, unlike in past times. Secondly, it also shows the importance of following the process rather than being eager about results. If the results have not been achieved keep following the process and be patient because trying to move away from the process would ruin your hard work.

  • Being National or Non-National Sheikh Abdullah’s Autobiography and the History of Kashmir by: Dr. Waseem Ahmad Dar 225.00

    This book encompasses a preliminary reading of Sheikh Abdullah’s autobiography i.e.
    Aatish-e-Chinar with the aim of unravelling the notion of the nation it embodies. The autobiography captures the trajectories of the Kashmiri nation and nationalism and values that define it and the tendencies it is opposed to. The imagination of being national by Abdullah involved a simultaneous process of exalting certain attributes as national and others as non-national while placing himself at the centre of this historic nationalistic project. Sheikh Abdullah’s autobiography stands out for its national character and faith in secularism and multiculturalism, overriding the prevalent orthodoxies. The study is also important because it draws us to the national politics that made Abdullah think in terms of remaining independent of both India and Pakistan, which has undergone a transformation and change over time– the transformation of Jammu and Kashmir from a ‘nation’ to a ‘sub-nation’ as an administrative entity.

  • Where Do The Stars Go by: Anjan Roy 150.00

    Ranjan the protagonist was a boy of mere 18 when he felt he was morally responsible for helping rural poor in general and their children’s education in particular.
    Wandering off to non-descript destinations with his idealistic friends during the summer break of St Stephen’s College to teach the three R’s.
    In the pursuit of his dream, Ranjan ignored his medical condition and the world lost a good samaritan and the author lost his beloved ‘ dada ‘.

  • Pages from the Diary of Small Town Girl by: Pragya 200.00

    Despite numerous advancements and achievements across the world, the issue of women’s rights, equality, and safety continues to remain an unsolved issue. While women’s status varies widely across the globe, one common thread (among many others) that links women together is the issue of sexual abuse. This is a reality that exists in almost every nation, whether developed, developing, or underdeveloped. It also transcends religious boundaries. The other startling reality is that most women do not report sexual abuse due to various reasons and society at large tends to also pass judgments on women who speak up. The issue of sexual abuse is more complicated in our Indian society due largely due to the stigma attached to discussing sexual topics with our children or with other family members. Most often, the perpetrators of sexual abuse are either part of the extended family, friends, or acquaintances. This book aims to tackle these issues directly by sharing the author’s personal experiences and showcases the grit shown by her in overcoming trauma.

  • INSTRUCTIONS OF THE SUPREME GOD by: Shree Sunita Machra Shakti 200.00

    The book has been mentioned about the work style of the ALIENS and foretellings by Shree NOSTRADAMUS jee for the Supreme God. It expresses the instructions to all earthlings for their happy and prosperous livings. The book dissolutions to various ritualisms prevalent in the human kinds and all kingdoms. It gives some worshipping chants also.

  • MYRIAD OF RECOLLECTIONS by: Brigadier Dinesh Mathur (Retired) 1,200.00

    Till the 13th Century, the Kayasths were still considered as the hereditary professional scribes who maintained land revenue records, in the court language, Urdu or Persian. Being well versed in accountancy and the vernacular, they were much sought after by the Mughal nobility for their skill and efficiency in governance.

    Most Kayasth families have rock-solid foundations and are truly joint even now. They were way ahead of their times in education, cultural heritage, and social customs. After independence, the Mathur’s emerged as front runners in the race for civil services & the Railways and occupied top slots in civil aviation, academia, medical and engineering services. This sometimes made the political hierarchy nervous.

    Before proceeding to read Wikipedia’s description of Dehradun as the capital city of Uttarakhand State, it would be pertinent to read about its colorful past. It formed part of the “ Shah Haroonpur” region of Delhi Sultanate circa AD 1211. Changing hands numerous times, Saharanpur District came into the possession of the British East India Company with the Doon Valley as its crown jewel.

    Grounded on the salubrious environs of the Doon Valley and its cantonments at Dehradun, Chakrata and Mussoorie, ‘ the son of the soil’, Dinesh has been able to provide a unique glimpse of his times and trace his family ancestry all the way back to circa AD 1628.

  • DIARY OF AN ANAESTHESIOLOGIST by: Soma Kaushik 175.00

    DIARY OF AN ANAESTHESIOLOGIST is her autobiography; the story of a young lady, who took up a little known specialty against her wishes. It describes her early life, upbringing, training, frustrations, trials and tribulations against.

  • Gulabi Panne Zindagi ke Mere by: Pinki Sahu 175.00

    Gulabi panne Zindagi ke mere is a book of short stories from the life of the author Pinki Sahu. The collection of stories are based on her life, people she met and the lesson she heard from her elders. This book includes some poetries which are also inspiring. Readers will enjoy reading the daily life experiences of the author. And they will learn how to smile in a difficult situations.


    Life Story of SIR HANS PAOLA

  • Yadon ki Pagdandiya by: Dr. Hemlata Dikhit 200.00

    In Yadon ki Pagdandiyan, an autobiography of Doc. Hemlata Dikhit, the Author has sketched her experiences in her life and called them ‘ attempt to study ‘. She has attempted to share with the reader what she has learned from life and different people who came across her with the flow of time. Each chapter unfolds to the reader new learnings gathered by the author as life lessons.

  • Getting Off The Supreme God On The Earth. by: Shree Sunita Machra Shakti 150.00

    The book is in dual language . It ‘ s first part is in Hindi and second part is in English language . The english part is as it translation of the hindi part . It is an autobioraphy . There is the getting off and disclosuring of the supreme god is mentioned in it . Location of the heaven and hell is mentioned in it . It expresses that the Aliens are the Angels of the god and the UFOs are the divine vehicles of the god . It explains that energy and mass of the Sun is stable for ever .

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    Autobiography of N.Athimoolam IAS (R)

    “A BUREAUCRAT FROM A HAMLET” by: N.Athimoolam IAS ( R) 299.00

    Autobiography of N.Athimoolam IAS (R)

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    Falling in Love is a semi-autobiographical novel in English which narrates the author’s life during early years of her University life. The transformation that she went through, and the life-lessons that she obtained are guiding her ever since. This novel depicts how an “Ugly Duckling ” can change into a “Beautiful Swan” in real life. The lesson learnt (by the author herself as well) is to NEVER give up in life. This novel is an intricate work of interlinked incidents of reality and fiction


    Falling in Love is a semi-autobiographical novel in English which narrates the author’s life during early years of her University life. The transformation that she went through, and the life-lessons that she obtained are guiding her ever since. This novel depicts how an “Ugly Duckling ” can change into a “Beautiful Swan” in real life. The lesson learnt (by the author herself as well) is to NEVER give up in life. This novel is an intricate work of interlinked incidents of reality and fiction

  • Meri Jeevan Yatra by: Dr. Vijay kumar 220.00

    Whatever we achieve or lose in our lives are the fruits of our karma or we are
    destined for it. Sometimes it seems that some invisible power is looking over
    us and helping us in our times of need. This is an eternal truth that all of our
    lives are full of struggles. In the journey of my life, I too have gone through
    many struggles since my childhood days until now and while going through
    them, many a times I felt that invisible power helping me to come out of those
    troubled times. I have tried my best to write these incidents as they occurred.
    Together with these, I have also collected some of the extraordinary incidents
    that had occurred in my life. From zero to the peaks of success, if this “Journey
    of life – a souvenir” can bring inspiration to the young generation together with
    a little happiness and excitement, then I would really be blessed.

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    ‘Canalvazhikal’ is a life journey and life reality.It is very laborious to describe the major experiences of a human being from birth to death in a short description.This short autobiography will be the fulfillment of a wish that has been kept in mind for a long time and has been openly expressed.A life comes with a lot of things like the growth of life,the ways to go through it,the problems and obstacles face,the help get,the good friendships and the pitfacts.How to start,where to start and how to end are not pre-determined.Some of the experiences that come through mind are just trying to add memories to the writing.Many are more likely to miss out.But it takes determination to start writing.The aim is to cover the life journey ,childhood memories,life tragedies,ways of working,some topics related to teaching and so on in a few chapters.This is a life journey.It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.Here I just trying to write down what comes to mind.In any case ,this worldly life is a journey through the jungle,a journey through Canalvazhikal.There have often many situations where they have been burned and consumed,or have been made by enemies,pretending to be friends.God considers it a blessing to be alive today without being consumed.I did not want to bother anyone personally. If anyone feels that way please excuse me.It is not my fault,it is just your fault.I just wanted a little open letter.I kindly inform you that I do not intend to harm the church,the movements or the individuals to which I belong.
  • DRIFT OF DESTINY by: Prayaga Mural Mohan Krishna 254.00

    This book is about how a shy village boy of a decrepit village of India grew into international stage. Since he is an ardent student of cultures of different countries and societies, rendered an account of his experiences as non-indigenous person.

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    While writing Shivoham started thinking a little differently from living normal but in view of the declining life beauty, then I found that in nature there is nothing more clear and simple than the divine divinity, if man created God apart from things created by himself When one attains knowledge on diversity science then the source of all things, knows the source so that even the fear of ending anything goes away from inside it, because the end of the source is not possible. That the creature has felt and written about the presence of self only in humans.

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    Ujala is an autobiographical narrative of a girl’s journey from childhood to motherhood. This Bengali book depicts her journey through various phases of her life, filled with many moments of truth. She expresses her emotions as a daughter, a wife, and a mother and authentically narrates her experiences and exposures in life that helped her become a mature human being.

    Ujala by: Jaya Sengupta 97.00
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    This is a true story, you can call it my life story and it is also related to the media. When I started traveling alone with a little girl, you can imagine how I would have managed my whole life. And I have tried to put some parts of my life in front of you.

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    This book lends a helping hand to all those frustrated teenagers who either get lost in the world of drugs or end their lives. Through this book, the author wants to convey her readers that we will get many ups and downs in our lives but we should not quit. All those who fight the circumstances and keep going find success.

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    Jyoti was struck by a life threatening chronic disease (IgA nephropathy) when she was a young student. It changed her life forever. She happens to have acquaintances with several patients and has observed that people who are diagnosed with diseases like these normally get demoralized and their families feel helpless. Not only the patients, we humans in general have the tendency to get depressed for silly reasons. The ailment or its solution is not in our hands but we can always opt to enjoy life with it. The book is about this way of life. It covers struggles and successes of Jyoti and her family. It traverses through her travel experiences, hobbies, love, married life and outlook towards IgA Nephropathy. She has written this to spread smiles and positivity and believes that it will be a good read for everyone.

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