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  • The Invisible Foe by: Col MGS Nagi 390.00

    The book is a fiction, based on some of the real-time anti-militant operations, conducted by the author in Kashmir Valley, during the period 1992-95. A time when local sentiments were on the boil, blatantly used by a rogue neighboring country and turning it into a proxy war. The era depicts heavy-armed confrontations between the radicals and the Indian Army on its own soil. It is a comprehensive portrayal of the war-like situation prevailing in the valley during the period, the audacity displayed by the army in taming the belligerents, as also the efforts made to win back the hearts and minds of the local population. It is a collation of few high dividend operations selected based on the degree of difficulty and the value addition in achieving the task with minimum collateral damages.

  • Operation Mirage by: Vijay Chenji 295.00

    Maj Gen Shiv, a recently promoted dashing General is called upon by the Army Commander, to undertake an Offensive task against Pakistan in the Western Sector. He is simply elated. It is a TOP SECRET plan. Rehearsals are carried out. Nothing is left to chance. To Shiv it is an Operation that could alter the history of the Indian sub-continent. Everything is perfect. But even the best of plans do not go as per script. Just a few hours before launch of the Operation, something has gone horribly wrong. The whole plan has got compromised. A shocked Shiv knows the culprit is someone close but not sure who. He is in a fix because the only one who knows about the plan besides him is none other than his boss.

    Set in the back drop of 1971 War between India and Pakistan, Op MIRAGE is a military fiction describing thrilling account of glorious ups and downs and uncertainties of war.

    The book is about fighting between two bitter neighbors who are shackled by unpleasant history, syncretic culture and complex relationship. It covers in detail about how Pakistan was cut to size leading to emergence of Bangladesh. The book gives a glimpse into the working of Pak espionage and intelligence agencies.

    The reader also gets a fair idea as to how India lost opportunities to exploit a grand victory.

    Although the plot of this book is a military fiction it is based on some of the true events which the author who participated in the war personally experienced .

    To the present generation who find it hard to believe that Bangla Desh was East Pakistan this book is a must read.

    The language used is simple and free of technical jargon so as it make it is easy for non military readers to follow and enjoy.

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