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  • MAGICAL QUOTES AND STORIES by: Umme Kulsum 150.00

    This is an amazing and magical book which contains of inspiring and motivational quotes and stories that can change your life. This book can change your negative thoughts into positive ones. If you read this book and understand all the magical words in it nicely then no one can ever stop you from being prosperous and successful in your life.

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    Haze is a set of more than 150+ quoems presenting the author’s self-expression and experience which are scribbled in a routine leisurely fashion, perceiving the illusionary reality of life in between ether and sky, embedded with the glitters of Cosmos. The subconscious mind of a human brain is filled with the imprints of ambiguous societal setups. The author through simple diction relates the life of homo sapiens in a society who are entangled with an irrational lifestyle believing it to be a rational comfortable style throwing themselves and all others into a meaningless confusing factor. It is observed to be curbing and nipping the grooming nurtures of every individual before they bud and spread their essence into their desired directions. Most of the stereotypes in a society lead to discrimination by categorizing every bit on the planet into an open vague of sin and sane with the insane delicacies in the neighborhood. Most of these lifestyles are dealt with within the quotes by no emphasis on generalization, personalization or simplification. Haze has emerged through that blurred visionary aspect which the author brings out into the form of a book by a few well-wishing reviewers’ suggestions. Haze is a phase of life’s face.

    HAZE by: Dr. Y. V. Ratna 200.00
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