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  • Soul Insurance My life’s Research Testimony of How Lord Jesus Saved me from this World by: Kaustav Chowdhury 200.00

    This book is a testimony of my year-long research over a question I had stumbled over the internet regarding my soul’s destination after my death. I started researching intensively to find the answer to that question in the most unbiased way. That led me to discover some very hard and offensive facts about this world and our existence. The things I discovered then, changed my life for the better and gave me a whole new purpose. Be a part of my research journey and experience the transformation I underwent.

  • Who is He by: Sitam Satapathy 220.00

    The book narrates you the story of unbounded faith and inspiration, which are present with us in a different form. We can never lose them. Sometimes we are too stubborn to ignore them. They come to us in every demeanor. Our parents, our relatives, the people whom we would have met sub-consciously, or even us, whom we disregard. We run before motivations or a helping hand throughout our life being unaware about the interminable these in our surroundings. We need not search for it. We have it already with us. We need to introspect and carefully excogitate the faces we know. We can find an unfathomable amount of hope everywhere in them.
    The book tells you the story of a boy, who discovers his hope in an unusual way. He finds it and then loses it. How will he survive? Will he be able to find it again?
    Enjoy the story.

  • To you by: Deepshikha Bhatnagar 122.00

    Don’t you think that just like the universe has stars that rip the darkness apart, no matter how small they appear.- we have these tiny, insanely powerful portals inside us too? What else do you think lends us the strength to make it through our most vulnerable moments? To you, is a collection of letters from the universe that capture the strange parallel between people and the cosmos. It is a journey to locate a source of magic and strength within oneself.

  • Wisdom From Another Dimension by: Debashish Sinha 270.00

    Almost each aphoristic statement in the book questions the tradition and makes the readers think for themselves. Some quotes are well-explained while others are left unexplained for the readers to tease out their meaning on their own. The proverbial words in the book explore the possibility of juxtaposing the intellectual as well as the spiritual world side by side in an attempt to make life whole. Each statement is like a tiny seed which has the potential to grow into a tree. When we reflect upon the meanings couched in the aphorisms, we feel the urge to withdraw into solitude, to see life at its deepest level. We become silent and alone as we move through each page —- seeking meaning beyond the mundane

  • Amaranthine by: Vandana Bharrgava 400.00

    “Amaranthine’ recounts the true story of a bright and beautiful young woman, Vidisha. This story, told by the woman who gave her life, highlights the impact she had on those around her during her all-too-short a life. It is a story of love and a reminder to us to cherish our loved ones. Insightful and elegant in prose, the book uncovers the most fascinating life in search of endless love, time after time.

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