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  • “To Make Us See What We See”: Impressionism in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness by: Indrani Chaudhuri 300.00

    This book is an intriguing and intimate study of the dialogues forged between different forms
    of art, paintings and texts in particular. It entwines art with literature to create a complex yet
    marvellous mosaic of textures hitherto undiscussed in this manner. Reading, here, becomes
    both painting and travelling through Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and the works of the
    French Impressionist painters of the nineteenth century. Through an exploration of the
    distinctive characteristics of the paintings of Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cézanne and
    even Van Gogh and Gauguin, this book tries to decipher the codes and symbols of Conrad’s
    enigmatic novella. By taking the help of intertextuality, interdisciplinary and
    multidisciplinary approaches, detours and retours through time and space, this book offers
    extensive readings of texts on art, literature and Conrad’s works. Reading Heart of Darkness
    in this manner emerges as a kind of journey through the continents of imperial Europe and of
    colonized Africa, through diverse cultures, imaginary geographies, psychological processes
    that separate one human from another, through the metaphors and metonymies of the modern
    malaise that vacillated from Darwinian theories of evolution to Nietzsche’s proclamation of
    the death of God.

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