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    It is increasingly a dog eat dog world and nothing is permanent. It is futile to expect humans to be humane, be it in your family or your work-place. See the movie “Up in the air” and you get the picture.History points out that loved ones are easy to spot. Sons and daughters who love their parents, show it in every action of life. A quick expression of sympathy during ill-health or assuring them that their thoughts are a constant companion during adversaries, are means to convey love for each other. In short, it is the “I want you, you want me” stuff that assures reciprocal love.In contrast, if evil takes birth in your family, the cruelty on the near and dear ones is difficult to detect. Because, it is locked up in the mind of the perpetrator and hidden by blinded affection. The finagling gain of the perpetrator, by such evil action, creates bad karma for him. Penitence, at any point of time, whether it is after the victim’s death or before, is justice denied.

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