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    Aadhi, Ram and Nidhi were playing at the beach. Nidhi spotted a Mermaid. All three of them went into the ocean to meet her. What happened next? Will they come back?

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    The Mysterious Adventure revolves around the adventure trip of five friends travelling from the sea world to the vampire bloody forest, then to the land of Suzuki and the prince of melody, and finally to the future. Four friends, Harchintan, Kritika, Sheetal, and Azar, casually happen to meet. They decide to go to the fantasy world below the sea. All four of them pack the necessary items for their trip. They begin their journey to the fantasy world. The group reaches the land of hills where all flowers and plants are dead and where they help bats build their houses. Harchintan and Kritika hand some weapons to Azar and Sheetal to fight with the vampires. The two enter a witch’s castle and stop the witch from destroying the flower. The witch takes Sheetal with her. The group kills the witch, and then proceed to the land of Suzuki. The new member in the team, Sukhraj, takes them to the land of mermaids, and then a merman takes the team to the prince of melody. Will the friends be able to find the rose, bringing the smile back on the fairy’s face, and get their powers back in the future world? Find out from the pages inside. Happy reading!

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    ADVENTURES ……The word itself indicates that this book is filled with adventures and mysteries. This book is about 6 friends who decide to go on an island without telling their parents.Now they are trapped on this mysterious island.They all are wonder struck to see the mysteries of this island. But they don’t know how to get out. What if their parents get to know???? Or they lose each other in the adventurous island ????? Read this book to find out………..

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