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  • The Four Unpredictable Years by: Shivam Bansal 112.00

    The story starts with the author being confused about his career option and chosing a desired college for further studies and how he manages to live outside his hometown for the first time. How a reserved not so good looking guy and shy person got changed into one of the most popular personalities of his college.

    The author then meets the crush of his life in an exam hall and how he manages to talk to her and did he confess his love to her or not?

    He then remembers some moments with his friends and why he felt being cheated by his best friend.

    He also narrate about various trips he had during college and discussed his experience and how a mere trip changed his life.

    The author then talks about his final year of college and how he desperately wanted to work in an organisation and was he able to clear his interview or not?

    He then comes to the final phase of his student life and how a call turned his entire life.

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