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  • COVID YOU & YOUR CONFIDENCE by: Devesh Singh 375.00

    Quotes have the power to motivate, inspire and encourage. There are moments when you feel happy or lacking stimulus, reading a few quotes improves your state of mind. These help pump up and fuel you to take actions, something that is important for that moment to revive your spirit, to make you stand against the wind and get hold of the missing stance.
    An old-time saying “Stop and Smell the Rose”. In the current times, we often are surrounded by hectic and fast-paced lives and forget to stop and take a breath and mirror for even a couple of minutes. Hence, in the progressing digital era how about taking a halt and reflecting on Quotes that are inspirational and can help you be grounded in your busy life. We might not be able to find a rose outside our window, but this book can help you keep a positive frame of mind.
    When you come across different situations that test your capabilities and intensity to face
    difficulties, this book is an instrument to withhold you and lead you to the next step. Quotes
    stated herein are Timeless. It provides a quick and timely burst of wisdom to regain your focus posing the inspiration that is required for day to day challenges.
    This book is equipped with a wider perspective to expand the mind and awareness and help you in staying positive. It inspires you to feel less alone exposing yourself to universal issues and focus on what is important. It will remind you that hope rises with the sun. No matter what your age be you are never too old to move ahead with every step and build on yesterday. Lets’ come together and “get through it” when you can’t “get over it”.

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra by: Sriramkumar 250.00

    This book comprises of scientific facts in Patanjali Yoga Sutra

  • Vedic Praan Vidya by: Dr. Jyotsna Sharma Varmani 178.00

    This book is all about, Yoga science and Philosophy, Importance of different type of yoga’s (Hatt, Naad, leh yoga. Etc…), Importance of solar energy.

    · In short it’s all about Human Body breathing system and positive Energies and positive effect of yoga in our day to day life.

    · I am sure this book will inspire the reader.

    · Suggestion and feedback are appreciated

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