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    This book depicts the story of a boy who lived in an interior village of Uttarakhand (UK), India. He had not seen a train till the age of 15 years but dreamt of visiting United Kingdom (U.K.) to see the special traits, if any, of Englishmen who ruled over India for more than 200 years. The story springs from Bhaskar, male protagonist of the novel, seeing a train and having a joy ride in it. The book also highlights the problems that persist in the hilly states such as the absence of schools beyond primary level, lack of hospitals, transport facilities, communications and many such other problems with particular reference to Uttarakhand and the possible solutions for the same. It also brings out the grit and determination of Bhaskar in overcoming all odds and achieving his dream.

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    “There is an extremely worse and very painful condition of Dom Caste in Bihar State in comparison to any other caste in any other state,” said India’s first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad on December 26, 1951, at Samastipur District (Bihar), when Jharni Das (Shibdhari Mallick) met him.

    Working for the Dom Caste all-round development in social, political, spiritual education, and economic field, Jharni Das’s name will always be remembered as ‘JHARNI DAS KI JIWANI.’ This is the main theme of this book and ‘JHARNI DAS KI DIARY’ poem is true proof of untouchability and open voidance suffered by the people of Dom Caste. Jharani Das saw these incidents through his own eyes and had to face the curse on himself. The rest of the poems in this book are views of the author.

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    Virat Kohli has millions of fans and this is a story of just one of them. This book captures my journey till now on being a big fan of Virat Kohli and reasons why I strongly advocate cricket. To achieve your Dreams, you need to be passionate enough and have the self-belief that nothing is impossible. I can proudly proclaim that Virat Kohli is my idol and I derive immense positivity on following him and being his ‘Fan’. He has always inspired me to work hard enough to achieve my goals. I dedicate this book to Virat Kohli for showing me and today’s youth the right direction and changing my life tremendously…You will read about, how motivation plays an immense role in our daily life.This is a must-read for each Cricket fan, Virat Kohli fans and people who are dedicated towards their dreams.

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