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    The book traces the 40 years long journey of the author, Vijay Kishore Dubey, in the Gramophone Company of India (HMV). The book is not a mere representation of events from his life but a picturesque of memories that he garnered during his musical journey. The book is a perfect blend of insights from various film stars and voices that come from behind the curtain. It is life journey of a self-made man. Flip through the pages to read what lay behind the reel life and how it designed his real life.

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    Sree Narayana Guru was a saint who lived in Kerala, India, during the period from 1856 to 1928. He is regarded as the Father of modern Kerala. He is considered as a great sage of recent India at par with Swami Vivekananda, Sree Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi. Born in an aristocratic lower caste family, educated under the Gurukulam system of education, he learned the vedic, philosophical – mythological textures. After becoming a teacher, he underwent transcendental meditation and became wanderer, sanctifier of temples, performer of miracles, eradicator of apartheid, and a savior of poor and down-trodden.
    He is acclaimed as a great saint, social reformer, revolutionary,multilingual scholar, poet, philosopher, literary critic,
    educationalist, translator, economist, management expert, leader and co-coordinator, physician, scientist and many
    more attributes. It is impossible to qualify Guru in simple language. He is far beyond and above what can
    be described in words.

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    This book analyses the professional journey, achievement and importance of BR Chopra, one of the most important industrial and creative figures of Indian cinema. Drawing upon various theories and researches in Cinema Studies, the book intends to examine BR Chopra’s life and woks, and to survey the notion of authorship placing it at the intersection of auteur studies and industrial studies through the personality of the Producer-Director. While studying the filmmaker, this presentation also underlines various relevant historical and cultural elements in the film industry as well as in the national life during the active years of Chopra.

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    The book is described in seven chapters with Prologue explaining the contents of each Chapter and the Epilogue, a brief biography of Durga and her once in a lifetime dream visits abroad. The first chapter is an attribute to the development of the medical science from ancient Vedic scriptures, followed by the description of Unani and Ayurvedic schools of medicine that prevailed in Kashmir, which then got swept over by the sudden boom of allopathic treatment through synthetic drugs, because the system was pronounced to be more efficient for instant relief, besides being systematic, scientific and logical backed further by surgical interventions whenever necessary. The first chapter titles as “Philanthropy of the Physicians then and the Doctrine of the Doctors now” is a very interesting chapter backed by some very interesting case studies. The physicians of the yore are portrayed as true philanthropists as they would simply aim at alleviating the suffering of the sick and curing them back to normalcy with least interest in any material gains in return, while as the extent and quality of the services expected from most of the Doctors in private practice now is a direct function of the amount of fee received. The next two chapters describe the last one year of Durga’s struggle against her perpetual indispositions and the doctor’s apathy or inability to investigate the root cause of the steadily deterioration in her health, the observations of which recorded meticulously and narrated in the book, expose the inimical practices prevailing in the system which inflicts unbearable physical and emotional stresses on the patient who eventually give in as ‘Fatal Face Down.’ To know more, grab a copy today!

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    The book is a biography of Dr. Mallamma Yalawar, a woman of grit, based on oral interviews. In 1986 she started ‘Sabala’- an organisation for women empowerment in the hinterlands of Karnataka. Bijapur district in the northern part of Karnataka was oblivious to the growth story of the rest of Karnataka state. In such a scenario, Mallamma Yalawar defied all odds to start an NGO and has persisted with her goal for the last 30 years. The organisation today is part of the World Fair Trade Organisation and Mallamma is the Vice President of World Fair Trade Organisation- Asia. Leaving her ancestral village with just Rs. 2 in hand and building a success story purely with hard work and dedication, Mallamma Yalawar’s story will be an inspiration to young women and men to set out to achieve their dreams. The writing style is not strictly biographical but of a free flowing novel of one’s life and its various twists and turns.

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    God is the Author chronicles the trials and tribulations that a boy orphaned at seven years of age went through and yet scaled the uppermost heights of the academic world. This biography was possible because Dr B M Bhatia and his wife Sita succeeded in giving their children the best of values, education and opportunities despite the challenges and vicissitudes that they faced.

    ‘He always believed that Goddess Laxmi (of wealth), is jealous of Goddess Saraswati (of knowledge) so wherever Saraswati is worshipped, Laxmi is sure to follow.”

    The biography written by Neelmani (Dolly) Bhatia is tribute to his faith in himself, his unwavering will to tread every uneven path that life laid out for him, his tenacity of purpose and, above all, his complete faith in the One above.

    Neelmani attained her Master’s degree in English Literature from Delhi University as an alumnus of Miranda House and Hindu College. She also has to her credit an assortment of post-graduate diplomas in Journalism, Creative Writing, Advertising, Personnel Management and Administrative Management.

    Over the last three decades, the author has essayed different roles – lecturer in diverse streams, novelist, storywriter and poet.

    She has authored four novels, Across Seven Seas, Hang Them All, Melodious Love and Shadows at Dusk, apart from numerous short stories and poems in both English and Hindi.

    Neelmani has also presented research papers at national and international forums, including Literature: Social Idiom; Ethics in Children’s Literature; Role of Books in Children’s Upbringing; Environment – Writing on the Wall; Biography – Choices and Challenges; India or Hindustan, Spokes in the Wheels of British Reign (1857); Ideal Syllabus for Journalism Courses; The Role of Drama to Promote Literacy, Reaching Books Where There are None. She is currently working on her next novel.

    If her father was an acclaimed scholar, her mother was a prolific diarist, assiduously expressing her love, meticulously penning anecdotes and eloquently articulating her angst in her dairies against social evils. Hence it was not only the upbringing but also the genes and inherited passion for words that put this book together.

    Apart from a scholarship already instituted in Dr Bhatia’s name, proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards financing the education of children from the weaker sections.

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    This book depicts the story of a boy who lived in an interior village of Uttarakhand (UK), India. He had not seen a train till the age of 15 years but dreamt of visiting United Kingdom (U.K.) to see the special traits, if any, of Englishmen who ruled over India for more than 200 years. The story springs from Bhaskar, male protagonist of the novel, seeing a train and having a joy ride in it. The book also highlights the problems that persist in the hilly states such as the absence of schools beyond primary level, lack of hospitals, transport facilities, communications and many such other problems with particular reference to Uttarakhand and the possible solutions for the same. It also brings out the grit and determination of Bhaskar in overcoming all odds and achieving his dream.

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    “There is an extremely worse and very painful condition of Dom Caste in Bihar State in comparison to any other caste in any other state,” said India’s first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad on December 26, 1951, at Samastipur District (Bihar), when Jharni Das (Shibdhari Mallick) met him.

    Working for the Dom Caste all-round development in social, political, spiritual education, and economic field, Jharni Das’s name will always be remembered as ‘JHARNI DAS KI JIWANI.’ This is the main theme of this book and ‘JHARNI DAS KI DIARY’ poem is true proof of untouchability and open voidance suffered by the people of Dom Caste. Jharani Das saw these incidents through his own eyes and had to face the curse on himself. The rest of the poems in this book are views of the author.

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    Virat Kohli has millions of fans and this is a story of just one of them. This book captures my journey till now on being a big fan of Virat Kohli and reasons why I strongly advocate cricket. To achieve your Dreams, you need to be passionate enough and have the self-belief that nothing is impossible. I can proudly proclaim that Virat Kohli is my idol and I derive immense positivity on following him and being his ‘Fan’. He has always inspired me to work hard enough to achieve my goals. I dedicate this book to Virat Kohli for showing me and today’s youth the right direction and changing my life tremendously…You will read about, how motivation plays an immense role in our daily life.This is a must-read for each Cricket fan, Virat Kohli fans and people who are dedicated towards their dreams.

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