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  • Mahamanav by: Dilip Rohidas Shete 122.00

    About book Mahamanav -The Corona epidemic has plagued mankind in the 21st century, but it is not new to some. The twentieth century also saw the outbreak of typhoid in World Wars I and II, and the outbreak that killed scores of people. Dr. Eugene Lazovsky, with his ingenuity, saved the lives of 8,000 jews from Hitlars nazi camps. It is the desirable duty of human beings to face all adversities and strive for human welfare even in adverse circumstances and this is the original purpose of the play.

  • The War Time Lady by: Adarsh K Warman 200.00

    Lorianna Watson’ , A Highly Upper Class dedicated- Wife, Mother & Daughter in Law.. performing All her duties sincerely in the desperate Times of the War. But After Losing her Soldier Husband – ‘David Watson’ & Her Only Son – ‘Adam’ in the War !! She decides to find out – why all this happened to the Innocent Victims Like them !!?? ‘The War Time Lady’ is the story of a Lady named-‘ Lorianna Watson’; who Finally decides to stepped up For Her Mission Against the Bloody War, with the help of Her Friend -‘Sandra’ & Abled to brings the Peace On The Land Once Again !!!!!

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