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    The book focuses on the official attitude of the post-colonial nation-state in India towards the child during the period from 1947 to 1979 and engages with the concept of the child in relation to state policy. With this focus on state policy, the book explores how important was the question of the child in the Indian nation-state’s governance and agenda of development. Finally, the book attempts to find out whether the attitude of the dominant class in India, as reflected in official policies, effectively recognised the child as a rights bearing person.

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    I am writing this when rains have hit the floor. Hence, my heart screams to get drench in the magical rain. But here I am stuck by my window feeling the fresh fragrance of petrichor and thinking
    about all that has happened during the pandemic. Maybe, it was an opportunity to understand,
    experience, and quarantine into the harsh reality of whatever was happening around. Even I had my
    dilemmas, but I battled them and read the sacred ‘Bhagavad Gita’ that gave me answers to my real-
    life problems. Yes, this inside battle was just like the outside war that was happening everywhere.
    From wearing masks to making sanitization as our mandatory habit, we kind of absorbed this new
    life. During this process, I went on learning stories from this real-world and decorated them in my
    own words. Also, this book talks about our #RealLifeHeroes that had to head out during the
    lockdown for creating a world of love and kindness. So, people reading this, get ready to quarantine
    yourselves again and rediscover the real flavors of this life through my lens and the sacred learnings
    from the pious ‘Bhagavad Gita’…

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