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    The most valuable property that human being has ever possessed is the product of his/her intellect. For every innovation and its commercial application, protecting it is an inevitable task, but people often fail to protect what is their own due to lack of IPR knowledge. Ideology of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a book that explains the fundamentals of IPR in a lucid manner covering the concept of IPR followed by the history, enforcement, infringements and protection of IPR in India. If you are a student of any stream, a technical or business professional, a researcher, scientist, or a teaching faculty in any field of commerce, science, technology, sports, art or literature, this book is an invaluable resource for you to understand,
    create and protect your most valuable intellectual property.

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    This book is on our prime minister Mr Narendra Singh Modi on the accomplishments he had made like article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and relief for Muslim women from teen talaaq.
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    In this book, the author has tried his best not only to drain out certain sticky and contradictory items in “The Constitution of India 2018,” but also passionately suggest a new system that involves a fusion of federalism, feudalism and secularism. In this system, the Central Government is maintained as the logistic center, while the sovereign is shared with the State in such a way that there is no overlap of power, allowing the State Government to function independently. This system will regulate the central political party’s power and ensure that it is not misused or concentrated in their hands but monitored by the State Advisory Board of council, Auditor General, and Budget Committee under the doctrine of check and balance. Indeed, it is a function of the Government to oversee or veto acts of Government that facilitate fraud, omission, errors, etc. “Democracy is pretentious, unless we emancipate from the political system, it will disparage the concept of democracy.” Politics and Democracy are two different ideologies. They are inseparably mixed; a suitable mechanism or a solvent is needed to elute this mixture for the good of this Country. Perhaps this book, “The New Method for the Formation of State Government,” may provide a chromatography solution to eluting the mixture. This book does not contain anything that infringes on the fundamental rights of anyone. There is no derogation of fundamental rights, and no inconsistency affecting the scope of Article 13(1) or Article 13(2) of the Constitution of India. Even assuming that some of them are, it is for the Government and the Courts to apply the Doctrine of Eclipse or on the Doctrine of Severability. Mechanical interpretation on this ‘New Constitution of India 2018’ might be atrophied or fossilised, but the organic interpretation might not. It is up to the Government to find a way to implement the new method without affecting the earlier judgements of High Court and Supreme Court on Constitutional issues.
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    In philosophy, political science & as well as in economics Karl Marx & Fredrick Engels’s theory of ‘Das Kapital’ & ‘Dicatorship of the Proletariat’ is often idolized as the most perfect rationalist materialism & true social equality. But in truth actually it’s far from rational materialism & social equality. In fact it’s a utopian concept that is absolutely illogical, impractical, based on complete subversion through force & a complete hypocrisy. In my book ‘COMMUNISM A LOGICAL CONCEPT OR HYPOCRISY’ I shall logically project all their so called claim of a society devoid of inequality & dialectic materialism is blatant lie & simply a blissful lie dream.

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    The book is a Magnum opus which deals with metaphysics, condemning brahminical superstition orthodoxy and ostentation, Medieval Islamic cruelty genocide and cruel rule, modern British invasion, exploitation and modernization of India. Moreover, after independence the Indian leaders, bureaucrat, technocrate and corporate swallowed the major means of India. Indian politics is Plutocracy, beyond the access of common mass, who suffer for job and justice confined to cast vote only. Population explosion, appeasement, communalism, and unemployment strangulate nation. Scholars are requested and encouraged to acquire politics and thwart the average leaders to save nation. Such facts have been poetically elaborated. I hope readers will appreciate and enjoy for the improvement of the nation.

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