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    This book answers to the ultimate question of life like how was the sun born?, how did the universe began?,etc. After reading this book you would be able to answer the questions of astronomy.

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    Technology! We all love it! But do you know how it will look in the future? What type of technology we will use in the future? Will there be any smartphones? Computers? In this book, I have written about the future of technology in various fields such as Education, Transportation, Smartphones, Warfare, etc. As we all know, every coin has two sides. Technology also has two sides: positive and negative. I have also talked about the future of technology in a positive way and also in a negative way. Technology has many negative sides as well as positive sides. This book will take you to another level of the technology world where you’ll get to know about its future.

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    The future was perhaps never so unpredictable in the history of mankind. Today, the world is on the
    cusp of next industrial revolution where technology is changing every ‘nano’ second and is
    supplementing (even supplanting) human intelligence. The things which were unheard of a few years
    back have become common today. Artificial intelligence equipped devices, Internet of Things (IOT),
    advanced robotics, driverless cars, hyper loop, nano technology, block chain, bit-coin, virtual reality, 3D
    printing etc are going to revolutionize our lives. Within next 20-30 years (say by 2050), life will become
    unrecognizably different from what it is today. This book is an attempt to present life changing
    technologies and associated issues such as: 'Whether world will be ruled by machines in future?' 'Will
    we lose our jobs to Artificial Intelligence/Robots?' 'What should we teach our kids to compete with
    machines?' social dimensions of super longevity and designer babies, future of transportation demand
    and so on. The book has been written in a simple non-technical language and has been targeted at
    explorers with inquisitive minds who are interested in knowing the potential of technology. It leaves the
    readers to marvel at what human mind can come up with.

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