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    Agriculture plays an important role to cover primary aims dder etc. by optimum utof mankind like food, fibre, fuel, foilization of terrestrial resources and the inhabitants of each country depended on bread-basket filled by the farmers. The increase in productivity of agriculture could only be achieved by division of work and specialization. Agronomy is a branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and soils in which they grow and an Agronomist works to develop methods that will improve the use of soil and increase the production of food and fibre crops. This book (Volume I) has been prepared in most simple and clear way for consolidating thirty important topics related to agronomy to cater the needs of the students appearing for several examinations. It is a collection and compilation work from various resources and has been endeavoured to include as much information as possible in very simpler and lucid manner. All the short notes are made specifically to make it more syllabuses oriented for enhancing the comprehending capability of the users and can impart basic and innovative knowledge of many important fields of agriculture specifically on agronomy and will provide a strong foundation by furnishing them readymade notes.
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    This book briefly traces how the living systems emerged on the earth, created the biosphere and a cyclic energy regime of nature’s economy over the geological time scale. Whereas in a short span of a few centuries, the productive industrial agricultural apparatus has depleted and exhausted the natural resources, compromised the quality of human food and marginalized the dominant human community, the small and marginal farmers. In the concluding chapters ways and means to reconceptualize agriculture to sort out its relationship with nature are highlighted.
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     The book in general  encompasses some of the hither-to undocumented ancient agricultural practices followed in Kashmir (J&K) that sustained the inhabitants   since time immemorial.

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    The book deals with the geographical details, natural habitat of trees, their physical nature, related trees, chemical constituents present in various parts of the trees based on the past scientific literature. Uses of various plant parts are written based on the Indian system of medicine and folk medicine.

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    Manual, Production Technology of Vegetables, provides basic practical knowledge about the Nursery management, Identification, Seed extraction, Seed production and post-harvest techniques of vegetables. This manual contains 13 practical and questions for the student. It covers the practice of subject “Production technology of vegetables” for agriculture under graduation programme.

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    The content of book is history of dairy forming, self employment, breeds of animal, selecting of animal, construction of sheds, animal nutrition, making of feeds, Azola production Hey & silage, Infertility, care of calf before & after born, majar disease of animal, artificial Insemination, doubling of income, project making, milk production , milk product, bio mass, care of animal by first add.
    Hope this will be helpful to all farmers & all relevant people who have a step in life for achieved goal & success of life in a dairy farming business.

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