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  • The Beverage Program by: Varun Sudhakar S 885.00

    THE BEVERAGE PROGRAM, BEGINNERS GUIDE is created to enhance the mindset and knowledge level of beverage enthusiasts and aspiring students, who look up to the profession to start a career in the field of Bars. The modules are created, specifically catering to the market needs of the aspirants which are a combination of hands-on experiences behind the bar counter and theoretical learning process.
    We are ready to embark on a journey together with you by guiding and mentoring you to be the perfect combination of passion and knowledge. We want to equip you with the correct skillset to deal with the different scenarios of your work life as well as personal.
    The Guide is a collection of references written or referred from trustable sources as well as original contents shared by industry experts exclusively for the guide. This guide is compiled by Varun Sudhakar (Founder, Bar Bundle by Varun Sudhakar) & Simran Singh (CEO & Co-Founder of Madushala School of Beverages).


    The way of the periodontal concept is indeed advanced is how it had been within the past. We now have a more robust understanding of the etiological factors related to periodontitis, the mechanism involved in periodontal wound healing, and the interrelationship between patients factors (such as smoking and diabetes) and treatment outcomes. However, some controversies associated with periodontology do exist. The rationale of controversy on a selected topic could also be associated with inadequate knowledge of the etiological factors, technical difficulties, and patient-related factors affecting the treatment outcomes or some unknown factors. Hence I have tried to cover a number of these controversial topics in periodontology in this textbook.

  • Strategy: From Concept to Execution, A Compendium by: S. MUKUNDARAJAN 195.00

    This book will serve as a primer in strategy concepts, strategy execution, and enterprise performance management for management students and young practising managers. The book apart from concepts and execution details touches related topics like Risk, Strategy communication, Disruption, and the Role of analytics in Strategy management.

  • YOU CAN HACK ! by: OM HARWALKAR 349.00

    I am writing a book on ethical hacking starting journey. This book is very helpful for ethical hacking aspirants. In this book, I cover how to start ethical hacking and this book is very simple to understand.

  • The Meliora An Essential Guide to the Legal Language by: Mukesh Kumar 245.00

    First time in history, a dictionary is compiled that you can actually read instead of just keeping it as a reference book. This book covers all those common and rare legal terminologies that are being used in day-to-day life whether it is the story of inside the court or in the law school. The most significant point of attraction of this book is – the terminologies are categorized, which will definitely help a reader to learn and understand with the least effort.

    Lastly, this is again the first book of its kind in the world that presents the legal terminologies with their inter-disciplinary meanings and explanations.”

  • Euthanasia – A Doctrine of Death by: Sourav Banerjee, Shreya Sengupta, 190.00

    Assisted Suicide is extremely controversial no matter from which perspective you look at it. It is illegal in most countries and that is why the law is given high priority in all chapters. A whole chapter is dedicated to its legal perspective alone. This book not only views it legally but all dimensions – economic, moral, philosophical, and biological; are vividly explained. Dear readers can easily engross themselves in whichever genre they are interested in. But frankly speaking, no matter which dimension we took up; it was categorically proved with explicit logic that active euthanasia is not good for society. You can read for yourselves and find that you will also be convinced from all angles. A fantastic scope of research is also proposed that combines meta-physics with the latest biotech advances. If anyone can pursue that; it can become a groundbreaking finding for the entire humanity. All are welcome in this journey called ‘Doctrine of Death’.

  • Learn English Grammar with Magic Tricks by: Dharmesh Jani 399.00

    Learn English Grammar with Magic Trick is just not an ordinary grammar book. It is classroom notes arranged in an easy language. Its main focus is to understand the basic concept of the grammatical topic. There is a use of Hindi language make a topic that a learner can learn without any guidance. There are uses of diagrams in every topic which makes learning attractive. There are uses of some tricks which are helpful in competition exams. It is a book that will help the learner to reach his knowledge on the advanced level without any fear. The study of this book boosts learner confidence. This book takes you from nowhere to somewhere you always wish. A learner will learn English Grammar with fun.

  • Getting Started with Python by: Dr B. Manjula, R. Lakshman Naik 399.00

    This book is inspired by the Data Science course for undergraduate students. As a part of teaching the course, I have prepared some stuff for students. And eventually, that stuff evolved into this book. Hopefully, having it with you will make you think more while coding and implementing the concepts. Even though many online resources are available for python courses, many of us are spending more time using the help function. I think, after working with this book, one can easily move in their python coding journey.

  • Data Analysis and Computer Application by: Satyaprakash Sethy 358.00

    Information Technology refers to the convergence of computer, communication, and content technologies play a catalytic role in the emergence of new socio-economic applications. Need of introducing Data Analysis and Computer Application as SEC Paper to all the undergraduate students. It was needed to build problem-solving skills among the students just before they enter the professional courses. And this book has been published as per the CBCS Syllabus. The purpose of this course is to introduce basic computer skills to students at the UG level in non-technical subjects. After completion of this course, the students are expected to acquire some basic knowledge about computers and to develop some basic skills in using computers for data storage, compilation, analysis, and presentations.

  • DIGITALIZATION OF BUSINESS PROCESSES – A Systems Approach by: Dr. L.R.Chary, Ms.Mallika Ladi, 300.00

    In the past two decades, several organizations have gone in for the implementation of ERP in their respective organizations, but with mixed results. Wherever the implementation has not produced the desired results, the client organization has invariably blamed the implementer of ERP for the failure to deliver the deliverables while the ERP software implementer has blamed the client organization for not being able to specify exactly what they want and thus the blame game goes on. The real reason, however, for the failure of ERP lies neither with the client nor with the implementing agency/ software company. This failure is attributable to the lack of a standard approach or methodology to describe the business process in an unambiguous manner so that the ERP implementer and his client organization are on the same page. It is, therefore, felt that an Out-of-the-Box solution is the need of the hour, hence this work. This book, inter alia, suggests a systems approach to the implementation of ERP so that there is no communication gap between the implementer and the client and the project is implemented successfully to everyone’s satisfaction. Case studies and examples based on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and allied techniques as applied to business processes are also presented in this book.

  • Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters for Microwave Communications by: Dr Aman Dahiya 100.00

    In electronics, filters are used to allow signals of a certain band of frequencies to pass while blocking others. They are a basic building block of electronic systems and have many applications. Amongst the uses of waveguide filters are the duplexers, diplexers, multiplexers, selectivity and noise limitation in receivers, and harmonic distortion suppression in transmitters. Waveguides are metal conduits used to confine and direct radio signals. Most commonly they are rectangular, but other cross-sections as circular or elliptical also exist. A waveguide filter is a filter composed of waveguide components. It has the same range of applications as other filter technologies in electronics and radio engineering but is different mechanically and in its principle of operation. Waveguide filters have more in common with transmission line filters than lumped element filters; they do not contain any discrete capacitors or inductors. However, the waveguide design may frequently be equivalent to a lumped element design. The design of waveguide filters frequently starts from a lumped element design and then converts the elements of that design into waveguide components. Starting with basic research on the developed in the recent years, this book focuses on the simulation and building up of multiple Substrate Integrated Waveguide filters with multiple defined substrates


    Dental implants have become very popular due to its ability of restoring missing teeth functionally and esthetically, but like any surgical procedure, they are associated with their fair share of complications too. This book covers almost every possible complication related to dental implants as well as shares various article summaries that I have complied during my extensive research on this topic.

  • Computer and ICT in Education by: Mrs. Shweta Agrawal 319.00

    This is the first edition of the book made for Four Year Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed. Course. Using expertly crafted explanation, insider tips, and examples, the author explains and demonstrates every aspect of ICT in education. Inside you’ll find details on the entire use of ICT in education including ICT tools, Web 2.0 technologies, multimedia and e-learning tools and technologies, ICT, and Pedagogy. Everything is presented in a clear, crisp, uncompromising style that has made the learner easy to understand.

  • The Nursing Gaurav by: Hemant K Sharma 260.00

    This book is for Nursing student. It contains selected questions, previous year examination papers and examination patterns, and blue is written in very easy language so the students can feel the ease of exams. this is specifically made for University is completely based on the new and updated syllabus of Indian Nursing Council (INC) and Rajasthan University of health and sciences(RUHS)

  • Radical English by: Debashish Sinha 912.00

    The book throws substantial light on every aspect of English grammar and composition in a very simple and lucid way. Almost every English grammar book available at the market is written in such a way as caters to the interests of either teachers or advanced learners, leaving common students out of the linguistic map. But, this book ensures to address the interests of both teachers and students alike. The special attractions of this book are Tense, special Tense, voice, Narration, Prepositions, Degree, Sentence according to structure, and above all punctuation marks. The book is a tapestry of linguistic inputs, cherry-picked wisely from a wide variety of other authoritative English grammar books, coupled with the author’s own first-hand experiences of the English language at the coalface.

  • MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY by: Usha Bosak 1,400.00

    With the various advances in the field of periodontal surgeries, we have developed many surgical techniques resulting in minimal trauma and post-operative complications as well as being efficient in terms of the time consumed for these procedures. The 1st edition handbook of “MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY” is a guided update that offers you an in-depth study into the latest advances and novel techniques of minimally invasive surgery.

  • Fiber Optics & Aviation : Integration by: Gp Capt KS Mathur (Retd.) 1,010.00

    This is the first book in our country describing the utilization of fiber optics technology in aviation. As on today, almost all new generation aircrafts are installed with some fiber optics systems and/or fiber optics sensors. This book gives all the latest advances taking place in aviation as far as fiber optics technology is concerned. As on today, no university/engineering college of aviation branch (Aeronautical Engineering) syllabus is having this latest technology included in their subject, hence this is the right time to include this subject as a compulsory subject for students so that they are fully aware of this new technology incorporated in all new-generation aircraft.
    Practitioners and Students may use this book “Fiber Optics & Aviation: Integration” as postscript to my earlier written book “Fiber Optics fundamentals and advances in optical communications” for better and intended understanding.


    Behaviour management is one of the most important aspects of pediatric dentistry, as the behaviour of pediatric patients during dental procedures directly affects the success of dental treatment. One of the biggest barriers in successful delivery of dental treatment in children and adolescents is dental fear and anxiety, sometimes on the part of both the child and the accompanying guardian. Children are often without any clue about dental set up and relate it largely to injections and plucking out of their teeth. Peer gossip about dental procedures may also build up subjective fear in the children. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the dentist to build an atmosphere, such that the child and parents feel calm and comfortable to come for regular appointments to the clinic. Children of different age groups have different ways for projecting their fear and anxiety. Pediatric dentists are well versed with these negative behavioural patterns. So with the objective of gradually modifying the fearful or anxious behaviour, the dentist incorporates various combinations of behaviour shaping techniques in order to control the exaggerated negative behaviour as well as instil a positive attitude in the patient.

  • Maxillary Sinus Augmentation by: Dr Sonal Mahilkar 1,000.00

    Endosseous implant placement in the posterior maxilla often pose challenges due to close proximity of maxillary sinus after ridge resorption and sinus pneumatization. Sinus augmentation procedures are used for the implant site development in such cases. This book summarizes the anatomy of maxillary sinus and various sinus augmentation techniques and their advancements and possible complications which can arise during and after the procedures.

  • Osseointegration in Oral Implantology by: Dr. Sumit V Duryodhan 500.00

    Osseointegration is a structural and functional link between organized living bone and a load-bearing implant’s surface. The process of osseointegration is extremely complex and several factors influence the formation and maintenance of bone at the implant surface. Hence this book provides a better understanding of it. The book is written for all dental students and clinicians, whose expertise and interest will enable them to use this platform for the benefit of the patient with safe and predictable outcome.

  • ESSENCE OF BIOLOGY by: Dr Biswajit Mohapatra, Harekrushna Giri 711.00

    ESSENCE OF BIOLOGY is very useful for students studying in Senior Secondary School ( Std-XI & XII), Universities, and candidates for different competitive examinations conducted by different boards. This handy book is very essential and ready reference to the students of NEET, CSIR-UGC, GATE, JAM, ICAR, Civil Service, and All India PG Entrance examination aspirants, Teachers, and Researchers. The book provides an explanation of the main ideas and concepts of biology in a simple & lucid manner. It comprises a wide range of terms in major branches of biology with curiosity. It covers the biological definitions, terms, concepts, laws, etc starting from A to Z letters with a simple explanation. A special feature of this book is it covers all the terms given in NCERT textbooks. The essence of Biology contains the important facts associated with biology for the students to reference quickly for All India examinations.

  • GATE Metallurgy (Chapter-wise Solutions from GATE 1990-2021) by: Gopi Talluri 649.00

    The first book to address questions from the previous 32 years GATE. The questions are organized chapter by chapter and then chronologically. Justification for each answer is provided in a logical manner. Answers to descriptive questions in detail. For ease of revision, all matching questions are given at the end. Quite helpful for other PSU exams too.

  • Basic ICT Skills & Shortcut Keys by: Rohit Kataria 200.00

    This Book includes Basic ICT Skills & Shortcut Keys to make everyone as a professional to use various software’s like- MS-Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW, Adobe Page Maker, Corel PaintShop Pro, Chrome Browser, etc…

    Mr. Rohit Kataria found that every student has a great desire to acquire shortcut methods to learn Computers/IT. Computers have always played a major role in every work in this world. These days every person is eager for technology in itself, just as technology has made every task much easier for them. So this book has been prepared by the author with the idea that in the present time everyone should make himself as professional in Computer/IT field. This book will be helpful for those also who are pursuing academic courses on the subject. Even though they are reading academic books for this, they still need to learn the techniques of it.

  • Programming in C by: Dr R kanimozhi, Mrs V Rathika, Dr K Bhuvaneswari, Mrs S Hemalatha 200.00

    Programming in C will teach you how to write programs in the C programming language. This book will provide you with a clear understanding of this language. The book starts with an introduction to programming in general followed by a detailed introduction to C programming. It then delves into a complete analysis of various constructs of C such as decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, structure and union, file management, and preprocessor directives. It is an essential book for those who are interested in learning C in a simple manner.


    Cytokines are small proteins that are crucial in controlling the growth and activity of other immune system cells and blood cells. There are a wide range of cytokines that plays a vital role in the pathophysiology of periodontitis. Newer cytokines are on the research table to be discovered in the coming era. This book offers knowledge of the cytokines discovered till date and its association with periodontitis.

  • The New Middle Class of Delhi and NCR by: Professor. Mohd. Mohsin Khan & Professor. Asiya Chaudhary 250.00

    It was only in the late 1980s that the importance of the middle class was apprehended in India. With the burgeoning Indian population, the market for specific products multiplied predominantly. Over the past 30 years, successive governments with their prudent macroeconomic policies improved levels of public expenditure, and a healthier Balance of Payment worked to liberate the economic condition of the Middle Class. Significant improvement transformed past ‘Middle Class’ to ‘New Middle Class’(NMC). The metamorphosis enhanced their income and consumption power. The book identifies the impact of this transformation on banking and investment habits, buying /spending habits, education preferences, and lifestyle of the NMC. The purpose is to explore in order to find out their nature and pattern of consumption, savings, and investment. Since the transformation in this class is more visible in metropolitan cities, the areas selected are New Delhi and NCR. It is concluded that the rise in NMC’s income affected their savings/ investments, consumption in various categories of goods differently and lifestyle, leading to a drastic change in consumer behavior, which must not be ignored, as it has a strong impact on consumers goods industry and Indian economy in turn. The consumer goods-producing industry must capitalize on these changes profitably.

  • Driving through the rule book of an investor (Fundamental and Technical Analysis) by: Mr Maurya Hanspal 350.00

    The book talks about the detailed fundamental and technical analysis in the field of finance. The book has been designed completely for the courses of BBA, MBA, and other related areas. Due to the lack of technical jargon being used, the book stands on a unique ground and makes the readers understand the crux of these analysis. Instead of being just a book to read, it guides the reader to undertake fundamental and technical analysis in the real world with practical examples. The book is surely a perfect guide to undertake and implement these concepts with accuracy.

  • KNOWLEDGE CONSORTIUM (Mitigating the inquisitiveness of Being) by: Dr Samir Kumar Hui 193.00

    The book “KNOWLEDGE CONSORTIUM: Mitigating Inquisitiveness of being” is a book of multi-disciplinary nature covering research articles of twenty-two in numbers. It is purely meant for all students, scholars, researchers, and academicians interested in English literature, sociology, cultural studies, and translation studies. This book curved out of the rich academic teaching and research and experience of Dr. Samir K Hui, a brilliant bi-lingual poet and a published short story writer writing both in English and Odia. The book’s interdisciplinary nature gives it a different flavor for its interest in discussing social, cultural, and literary issues that make reading an exciting experience contributing to the study of humanities and social sciences.

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