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  • Yog ke Vibhinna Aayam by: Dr. Rishika Verma 280.00

    This is the best book who want some study material on yoga and who want to know about yoga. First we should understand our body and then we can easily achieve our goals by Yoga. With the help of this book we can know about our body. A person can get fit and healthier by following this book. It is beneficial for all age person. in this book I have touch many portions of yoga like different definitions of yoga, types of yoga, Pranayam, more than 50 Aasans, what is stress and how to deal with that, chakras, and many more topics.

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    My potential readers, we have lots of questions like non- countable and Undefined situation’s This book intellect with the genius minds regarding This type of conditions. After read if I can surely tells you all will find out your doubts about O and I’m with the help of my this innovation trying to develop my discovery-
    Theory of Disintegration


    Electricity is one of the key inputs for socio-economic development. Efficient provision of electricity contributes to poverty reduction by fueling economic growth and enabling the fulfillment of the basic human needs of health and education. Provision of electricity is thus crucial for improving living standards, supporting development and job opportunities and fostering social activities. To meet the challenges of ever-increasing demand for electricity different models for reforming the power sector have been adopted in India. The initiation of reforms in the Electricity Sector in early 1990s, started with the aim of liberalizing the generation sector with the commencement of the independent power projects (IPP) policy. Following a decade of energy sector reforms in India, it is appropriate to ask the extent to which these reforms have benefited the power sector. This book analyses the impact of power sector reforms on Indian electricity generating companies through the selected application of benchmarking technique essential to calculate the performance indicators efficiency and productivity based on the performance indicators. This performance appraisal of generation companies would play a crucial role in defining regulatory policies. In a scenario of power shortage, the foremost objective is the optimum utilization of available power generation capacity. This matching of generation with demand can be better achieved only through proper and efficient working of the utilities. In short, the book focused on offering a way for developing an outline for incentives for utility efficiency and productivity levels through the introduction of competition among the utilities by providing suitable performance and cost benchmarks.

  • How to learn Arabic by: Abbas Ali Baig 157.00

    It is a book written in English with a view to learn Arabic
    for the beginners.

  • English Era by: Raziul Haque Romy 225.00

    The book, ‘English Era’ is speaking course book that involves lots of speaking tricks ,that many books have not., It is very useful for all categories even for beginners.

  • Know Your Child First by: Dr. K.R. Jayachandran 1,499.00

    This book Know Your Child First is about your child……to support you as a Parent, Guardian, Teacher, Counsellor, Administrator, Rehabilitation Practitioner, Professional, Social Worker, Care Giver or a Person who would love to deal with children at their tender developmental ages or school life, to identify their common learning problems and enhance them for education and social life. A real sourcebook to learn more about learning problems of all the categories of children.

    This book is crafted based on the enormous journey of an enthusiastic Educator, who is an expert in Teacher Education, Special Education, Counselling and Management of rehabilitation support services for children with special needs for last 25 years in India, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

    All the aspects needed for education of children, especially those who are with special needs are detailed in this book. The need and nature of different categories of children are discussed along with practical solutions for successful learning, required support services, vocational education, counselling, educational technology etc. in detail by a well-known Rehabilitation Practitioner & Educationalist, Dr. K. R. Jayachandran.

  • Teaching and Learning of Physical Science by: Dr. Paul Albert. A 260.00

    The book focuses on the aims and objectives of teaching physical science, planning for instruction, practicing the teaching skills in physical science, several methods of teaching physical science and resources for teaching physical science. In addition, the book describes about basic Physics and basic Chemistry. It is also helpful for the first year pre-service teachers who are studying physical science as a pedagogic subject in B.Ed colleges.

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    This book contains the solved problems of Higher Algebra for senior classes of Higher schools,totalling 15 chapters.Problems were selected from Higher Algebra Book of Hall & Knight .There is no such solution book available in the book market.
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    This phonics book introduces your child to vowels and consonants. Helps children to learn PHONICS with themselves to build their basics strong. These books are designed step by step by the observation of the child while learning the concepts. Any child can learn it individually from the basics to the advance level of phonics. This particular book is defined as a basics level which makes child to learn and write words. Tuning child with Creative activities which brings interest to learn the concepts fun fully. ‎Synthetic phonics · ‎ Analytic phonics · ‎ List of phonics programs phonics methods

  • Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication And Soft Skills For Undergraduate Courses by: Er. BK. Ranjesh Roy 614.00

    Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication and Soft Skills for Everyone is specifically designed to be strong in English Communication Skills for Intermediate and also Undergraduate Students of all disciplines who want to improve their language skills.

    This book serves not only as a high School and College exams but also helps you to develop Soft Skills that will be useful everywhere in your professional life now a days. This book is a must for everyone.



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    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the aspiring students in engineering and Computer
    Programming related courses, like C, C++, Python, etc. Further, this book will give you a comprehensive
    idea about the Medium and high level programming languages. I believe that this book will enable you
    use your brain up to the fullest to work smartly and achieve your goal in all endeavor. I fervently hope that
    this book will help the students to get a sound understanding of how to code and writing programs. I’m
    sure that this book fundamentally will increase your capability of getting good score in your organization,
    entrepreneurship, examination and interviews in a stress-free manner.

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    The Untold Heroics by: Vijay Kumar Dewan 500.00 460.00

    The Indian independence movement consisted of efforts by individuals from a wide spectrum of philosophies to obtain political independence from British rule through the use of a variety of methods. Very few Indians gained spotlight and are recognized as great freedom fighters. Some of them are even recognized as world renowned leaders whereas majority of Indians who laid down their lives for freedom of their motherland are not even recognized as freedom fighters.

    There were some heroes who were born with romantic nationalism. Their national romanticism was so intense; that they lived and died for an ideology that especially promoted the interests of youth with the aim of gaining, preserving and furthering the nation’s pride above all costs. There were many other unsung heroes and a whole lot of dare devils who were born to die for attaining freedom for their motherland “India”.

    A revolutionary person fearlessly advocates radical change. Revolutionary people and ideas challenge the status quo and might be violent or willing to upset the natural order to achieve their goals. Like the word revolves, it’s all about turning things around. We had huge number of such revolutionary heroes, the heroic children of mother India, who bravely moved around the world, carrying their life on a platter, with a sole aim of achieving freedom for the future generations of India.

    Their point of view was that India won freedom due to the blood and tears shed by hundreds of nameless revolutionaries and their families who braved British barbarity and faced death, deportation, imprisonment and forfeiture of property. Freedom was certainly not won by pleas, prayers and petitions. It was won substantially by violent and armed struggle by revolutionaries.

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    Hunt for Treasure by: Vijay Kumar Dewan 500.00 460.00

    Chronicle Description of hunt for treasure of a Great Nation once known as “Sone Ki Chirya” (Golden Bird).Vijay Kumar Dewan

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    “The Piggy Bank Billionaire” is a Financial Guide to help individuals understand their financial goals in a most prudent manner and plan them with utmost seriousness. There is lot of confusion in every investor’s mind on what to buy & how much is sufficient. This book will work as a personal guide for people in all age groups, this will help individuals to understand Why, How & Where of their financial goals. The language in book has been kept very simple to benefit all and make it easy to understand.

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    “India was known as a Golden Bird”. This word had slowly spread over the entire existing world of the medieval period of Indian history. All Kings, merchants and dynasties wanted to explore India trying their luck for having a go at some share of the cake. So, the “Hunt for Treasure” began and the first to invade India was a Macedonian. This was followed by Arabs, Turkish, Mongolians, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Mughals and British etc. This Book is about the chronicle invasions of India. Those days, The Northwest was controlled by the Kashmir-based Karkota dynasty, and the Hindu Shahis based in Kabul. Northeast India was held by the Pala dynasty, and South India by the powerful Chalukyas. Western India was dominated by the Rai dynasty of Sindh, and several kingdoms of Gurjara clans, based at Bhinmal (Bhillamala), Mandor, Nandol-Broach (Nandipuri-Bharuch) and Ujjain. The combined region of southern Rajasthan and northern Gujarat was called Gurjaradesa (Gurjara country), before it got renamed to Rajputana in later medieval times. The Kathiawar peninsula (Saurashtra) was controlled by several small kingdoms, such as Saindhavas, and dominated by Maitrakas at Vallabhi.

    Hunt for Treasure by: Vijay Kumar Dewan. 500.00 460.00
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    “This book is based on the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE. This book contains both Part A and Part B.Part A consists of Chapter 1 to 9 (Accounting for Companies, Partnership Firms and Not for Profit Organisation) and Part B consists of Chapter 10 to 13 (Financial Statement Analysis).
    Unique feature of this book:
     Updated as per the Companies Act, 2013 and Accounting Standards prescribed by ICAI
     Detailed theory to understand the topics
     Explanation of Journal Entries in Tabular form
     Objective type / Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
     Solved Previous Years Exam Questions
     Unsolved Questions with hints (follow our YouTube Channel for Solution)”

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    Data can be facts related to any object inconsideration.For example: your name, age,height, weight etc. A database is a systematic collection of data in which Data is very well organized. It makes data management easy. DBMS is collection of programs which enables its users to access database, manipulate data and help in representation of data.It also helps control access to the database by various users.For example: An online telephone directory would definitely use database management system to store data pertaining to people numbers and others contact details.For Example:FACEBOOK, it needs to store manipulate and present data related to members, their friend’s member, activities messages, advertisement and lot more. There are countlessnumber of examples for usage of DBMS.This is not a new concept and as such had been first implemented in 1960s. Charles Bachmen’sintegrated data store(IDS) is said to be the first DBMS in history.With time database technologies evolved a lot while usage and expected functionalities of database have been increased immensely. Fundamental Concepts of Database Management System comprises of basics of Database, Transaction management and Distributed transaction system. The book includes database design,language,and system implementation. All the concepts are discussed with clear, well-structured figures and examples.

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    This book is a blend of Management specific cases that draws the attention of readers towards practicality in management. The Author has contributed cases in the book based on his experiences & acquaintance with the Industry. The USP of the book accounts to valued learning from cases & exposure to technique of writing case studies. This literary piece is a guide to the students & a helping hand to the industry at large.

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    This book is a record of my chequered sixty years medical journey reflecting, in general, the medical training at graduate and postgraduate levels, government service conditions and health of India; with a personal touch and some local flavour. It records actual case reports I came across in various stages of my medical training and my experiences in government service, medical college and later in practice which can reflect in a general medical atmosphere in India. It also records some professional medical practice changes in the last sixty years along with recording some difficulties in general medical practice. We all know the general practitioner is the first qualified medical person coming in contact with patients, all over India. Yet they are the most neglected lot with family medicine going into oblivion. We have in India the paradox of coexistence of world-class medical treatment with appalling poor rural health. Budget allocations for health are very meagre, the emphasis placed on various schemes are often misplaced. A general practitioner is now a neglected and threatened species.

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    Every manufacturer invests considerable time, investments and effort in building up his business and see it flourish. Insurance contributes a lot to the general economic growth of the society by provides stability to the functioning of process. The insurance industries develop financial institutions and reduce uncertainties by improving financial resources. Insurance enables to mitigate loss, financial stability and promotes trade and commerce activities those results into economic growth and development.

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    The book is written as a compilation of my eleven years of work in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. The book is a compilation of various Research papers published in top national and international journals. The book talks about the various novel mind set we can keep while discussing or writing therapy for the related diseases each chapter talks about. All chapter’s in the book are the selective works by the author during his journey in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Research is an interesting aspect of all medical sciences as it helps in looking at the treatment methodologies with critical and creative aspects. Developing therapy suitable for masses is Highly important, but in the present scenario developing treatment protocol as per selective patients is the need of an hour in present times.The book talks about the creative and critical aspects of the treatment protocol for the mentioned diseases in each chapter. Moreover, it’s a compilation put together for easy access to my works over several years. I hope you will enjoy reading the book and it forms an important part of your library.

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    Special features of the textbook are : • Each chapter is divided into several sections covering all components of the syllabus. • It has logical and systematic presentation. • It incorporates a large number of diagrams and schedules with explanations. • To give students an edge over the basic knowledge of the matter, ‘An Extra Mile’ has been given at the end of each chapter. • Exercise is tuned to the pattern of examination. The exercise includes: • Questions relating to remembering & understanding of the subject matter. • Reason based questions. • Previous years’ CBSE questions. • Information and concept based questions. • NCERT questions

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    “This book introduces the basic concepts of basic conversational strategies for Professionals and University students or All Learners. It will help you not only to develop speaking skill but also to become good conversationalists. This book covers all of the Basic English Conversation for all learners. It contains a collection of 200 topics including English dialogues, conversations, interactions etc., which are designed to lend a hand for preparing students and learners for different situations. Every learner may encounter in daily life with different interaction with English Speaking People, whether he may be either in School, College, at work, even facing interview or in out of State.It also consists of 1500 important sentences that will enhance your conversational skill and help you how to speak English clearly and accurately. This book is a must for all learners.”

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    This book covers the concepts of Digital Electronics for B.Tech students of all circuit branches

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    This book, as name suggests, includes the solutions of 20 very specific, important chapters in the algebra book— Hall & Knight, which attract most students of mathematics. The chapters cover Progressions, Quadratic Equations, Interest and Annuity, Basing on Series, Binomial Theorem, and Exponential and Logarithmic Series. The problems are solved in a way that is easily understandable by common students interested in mathematics; particularly algebra.

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    “This book is designed for the course on C programming taken by undergraduate (B.Sc., BCA) and post graduate(M.Sc.,MCA) students of computer science and information technology. It applies a simple approach with unique combination of theory and practical’s. A student friendly practical and example driven book. Author believes that practice makes a man perfect and this book aims at making you one.

    Salient Features
    · Classification of Programming Language
    · Problem solving techniques
    · Analysis of Algorithm
    · Data type in C
    · Operators in C
    · Formatted Input and Output
    · Decision making and control structure
    · Arrays
    · Functions
    · Structure
    · Pointer
    · Dynamic memory allocation
    · File management
    · Preprocessor
    · Graphics in C
    · Solved Programs with source code

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    “The book has been elaborated to the present needs of the learners, making lessons interesting and attractive. The very old and traditional stories have been upgraded with modern trends. A European girl Salena and a young Indian boy Shyam become Facebook friends. Their real time messages and conversations have been turned into lessons. It’s a bilingual book to support all learners of English language at basic level and the teachers of Elementary schools to cope with challenges in improving their own proficiency in the language. The purpose is to motivate and support all readers to understand real grounds for making their own as well as children’s lives happy.

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    This Book is about exploring and knowing our own ancestors and this process leads us to a quest for knowing the origin of this world or so called universe and makes us eager to know as to how this universe was a created. The author makes an attempt to explain this in simple English language as to how this universe was created using Space, Time, Energy and Matter. Universe is a vast expanse of “space”, which contains all of everything in existence, including all of the galaxies, stars, and planets and enormous clouds of gas separated by a gigantic empty space. It explains the process of “Time” evolution and the characteristics of time and describes units of time measurements, from even the smallest microseconds to trillions of years. Nature is the biggest source of “Energy” on Mother Earth. The energy of the sun is the original source of most of the energy found on earth. Universe comprises of four natural states of “Matter”: Solids, liquids, gases and plasma. The ancestral hierarchy is explained by an overview of all the kings of various Yugas, It also explains that how skillfully our Rishis (Sages) created Vedas to inspire creativity in this universe. The author also highlights the history, civilization, the rich cultures and Heritage of our great nation India.

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    Thoroughly based on the latest syllabus of CBSE, N. Delhi, CONCEPTUAL ENGLISH GRAMMAR: AT A GLANCE, is a complete textbook of English grammar. This book is entirely designed to satisfy especially the multi-faceted needs of all India and overseas CBSE students reading in class VIII to X. This book can obviously be used as both, a conceptual textbook and an ideal and innovative practice book. Among ambitious students and learned teachers, the usefulness of this book should, moreover, effectively work at both levels i.e. (a) concept-building level or subject-enrichment and (b) score-grabing level or performance assessment. To augment its usefulness further, ample example sentences, structures, note and rules have been used to pinpoint their universal importance even today. Also frequent tabular representations and arrow-indicators (specially) have been applied for the first time in any book as one of the most effective and relevant technical tools to simplify the contexts of the chapters and let learners grasp everything quickly and confidently.

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