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  • THE FELONY(A story of social injustice since thousand years) by: Sunil Kumar 95.00

    At the end of 19th century, Hansen’s disease was criminalized in the name of “An act to prevent the spread” that lasted almost a century later. Under the law, anyone suspected of having Hansen’s disease was arrested and exiled regardless of their age, race, or gender. The poem collection, tells the story of a kid exiled from his family and left to live alone on an island, social, legal, &religious discrimination against Hansen’s disease, an exiled lover is separated from his beloved and exiled to an island & the ugly truth of the society A profound collection of poems inspired by real life sufferings of person experienced with Hansen’s disease, who were institutionalized, separated, castrated, and confined to a miserable life, (although different treatments were available for Hansen’s disease since ages). Millions of people have died of various diseases in the past due to Black Death(Plague), Small Pox, SARS, Influenza, Diarrhea etc. People were able to lead a dignified life once they were cured of it. In addition, neither the people suffering from any kind of disease were institutionalized or forced to separate. However, Person experienced with Hansen’s disease was subjected to inhumane torture for thousands of years just because of an archaic belief. Different texts reveal, however, that Hansen’s disease could be treated even in 600 B.C.

  • Doha Darshak by: Indrajeet Choudhary 120.00

    This book highlights social and cultural environment. The people should know culture, religious, social , ritual and moral validity to read Hindi.

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