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    Cricket is a game of uncertainty wherein anything can happen.The book provides in insight into the international game of Cricket and its different dimensions visualized in the perspective of all the formats.It religiously weighs the HOW, WHEN, WHAT and WHYs of the most illustrious and uncertain game of cricket.

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    This book focuses on self-awareness, leadership and success as an outcome of performance and purpose. This book is focus on around the fixed and growth mindset and has become very much popular in playing circles.

    The purpose of the book is to focus on the improvement of an individuals or teams sporting performance, both in terms of general capacity and as specific performances and an extensive process that prepares individuals and teams for participation in sports competitions

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    Through this book, I would like to inform you about the great karate players who have always brought good name and fame to our country and are at the highest level in our country. Even though they are making our nation proud but they remain unrecognized, that is why I am recognizing their Identity through this book. I did not write this book to offend anyone, please forgive me If I have forget to recognize anyone other than the book, or for writing about anyone else in any other way. Karate is not just a game, we all know that karate is self-defense, what I want to convey through this book is that I want to identify them and encourage them for more achievements.

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    Herald Pinter (1930-2008) was a British author who won the Nobel prize for Literature in 2005. He said about cricket, ‘I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth.’Morals and values are the things that make a human life complete. We only emphasize on Universal values that can be followed by all the people of the world, irrespective of their caste, creed, language, religion, sex, nationality and the like. The human tendency is such that if they are forced to follow something they will resist it. Character and behaviour have to be moulded carefully over the years. So how do we do that? This is where one thought cricket could be useful. If values can be taught through stories why should it not be done through cricket? This is the motto behind writing this book. In the first chapter which is an Introduction to the volume, the role of philosophy in cricket is discussed. In the other chapters also, a judicious mixture of cricket and philosophy is served out in order to make it look like a delicious dish made out of milk and sugar. It is for the readers to enjoy it.

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    ““The world has changed due to globalization, and human beings have changed due to digitization.”The people of the world have become puppets in the hands of technology, internet, telecommunications, and visual media. This can be seen in all the sectors, including that of games and sports. The tornado of technology began in the 21st century; started by millions of talented minds. These two phenomenon—globalization & digitization, have transformed this world, bringing it to the palm of our hands. Human beings have become completely paralyzed because of these technological developments in the modern times. Games and sports are the only activities today that are undertaken in the real sense, that make us fit, fine, and healthy, round the year. So, the book……………
    “Impact of Cricket on the Youngest Indian” is explicit in itself. Though, the book has been written in three parts keeping its essence for the readers. These are:-
    a. Genesis of Cricket. Genesis of cricket as sport since 1597 in England. Details of first ODI in 1844 and first test match played from 15-19 March 1877 at MelbourneCricket Ground between Australia and England. History of Women cricket in the world and how Indians cherished cricket; discarding indigenous sports. Role of Coach is pivotal character; can be read in this part.

    b. Impact of Cricket. Impact of cricket on youth Indian. Its pros and cons has been delved and brought under this part. Misappropriation of power, money and corruption in the BCCI may be the focal topic to study. Crazy of cricket fans and their attitude have been analyzed and brought into notice to the parents of such youth. Factual value and benefits of sports can be understood by reading this part.

    c. Gist of Cricket. It includes Rules, Laws and summary of cricket.

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    Virat Kohli has millions of fans and this is a story of just one of them. This book captures my journey till now on being a big fan of Virat Kohli and reasons why I strongly advocate cricket. To achieve your Dreams, you need to be passionate enough and have the self-belief that nothing is impossible. I can proudly proclaim that Virat Kohli is my idol and I derive immense positivity on following him and being his ‘Fan’. He has always inspired me to work hard enough to achieve my goals. I dedicate this book to Virat Kohli for showing me and today’s youth the right direction and changing my life tremendously…You will read about, how motivation plays an immense role in our daily life.This is a must-read for each Cricket fan, Virat Kohli fans and people who are dedicated towards their dreams.

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