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  • DISENCHANTED- Relations Redefined by: Hari Singh 210.00

    The book is an anecdotal record of the journey of life of the protagonist, who is keen to establish relations with every newcomer in his life in the hope that it would make his journey less tiresome and thornless. There is an old saying “It is always better to have two than one during a journey.” From the remote village where he is born to the silver city of Mumbai, he searches for real relations, but each time his search ends in smoke. Even in the big crowds of the big city, he finds himself a solitary creature. Newness attracts him, but he finds them more deceptive. He is aghast to see even the blood bonds breaking in the struggle for a better existence for which they had moved out of their native villages.
    At last, the protagonist seeks seclusion to unload the burden before the nearest ones might start feeling him burdensome.

  • Bikram & Vitthal by: Kanika Sharma 122.00

    A ghastly creature at large in a peaceful hill station, a multi-millionaire’s murder mystery goes unsolved, a man with a harrowed childhood and a successful author unwillingly involved in a drama that might give him, his best novel so far. All these events happen in different timelines and cities and yet are connected to each other like the universe’s own conspiracy. It is a modern-day re-telling of classic Indian folklore of Vikram and Vetal, with a twist.

  • Midnight Musings by: Heena Goel 210.00

    What are the various thoughts that come to your mind when you toss and turn in your bed at midnight to catch a glimpse of sleep ??

    Do you decide before sleeping “ I am going to dream this today”?

    Dreams are surprise packets you receive enroute the journey of life.

    Similar is this book – a bundle of surprises. Close your eyes and open any random page to check out what jaw-dropping reading awaits you
    Stun yourself with any reading and notice the sensations in your body!

    Let the book bring a tingling smile to you!

  • Halfway Fates by: Deepali Bajaj 200.00

    “Life is so obvious whenever you try to protect yourself in your boundaries building your territory, mapping out your strength and weaknesses someone will come right away invading your privacy and you are defeated in the fierce the battle between your emotions and self……..“Life never lets you settle for a smaller bite. It wants the taste of every sour to a sweet slice of happiness and sorrows…..”The lives of the characters are interweaved around The life of Suraj; who is the main protagonist. His life has been channelized smoothly but the dreams or illusions from the past act as barriers in his present life. Suraj is a grown-up, responsible man with a family to take care of and a girlfriend whom he wants to marry. He is surrounded by girls, being from his past or his present. He met with an accident and life brought distress all his way. Many unanswered questions of his life take him deep down to think of what has he left in his past which is so bothersome. Life makes an unfair decision for him which surely makes the title true to be said ‘Halfway Fates’ where he is bound between half-lives of his past but forced to live in his present…..

  • Jasoos Pramod Kumar Rai by: Saksham 188.00

    Jasoos Pramod Kumar Rai is a compilation of thriller and mysterious stories which will bound you to read it further and every story will leave you amazed.

  • Sale!
    Ruhani by: Rishabh Verma 299.00 270.00

    1. I’m a new author so words and sentences may feel a little bit simple.
    2. Almost every living being in this universe have horns .
    I’m eagerly waiting to hear it from you.
    Fantasy- premium
    Adventure- premium
    Horror- a bit
    romance- a bit
    humor- yes
    Crime- add-on
    Making your day- up to 100%
    Satisfaction- tell me!
    *during reading a dim violin music is advised for better results.
    Long before you could imagine the earth was home of not the one or two but
    thousands of mysterious species which lived in the most distinctive parts of the
    Some of them were too dark to be found and some were too powerful to stand
    against, our lead GOZAR was absolutely not one of them. He was a normal
    human, from a civilization which became a most vulnerable victim of power and
    As the civilizations emerged the NEELS and the DEMONS took over the world,
    everyone else became a soft target and humans the one and only living being
    opposed them reached to an end of their lives, this could be true if they hadn’t
    decided to run away.
    GOZAR grew up with a curiosity of out world and power which leads him to
    become a demon with the world’s greatest aura. He offered the empire by demon
    king on a condition of defending it in every situation and do as told. GOZAR
    accepted the offer because he felt an opportunity to rule the world in it and bring
    humans out to their rightful place but that wasn’t as easy as it seemed, before
    becoming the king he had to prove himself worthy by passing few tests. To do so
    he sent away from the kingdom to almost a new world where he had to defeat
    and capture the powerful aura from some most dangerous and legendary
    creatures who came out to be kings of their worlds themselves.
    This is where the journey begins. To know the GOZAR’S whole story, how he met
    his unimaginable powerful friends and clashed with the threats of his life READ
    this novel.
    “this book has a potential to bring a whole new unforgettable sweet memories in
    your life”.

  • Digital Stories by: Vipin Verma 200.00

    Today we are living in two worlds. One is real world another is digital world; some of us are spending more time in digital world than real world. This is a world of internet. Internet is creating new opportunities but this is also creating problems in our lives as well sometime we don’t know how an activity on internet will harm us. When I see people using internet without knowing the consequences of using their information on internet, I feel that this may create a big problem. There are six short stories in this book to make you understand the bad side of digital world.

    Day by day new technology is being invented but there are some people who are inventing new ways of crime, which was never thought before. They may be around you, may be you are their next target. They will not be successful if you are caution. You need to be aware with their thoughts. Sometimes you don’t know that using a technology can lead you in difficult situation, Just sharing a pic on social media. End of the stories are unexpected and realistic so you feel the fun while reading the stories.

  • Daanava region with 12 zodiac sign by: Suraj Manjunath Revankar 200.00

    Daanva is a story which tells to stand for your self respect and for self respect you have to struggle for it.

  • Shots! small tales, big fun by: Nand K Agarwal 199.00

    Shots are small independent tales about love, self discovery, overcoming mental & societal barriers. Each story will excite & leave you asking for more. Quick reads for the generation in a hurry!

    The protagonist in each tale is a female. The narration takes you closer to what ‘she’ feels & how ‘she’ decides to take her life ahead.

  • Anubhavaala nechcheli (అనుభవాల నెచ్చెలి) by: Anitha Mamidi 249.00

    ప్రతి మనిషి జీవితంలో రకరకాల అనుభవాలు ఉంటాయి. ఆ అనుభవాలే ఆ మనిషికి నేర్చుకున్నన్ని జీవితపాఠాలనూ నేర్పిస్తాయి. ఎవ్వరికైనా నిరాకారము నిర్గుణము ఐన ఆ అనుభవాలతో జతకట్టక తప్పదు. యాదృఛ్ఛిక అనుభవాలే కాక కొన్ని కోరికలను తీర్చుకునే నేపథ్యంలోనో లేదా కొన్ని గమ్యాలను చేరుకునే నేపథ్యంలో కూడా ఎన్నో అనుభవాలు ఎదురవుతుంటాయి. అలాంటి అనుభవాలకి ఒక నెచ్చెలి రూపాన్ని ఇస్తే ఎలా ఉంటుంది? నిజమే, అనుభవాలు నిరాకారాలూ, నిర్గుణాలే. కానీ అవి మనలో ఎన్నో వికారాలకు కారణమవుతాయి. కానీ అవే అనుభవాలను నిర్మలమైన మనసుతో చూస్తే ఏ దిశా లేని మనకు తోడుగా ఉండి మన జీవితానికి దిశా నిర్దేశం చూపే ఒక స్నేహితురాలు మనకి తప్పక దర్శనమిస్తుంది. కొందరి జీవితాలకు ఆ నెచ్చెలి అందించిన ఆ దిశకు అక్షరరూపమే ఈ అనుభవాల నెచ్చెలి. విజయాలు చిన్నవి కావచ్చు లేదా పెద్దవీ, లోకమంతా గుర్తించేంత గొప్పవీ కావచ్చు. కానీ ఈ పుస్తకంలో మాత్రం చిన్న విజయాలు, సులభసాధ్యాలు లేదా కొంచెం కష్టసాధ్యాలైన విజయాలకే ప్రాధాన్యత ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. అలాంటి సామాన్య విజయాలతో పాటు మన సమాజంలోని కొన్ని చీకటి కోణాలను, “వీటికి పరిష్కారమే ఉండదా” అనేలాంటి కొన్ని జటిల సమస్యలనూ పాఠకుల ముందుంచి వాటికి సమాజంలోని కొందరు బాధితులు సూచించిన పరిష్కారాలను ఈ పుస్తకం కొన్ని కథల సహాయంతో ఏకరువు పెడుతుంది. నిజానికి సమస్యల ఉచ్చులో చిక్కుకున్న వారు దానిలోంచి బయట పడి మమూలు జీవనం సాగించడం కూడా చెప్పుకోదగ్గ విజయమే. అలాంటి సామాన్యుల అసామాన్య విజయాలూ, ఆ క్రమంలో వారెదుర్కున్న అనుభవాలూ, సమాజంలోని చీకటి కోణాలకు కొందరు సూచించిన పరిష్కారాలూ, సమస్యల సుడిగుండంలో చిక్కుకుని కూడా ఆశావహ ధోరణిని వీడక ముందుకి అడుగులేసిన వారి అనుభవాలూ, ఇలా సమాజంలో మనం సాధారణంగా భావించే అసాధారణ అనుభవాలు, ఇవే ఈ పుస్తకంలోని కథాంశాలు.

  • Pyar Ke Andekhe Zakham by: Kaminee Gupta 155.00

    This book is based on the pain, wounds found in love. There are such painful stories in this book, which touch the soul from the heart. Such unique love stories will make you think.

  • Putra Vadhu: The Beginning What Was The End by: Shandilyayan 355.00

    “I’m supposed to be looking for a perfect husband. Are you the perfect husband, Mr. Singh?”

    “Perfect in every way.”

    “Many men in love with a dimple make the mistake of marrying a whole girl. I don’t want it to happen to you.”

    “How can I help the cause?”

    “Show me some secular credentials.”


    “Appease me!”

    “I love you, you’re as pretty as Savitri of Sri Aurobindo.”

    Love, it’s a funny thing. There are things that we don’t want to let happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go. This is exactly not it!!

  • Fortune Farmer by: NaveenPrasanth E.P 229.00

    The book is about farmer and their struggles. Its about the children from farmer places and their life, struggles. It was focusing the agriculture. How to farming in land. Grandparents life are here to read. Thankyou.

  • The Quest by: Lt Col Shivendra Gopal Gurha 385.00

    It is the book by a gay man’s quest for the man whom he can love and be loved by him. In the bargain he goes through a series of episodes which are narrated in these stories.

  • Wastra by: Rohan Kailasam 499.00

    A drug addict is attacked during the early hours of the morning on the railway tracks near Churchgate station, which leaves a number of attackers dead and the junkie barely holding on to his life as he is brought to the government hospital and is kept under close guard.

    A reporter is given the story to cover. Initially unmotivated by what she thinks is just a waste of time, a meeting with one of the hospital staff, who gives her a photograph, makes her realise that there is lot more to the attack than what meets the eye.

    As she unsuccessfully searches for clues, she eventually arrives at a run-down bar in the heart of Colaba market and begins the interview of the resident, the in-house drunk, who might have some answers.

    What follows is a story of Bombay and the underworld, looked at from an angle that the reporter never thought existed.

    Through a haze of cigarettes and beer, the alcoholic weaves an impossible tale, as it becomes clear that the junkie in the hospital has been targeted for termination by the police assigned to protect him, and the reporter realizes that she is in a race against time to find the answers that might save his life.

    Through twists and turns the reporter is taken on a mind-bending journey that starts in the south Bombay neighbourhood of Colaba and moves through the battlefields of the Iran-Iraq war of the 80s, to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka and the communal riots in Bombay during the 90s, and tells the extraordinary story of Wastra, a figure of legend and smoke and mirrors.

    As the story reaches an explosive climax, the reporter finds that the sting in the tale might be more than what she bargained for, as the shades are pulled aside and she faces an unenviable choice.

  • F33LINGS by: Nisha Sharma 199.00

    Everyone has their idea of true love, the perfect romance. But what does true love really mean? Where does it come from? Where can it take you? Does it have to be painful; or can it be peaceful too?

    The book is a rich, intense and fulfilling experience of finding peace, finding love, and finding peace again. It will make you wonder about what love means to you through the heavenly and hellish worlds of love, all while being a fascinating read with many great poems that will have you hooked from the very first page.

  • Rang Dathew by: Baksannylla Khongwir 147.00

    Rang Dathew. Coming from a simple and humble background, blessed with an unselfish, compassionate heart taught and inspired by his great parents, equipped with strength and talents, but growing in a difficult society darkened by a cult that took the lives of many people—the cult with the serpent god called Then followed by bloodthirsty people driven by greed for wealth and power. Rang Dathew had to battle the storms and the pangs of life when at one point in time he thought his life was over, but the circumstances took an unexpected turn and miracles did happen and lifted him up again to enable him to save the people from the heinous cult and its followers and to lead them in an inevitable exodus to a new and beautiful land where they began a new journey of life!

  • The Sociopath by: Aditi Solanki 299.00

    This book starts by showing us a 17-year-old boy who though is American has moved from Japan to continue with his studies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He made a friend there, who was a bit shy and also not the one to go running into fights. The protagonist of this story is pretty good at deducing things about other people. He has secrets of his own but acts differently to fit in.
    Then suddenly something happens to the protagonist on a school trip which made his only friend see him differently.
    This book is thrilling and sometimes amusing. At first, no one could tell where the story is going to go but then at last when everything comes to light it will shake up the readers.

  • MEMORIES – You can(not) call it love by: Sherin Reji 360.00

    Name’s Sid
    Wanna hear my story?
    Grab me a drink

    Meet Sid,
    A man self-made on the fortunes of the modern era but troubled by the habits of old.
    He’s the perfect man in the eyes of society,
    But behind the tailored shirts and polished shoes lies a past life which haunts his existence.

    Meet Akshara,
    A woman looking to be made in the ever growing world but not knowing where to start.
    While meeting Sid for a position at his company, she senses a spark not kindled within him and he senses a fire ever burning within her.
    Follow their lives as they walk through their days slowly unfolding the secrets of the past that made them

    Will they finally find a purpose worth living for,
    or will life always be “on the rocks?”

  • Amritv Ki Mani by: Bohemian Manoj Rdx 310.00

    शक्ति, प्रेम, रहस्य, लालसा तथा साहस की कहानी…. | जादूगर बर्नार्ड अपने मित्र राजा गैलाइड तथा उसके सैनिकों के साथ सेलिकोन की गुफा में छुपाई गयी ‘अमृत्व की मणि’ की तलाश में निकलता है | जिसकी रक्षा की ज़िम्मेवारी मौत की देवी द्वारा उन्हें सौंपी जाती है | रास्ते में उनकी मुलाकात कैलिन नाम के एक शराबी नोजवान से होती है , जो बाद में, उनके साथ इस मुहिम में जुड़ जाता है । इस सफर में वे, लगभग अपने सभी साथियों को खो देते हैं तथा उन्हें लगातर बहुत सी कठिनाइयों का सामना करना पड़ता है । इसके बाबजूद भी वे अपने पथ पर डटे रहते हैं तथा अपनी आखिरी सांस तक मणि की रक्षा के लिए लड़ते रहते हैं । उनकी ये मुहिम डार्क ब्लैक नामक शैतान से मणि की रक्षा करने की खातिर आरंभ होती है | जिसमें उन्हें अपनी कमजोर परिस्थितियों के चलते अंत में शिकस्त खानी पड़ती है । किन्तु मणि को खोने के उपरांत भी जादूगर बर्नार्ड तथा उसके बचे-कूचे साथी मौत की मौत की देवी के नेतृत्व में , इस मुहिम को जारी रखने का फैंसला करते हैं | जिसका वर्णन अमृत्व की मणि नामक इस पुस्तक के दूसरे भाग में किया जाएगा |

  • To The Moon And Beyond by: Insha Haque 229.00

    Sofia and Sayf, the two love birds experienced all the positive and negative emotions after stepping into the world of love and romance together. The story “To The Moon And Beyond” is a fictional dramatic amalgam of the most heavenly emotions of both the characters. It depicts the most paradisiacal form of true love and how destiny can twist and turn lives within days. Let’s gambol together into the sea of words and read their pulchritudinous tale and experience everything they both felt while walking on the road of love.

  • Bombay Talkies by: Charan Nowpada 250.00

    Inspired by the true events, this book’s been set in a fictional India in which there’s zero crime rate and zero need of a police man to protect a person. The protagonist Shiva’s ideology is something that every Indian needs to follow for this country to be in the top of every aspect in this world. There’s violence and equal silence in many places in this book, his lady love, Laila, is the person because of whom, every single woman in India is able to sleep peacefully. She’s the one who changes the fate of every sex worker in India. Set against the backdrop of the 90s, the story ends in 2021. I promise you all, this isn’t just a story but an ideology that needs to be followed.

  • Shivaai by: Shivpujan Maurya 201.00

    There is a mirror, which shows a glimpse of the future, where everyone must see their faces at least once. which has scared the humans with its thunderstorms so badly that, today on earth there’s nobody who listens, or perhaps after seeing the truth, everyone would break the mirror. Which has been burned in kalyuga.

    Today the kalyuga which has now been engraved in everyone’s veins, where there is no need of humanity, where snakes are coming out from all four directions and slithering their way into your streets. While you are sleeping soundly, stretching the sheets of humanity. today, where there is knee level drought of terrorism present on our earth today, the taliban has descended in Afghanistan, which is burning humanity alive. like eunuchs, the whole country is battling with the disease of stoicism. today, where a handful of snakes are ready to create panic on earth.

    so you should be careful, stay alert, stay safe, there’s not much land left in the world for snakes and humans to live together. So get out of your houses and remove all those snakes.

    who am I? where am I from? how am I? instead of getting answers to these questions, you should first get to know your own self – who are you?

    After seeing the mirror, know that first of all you’re a human being. which has come on this earth by mistake. so be aware of the timing, know what to do with your time, or else the time would itself decide what to do with you. Thank you!

  • Change Sustained by: Sanjay Shesh & Parag Bhatt 210.00

    Dr. Ashutosh Muduli of PDEU- The dynamic and complex environment, including business environment requires agile people. The nuts of people agility consists of several techniques and tactics to be used at appropriate time and place. In this context, this book by Sanjay Shesh and Parag Bhatt must attract the readers attention. By capturing the tactics and strategies within the popular snake, ladder and dice analogy, the book convincingly puts logic and provides rational for change management.

    Mr. Srees PP – Group Head HR , Essilor India Private Limited- The Power games in a corporate life and the complex path in this long journey has been explained with such simplicity that it makes a very interesting read even for those who is just embarking on this journey… Insights in this snake and ladder game of the Corporate journey will also go a long way to support seasoned professionals…

  • Ahinsa by: Amit Kumar Jha 122.00

    This book (Ahinsa) has been written today in view of the violence and anarchy of Hindu-Muslims across the country. The author’s only goal is to write this story and reach the people through the book, by taking out the seed of hatred from the hearts of all the countrymen, who are seducing the soil with each other’s blood, their own Staining the soil of the country, starting love in their hearts, promoting love and brotherhood. This is a small story, a lesson for us, for you, for all those people of the country. This book is the writer’s dream project. This book makes us face to face with love, makes us know the truth. Every word of this book is the writer’s own words. This book shows a new way to live with love by forgetting hatred and malice.

  • The Anatomy of A Fiction of Truth by: OrpheuS Rayswarnadhir 249.00

    An elucidation of how the religion and fanaticism, might have destroyed the possibility of A fiction of truth in a voting democracy. The name of the fiction in this narrative is the name of the country and the country itself. That is the greater fiction of truth The question remains after you finish it…..

  • Identify Who You Are To Say Where Do You Belong To by: Prof.Sri Aishwarya Balu 135.00

    • It’s a Fantastic saying that you are the little roots of trees today to be the reasons for the fruits of tomorrow
    • It also helps you to find the reinnovations in who you are really Meant to be and yet to multiply the cells of the many encountership-Level if Intensity on Tomorrow
    • “Empower your Determination Throught The will of your well wishing life”.
    • “your ends are Not the ends when you are not sure about it”.

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