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  • Tathapi Banchichhi by: Subhransu Sekhar Mohapatra 200.00

    “Tathapi Banchichhi” is a book of poems that takes the reader through the life of the poet. The reader goes through devotional, patriotic, revolutionary and philosophical poems.

  • The Man with the Magic Spectacles by: Manohar Bhatia 400.00

    I was at the library one day, browsing through some pictorial journals, when my eye caught sight of a copy of National Geographic, It contained some very exciting photographs of wild life, the planets in the solar system, and beautiful exotic plants. I wanted to have a copy of these pictures, but there was no way I could. I had a camera with me, but taking photographs was prohibited in the library. To add to my woes, the photocopy machine was out of order. I was wearing my glasses and it was then that an idea struck me. What if my reading glasses could copy these photos? Would it be possible? What if by reading the whole text of any publication – a book, magazine or even a film – it could be recorded just like a voice on tape? It would be a truly thrilling experience!
    However, such recording glasses would have to be specially manufactured. These thoughts led me to writing “The Man with The Magic Spectacles.” I thought of a plot, story line, location and characters, and quickly fitted all of these together. My co- writer, Martha Jette has helped me by adding chapters, developing characters and editing the entire manuscript.

  • Niyam by: Lakshmi kumari 170.00

    Niyam book ek imagination stories hai jo khas kar baccho ke liye banaya gaya hai. Unki imagination power ko or increase karne ke liye.

  • Garud by: SHEKHAR JUNG 199.00
    Donation  ₹1 of my every Book “Garud” for Help Martyr Garud Commando’s (IAF) Family.
    मेरी प्रत्येक पुस्तक “गरुड़” के विक्रय पर ₹1 शहीद गरुड़ कमांडो (आईएएफ)  के समस्त परिवारों को समर्पित ।

    This novel is about the life of a boy who lived a struggling life from childhood to youth and was harassed very badly by society but his courage, patience, perseverance, and tolerance made him the hero of this century. There were various modes in his life, and he continued to fight against them and kept on protecting his motherland till his death. let’s read together.

    -Shekhar Jung

  • Friendzz Ek Love Story by: Bijen Shah 225.00

    This book doesn’t matter how large or small your circle of friends as long as they are your true friends.
    As little sacrifice and confirmation are required to mention good friends in our lifetime. Every friendship in our life is meant to be forever. Life is a continuous journey of making good and lovable friends and their friendship and that is the beauty of it.

  • It can only Happen in Love by: Mohit Rana 267.00

    Hi, I am Pranay Verma and there are many reasons that my life isn’t normal. One, I am an event decorator (a totally messed up profession). Two, I am clumsy, shy, and exceptionally emotional. Three, I love being filmy all the time (drama is the essence of my life), and last but not least, I am gay (yes, you read it right).
    Since my childhood, all I wanted was love. I desired to have a beautiful love story but I didn’t know that this desire would cost me a very big amount. No matter if a love story is between two people of the same sex or the opposite sex, it is tragic. And in my case, it is extremely tragic. But after going through a hell of a lot of problems, so I finally find love? Do all my childhood dreams come true? Read my story to find out what can only happen in love.

  • Kokhh ki hook by: Preeti kumari 160.00

    This novel is a vote on a sad and stifling trend of humanity in rural areas and urban towns. At the center is the plight of infertile women. The life of the heroine of the novel catches fire when she is unable to give a child to her family even after five years of marriage. There is a deficiency in her, or she cannot ask her husband to get this test done, she cannot even think of adopting a child from somewhere. In her in-laws-in-law’s life, she suffers from the beatings of her husband and mother-in-law, undergoes inhuman torture by relatives and is forced to live a life inferior to that of an animal. But one night something happens to him that his life takes a new turn and everything changes. When she looks back, she finds herself in a different world. Now he has a mission in his life, a plan, a new flight

  • Double Murder by: Sanjay Tejaswi 195.00

    As is being known from the name ‘Double Murder’ itself, it is a Hindi novel based on criminal incidents. There is a murder mystery in it as read in books on criminal incidents, who did it? Why did you do it ? How did you do it ? With so many questions, your mind starts to thrill to reach the end. In this novel too, everything is there, for the murder of criminals, without using knife, bullet, in scientific methods, chemistry physics chromosomes have been used. The police, which are said to be full of every mechanism, fail to get to the root of the incident. After the murder of Prince’s parents, the person under suspicion is murdered before he can reach him. And in solving this mystery, Atharva gets engrossed in the depths of hair. Success comes but after losing a lot.

  • Uljhan by: Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma 303.00

    “उलझन” is a literary novel in Hindi that interestingly revolves around the life of a retired professor; who finds it difficult to utilise time after his retirement from service. The character of the professor has been conceived in a unique way which will attract all sections of the readers. It is unique in the sense that it beautifully depicts
    conversations between a giant tree and a hopeless professor. Their conversations relate to various shades of human emotions. It is a literary fiction which will keep the readers engrossed till the end. Lastly, there is an element of suspense in the novel.

  • Woh Kaun thi by: Manjulata Mohapatra 209.00

    This title book woh Kaun thi about a relationship with the old teacher and students like parent and child. Nowadays people say, nuclear family. And they away from their own parents. How a relationship is formed and maintained by them is all about that story.

  • Anubhav by: LAKSHMI KUMARI 410.00

    Anubhav book kisi bhi samaaj ya riti ko tesh pahuchane ke liye nhi hai . Yeh bas purane riti -riwaz ka ayna hai jisse Aaj hum aage badh chuke hai . Is kitaab ko likhne ka maqsad bas itna hai ki log aane wali situation kai saat pehle situations ko bhi samjhe.

  • Nayli by: LAKSHMI KUMARI 460.00

    Nayli book baccho ke imagination and society ko alag tarike se dikhane me help karega. Funny and society ke facts pe base hai.

  • Pieces of Past Hurts… by: Arya Ashok Shubhangi K 400.00

    Love deserves a second chance.

  • The Golden Morning by: Ashok K Mohanty 200.00

    Many of the stories in this collection are based on the personal experience of the author as a schoolteacher. They also deal with the day to day problems faced by the common people in our society. A few of the stories relate to her experiences in the United States of America where she has spent considerable time.

  • Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Hindi Padyanuvada) by: Dr. Surendra Deo Tripathi 240.00

    Gita is a great, universal, rare, and beautiful book of wisdom. As deeper we enter into it, we find clearer self realization. Reading the translation of Gita in Hindi from Sanskrit, in poetry form may rejoice you that I pray to Lord Krishna.


    Have you ever heard of Risk saying “we are living, not danger…..” if not then? An existing story wild days …… emerging unique concept. people must learn ” critical situations are proven to be as fearless as Adventure”.this specific book contains genres of Adventure, Fiction, Romantic, Comedy, Poetry, Mystic. some of the benefits for avid readers i.e to prepare them in case of convolution, Don’t run from situations. Readers will develop a positive attitude. Develop various skills i.e imagination, creativity, communication. The reader will find No evils….No killings. Ideal for your families. ANCHORAGE AND KETCHIKAN of (NORTH ALASKA) possessed a frigid climate due to the presence of glaciers and the newly launched Cruise traversed through. Here introduces, the protagonist character Mr.Jojow, An Expert Cartographer. After the Cruise misadventure, his versatility, and super valiant actions let the other travelers instigate their lives even though the circumstances were crucial. The other valor character Mr.keinth a genius diver, he associated with Mr.Jojow to extract Cruise’s comrades and let them reach their destination safely through Diving potential. The travelers appeared out of sorts due to a tragic incident and if they would not be proficient or skilled then would they be efficient to survive after tragedy? So here, interpretation about Struggles and skills when both collaborate only then one must be capable of attaining aim. An existing story is a marvelous creation by Author Ritasha puri, comprised of supercilious content along with skimpy poetry and above all graphic illustrations. If the reader desires to an acquaintance of great events then, choose the title”WILD DAYS OUT AN ADVENTUROUS EXCURSION” RITASHA PURI being a Fashion Designer, illustrator, and Author going to initiate a journey with avid readers. So join Ritasha puri. As you click the button BUY NOW you will enter into the world of creative writings and imaginative creations.

  • Gift of Wisteria by: Girish Illindram 276.00

    The book is about Mahindran and Saurabh, two individuals at two extreme spectrums of life whose worlds collided on one fateful day find themselves in the middle of a war that has far more implications than they could ever imagine in their wildest dreams. Everything was going smoothly for Mahindran, an IPS officer until he received an assignment that asked for a sacrifice he could not make. He was drawn into a battle reluctantly, a battle which he did not choose but was chosen; a battle which he wished he could have avoided; a battle which could never be won. Just when Saurabh, a ruthless and wicked businessman who built a multi-billion dollar empire from scratch, though his life was about to propel towards a meaningful end, it took a violent turn. He buried his only son, his only family left on the planet. He had nothing more to live for, his empire crumbled before his eyes. It was all due to an individual who could not do his duty properly and the individual must pay the ultimate price for his incompetence. Both the lives of Saurabh and Mahindran were intertwined by destiny for a reason far beyond their imagination. The rest of the story revolves around the greater cause for which destiny had chosen them.

  • Park Ke Wo Saat Din by: Shivam Tanu Sharma 140.00

    Sometimes by chance, we meet some people whom we do not even know that they will become so special in the future as moonlight for the moon, night for day, and rain for cloud…This story is also about two such mischievous people who are as straight as Jalebi. Here, an attempt has been made to tell the story of two such bubbly friends who may have grown up to be friends. Whether there is friendship, love, love, or anything else between them, it is not known, but the relation which is with him is not with anyone else. Both meet by coincidence at Allahabad University and everything turns sour and sweet between them by coincidence. What’s more, the good thing is that they are still together by coincidence. The meeting of two strangers in the narrow streets of our Sangam city Allahabad (Prayagraj), their quarrels, love, love, and their talks, the whole fabric of Allahabadi culture has been woven between them in this novel. Well, now whether it should be called a coincidence or not, it will be up to you readers to decide. I hope by reading “Park Ke Wo Saat Din” you will be able to feel the same things, go through the same paths through which the characters of the novel Amar-Bala have passed… I hand over my first attempt to all of you.

  • Endless Emotions by: Bishal Kumar Bhuyan, Jina Moni Upadhyaya & Shubham Bhowmick 150.00

    Endless Emotions is a collection of poems in which the poets mainly reflect emotions, the sentiments of those who feel strongly at different phases of life. Each poem depicts different shades of Sentiments associated with different phases, be it love, nature. Firmly placed by poets, the strophes touch on the lives that we feel, the lives that we go through.

  • Alone in the Dark by: Inktip 150.00

    Two friends get more than they bargain for while vacationing at a family home.

  • MAYABINI MAYA by: Arindam Sain 999.00

    An adventurous journey to a different planet where there are so many mythological as well as scientific mysteries.

  • Prasiddh kahaaniyaan by: Munshi Premchand 356.00

    गोकुल की माता का मिनट तक गत-सी बैठी जमीन की और ताकती रहीं। शौक और उससे अधिक ने सिर को दबा रखा था। फिर पत्र उठाकर पढ़ने लगी।स्वामी,जब यह पत्र आपके हाथों में पहुंचेगा तब तक में इस संसार से विदा हो जाऊंगी। में अभागि हूँ। मेरे लिए संसार में स्थान नहीं है। आपको भी कारण कलेश और जिन्दा ही मिलेगी। मैंने सोचकर देखा और यहाँ निश्चय किया कि मेरे लिए मरना ही अच्छा है। मुझ पर आपने जो दया की थी, उसके लिए आपको जीवनसतुका नहीं की परन्तु मुझे दुःख है कि आपके चरन सर सकी। मेरी अंतिम याचना है कि मेरे लिए आप शौक न कीजिएगा ईश्वर आपको सदा सुखी रखे। माताजी ने पड़ रख दिया और आंखों से आँसू बहने लगे बरामदे में र निस्पंद खड़े थे और जैसे मानी उनके सामने खड़े थी।


    A novel that shows sacrifice, selflessness, Romance, and belief. Historical fiction with nature’s love. How respect is important in a relationship. It is a small novel in which Persian culture can be seen and it is an English translation Of शाज़मान-ए-शब Which is written in the Hindi language.

  • Unheard Emotions by: Moni 250.00

    We all have been hearing about patriarchal or male dominating society for ages and an evil of female feticide is widely illustrious and always a trending topic of discussion among masses. “What if you find a community appreciating birth of Female Child & Denouncing The birth of male child? This may sound progressive or anomalous to different viewers. This book has an inclination on the same subject outlining special custom and practice of certain community that exist in our society but not widely known or communicated. This book will make you explore some harsh reality of society. The connotation of term “Unheard” is a crux of this reading.


    The book travels through the whole life of a carefree, playboy artistic, strict administrative doctor. As the story goes through the narrow lanes of childhood, young flirting, immense true love for his lady love a total hatred by her a high rise in the career facing a forced corruption a period behind the bars, a start of independent life vowing to serve senior citizens by all means. Hiding all his sufferings in music needs a desirable criminal justice as love, sex, hatred, power, corruption, move side by side.

  • When the Mind Speaks by: Rajesh 137.00

    It is a collection of Malayalam short stories mainly based on loneliness and social inhibitions which curtail the freedom of an individual. There are some stories about animals who also have some feelings like human beings.

  • My Reveries by: Syed Huzaifa Bukhari 210.00

    One day, I got up, stepped out of my home and found myself in the middle of the sky, on some fluffy clouds! In the land of my reveries…
    Let’s dive into the imaginations full of adventures with the characters in the book and see how they tackle all the challenges, solve the mysteries and explore everything. The long & short stories in the book, “My Reveries”, are antic and will pull you into a buzz- world where everything is magical and full of fun. Take a tour with the little author Huzaifa into his ebb and flow dreamland, roam around with his words and feel the fragrance of bliss!

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