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  • Samasamayik Kahaniyan by:  Amrendra Kumar 236.00

    The present book is a collection of short stories that delve deeper into the various aspects of each and every section of society in the Corona period.

  • Jugalbandi (Hindi) by: Aryama Sanyal 399.00

    In this book, the author through her poems and short stories gives the reader a peek into the world of Aviation and Airport. The poems take you through a journey of her stay and work at Indore Airport.

    The stories are of people who work at the Airport for passenger facilitation and about their day-to-day experiences which as a passenger the reader may not able to experience.


    An Appealing Adventure!
    Yaay! The vacations have begun! Gary has just completed his graduation and he is getting some rest there by sitting in his cozy armchair in the courtyard. But, that’s when things start getting weird. Gary and his companion Geremy discover the secret of the ‘Elixir of Immortality,’ made by his parents. The elixir can turn one into an immortal, against the laws of nature! But, the problem is, his Grandpa’s friend. Tremor Helios is in the rush to get it himself! The elixir is hidden in the deep jungles of the Sionnah’s.
    Through the dense jungles, the wildest of animals, the creepiest of insects, can Gary reach the elixir before Tremor and save the Roosevelt Village?

  • Main Wapas Fir Se Aunga ( Hindi ) by: Anand Mohan Jha 375.00

    When you start going to college you start thinking of yourself as Akshay Kumar and fond of wearing fancy dresses because in college everyone comes in good shape, so why should we look less than anyone? Thinking this, I always asked my father for money and he gave it to me without asking anything. I never thought of this or to tell the truth, I didn’t even care from where did Papa bring that money? Then something happened in my life that made my life hell. My girlfriend kicked me out of her house in a short vest and I went to commit suicide. But the sin I had committed was yet to be punished.

  • Another Sinking Feeling by: Rhea Rangarajan 299.00

    The book ‘Another Sinking Feeling’ captures instances of the life of a teenage girl suffering from depression & anxiety, it portrays her reflection on the journey to recovery and shares some pieces of information that helped her along the way.

  • Napunshak ( Hindi ) by: Ram Avtar Goyal 158.00

    This novel is the story of a girl who is brought with her by her relatives in her childhood. And when that girl becomes young, he tries to get her married to his son. But that girl’s injured mother who nurtures her since childhood. She gets angry with her mistress. What are you doing madam’ You know that your boy is impotent. He doesn’t deserve any girl. Do not panic, Maria’ This poor girl will rule in these palaces. If we talk about the child, then we will adopt it from anywhere.

  • Bhullakad ( Hindi ) by: Somesh Chandra Banerjee 145.00

    Bhullakad is a most modern and scientific story on reincarnation. This Story is totally different than other stories are written on reincarnation. After reading this story, it forces you to think that, it can happen with anybody of any age.
    A number of things are written in this story which almost 40% of people in the world do not know.
    Part of this story may be very useful in their life

  • Unfortunate love by: Angraj Waghmare 349.00

    This book is about a few people who live their lives happily until some unfortunate events change their life stories forever and pave the way for bloodshed. You will find a love story in it, but it ends in an unfortunate manner. Everyone tries to protect their loved ones for which even innocent people are killed. People stop living their lives once they want revenge from someone and this is what you will find in this book.


    According to Elizabeth Barret Browning “No man can be called friendless who had God and companionship of good books”. “Glitters of Creative Writers” is such a wonderful book sharing friendly thoughts in the form of poems from different minds. The book has a collection of poems written by seventy-three poets. Each poet presents two poems in different themes with their short bio-line. They are all the members of the group “Creative Writers” group administrated by Mrs. D.Brinda via WhatsApp. She identified the glittering sparks from the members and gathered them here as an anthology of poems. Most of the poets are teachers from various schools and colleges, and a few students also contributed. Hope this book of glittering verses wipes the darkness and gives freshness to move further. After reading this collection of poems, you will be inspired to read and write your views in your own style – the best book for all the age groups to read and gift. Also, it adds beauty to your own bookshelf or your institution’s library. A loose coterie of writers linked by WhatsApp headed by Mrs. Brinda named as Creative Writers which became very famous group in Tamilnadu in the 21st century. Poets from different parts of the state and countries contribute poems to weave as a book. This book has been compiled with the writings of many profound poets of the creative writers WhatsApp group. This new book entitled as “Glitters of Creative Writers” is decorated with verses.

  • What are the animals up to? by: Aadya Upadhyay 270.00

    The book is a collection of four short stories with an interesting animal character at the center of each story and lots of other animal characters in the supporting roles. As the title suggests, each story unfolds itself into a captivating narrative of what is happening in the lives of Blanca, the camel; Karkataka, the crab; Henry, the hippo and Bob, the blob fish in the animal world. The stories have their own essence and speak about the bond of friendship and trust, the show of valor and courage in times of dire need, how procrastination can cause disappointments and also about dreams and self- belief. The eye- catching and colourful illustrations are enchanting and enhance the reader’s experience throughout.

  • IRA by: Saraswathi Priyadarshini 210.00

    Ira is a breath of fresh air and a whisper of hope! In world reeling with agony and affliction at the moment Ira shines the light on dreams coming true, and even if for a little while this book will draw its fragrance of hope and happiness inside you.

  • Darpan Yathtartha ka by: Mohit Sharma 220.00

    Hello Readers,
    First of all, Salute and Prananam to all of you.
    This book of mine: “Darpan-Yatharth Ka” is a summary of my entire life experiences, in which I have tried to underline all those experiences and difficulties through my stories, which I have actually lived, and experienced. At a very young age, I lost my mother -Mrs. Priya Devi. After the death of my mother, I and my sisters were raised up by my grandmother, Mrs Somvati Sharma.
    Her husband (my Grandfather) too left my Grandmother at a very young age. But my Grandmother never gave up on the odd circumstances of life and she fought well to set an example not only for me but also before society, thus making me understand the reality of life and how to be patient even in the most difficult situations.
    Dadi explained to me from her experiences, that every day you will meet a new character/ person on the ground of the reality of life and will gain new experience, eventually, you have to learn from those characters and live your life.
    I saw, understood and learned about the society through the same teachings of my grandmother, as I met and came across many such characters, whom we could neither meet easily nor understand in this hectic life. As a social citizen and as an emotional writer, when I came across these characters, I could not live without giving words to their pain. This book is a collection of stories, actually, it’s a reflection of the definitions of the odd circumstances of all those characters.
    Thank you!
    Mohit Sharma “Swatantra Gangadhar”

  • Raghava : The optimal of Ishvanku by: Vishnu Gupta 527.00

    This book is based on the dynasty of Ishvanku ‘s rullar life story and the origin of Ikshvaku dynasty along with the life story and struggle of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita . Here ,the author only considered the human features and characters of Lord Rama. As Lord Rama was considered the greatest king of Ikshvaku dynasty, though there are many great kings who were born in this gynecology , but the way Rama followed his commitment and truthfulness, he became immortal on the earth and god-like futures. The scarification of Rama and Sita and their ascetic life give steer peoples to become decent men. Though there were many great kings like Ishvanku, Mandhata, Bhagirathi, Dileepa and Harishchandra in this great dynasty, the god-like feature of Rama is always adorable for everyone. Rama was not only a decent son, a husband , brother ,king and father but also a great solitaire and successful ruler of Kosala.

  • The Laughing Ghosts -Salvation of the Slaved Spirits by: Dr. Nidhi Sahore 180.00

    The Laughing Ghosts is a realization of the self for Meenu poised to find her own truth of ghosts believed to be meandering around and looking up to her to reveal their side of the story. A stray incidence of violence in the vicinity of grown up Meenu, a mother of two children pushes her to reflect upon her joyous childhood which she shared with her neighborhood friends and cousins only to realize that even in those nascent years of her life women around her were suffering however she did find an answer and carried a learning which was kept reserved to her. Each time in her quest as a little girl to find an anchor in a woman from her surroundings to help her identify the very purpose of her existence led to their sad and untimely demise. Not ready to be a slave to the belief of the society attaching a meager and humble purpose to the existence of women i.e. to only live for others, she tries to find her own answers to the questions which no one cared to ask. Eventually she gathered the strength to face the reality with the help of goals of self preservation and salvation by looking around and seeking solace from the stories of challenges faced by women very close to her like her grandmother, mother and aunts. That made her harbor the value that it is important to step back and consciously quit to gather the strength to withstand the eventualities of life. The ghosts of the guilt haunt only the slaved souls but cannot withstand an indomitable spirit that is determined to find its own truth; rather they stand by it to be a part of the laughter of triumph and salvation. Therefore in the situations of self doubt and enigma the inevitable reflections from the past help to purposefully connect with the present to find your own answers. This lesson was true then and shall continue to be the truth.

  • Nava neenu’-parivartaneya payana by: Kanchana Anand 220.00

    The NEW YOU- a journey of transformation”, is a self-help book explaining very beautifully about how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary dreams, through the process of transformation. The book will guide you how by reinventing your inner self you can achieve anything and everything in your life. The book systematically takes you through the step by step process. At the end of each chapter very interesting activities have been given to make you practically experience the transformation. To make it easily understandable author has used very simple language and real stories of common people very efficiently throughout. The book involves very simple steps which can be adapted very easily to bring in the transformation. Make use of the book to unleash yourself into NEW YOU. Wish you a happy journey of transformation.

    “Enrich your life by unlocking the secrets within you.”  

  • THE BLUE HARBINGER (Esther) by: Richard Rizat Kashung 285.00

    A man is laid up in bed stricken with sorrow. What misfortunes had befallen him? In the real world, his wife had left him. Unable to come to terms with reality, he made a series of stories to explain away and account for the loss of his love. He dwells in this hallucinations; one of which was that he had incurred the curse of a mountain spirit while gathering firewood in the forest. The curse being that he must lose everything he had and die. After this encounter, all his possessions was taken away from him one by one including his wife, his happiness and he himself too was preparing for his final moment. This books explore how his mind constantly shift from memories to metaphor and the deep impression Esther (His wife) had made in him, the undying love he had for her and the painful truth he must owned up to and deal with; of who she really was, if he ever hope to find his happiness again.

  • Ami, KEKA O shunyta ( আমি, কেকা ও শূন্যতা) by: Sandip Ghosh 290.00

    The book is a quasi Biography of a Small Town Boy, who latter on came down to a big city to work in Airlines. He has lost his love, as the girl died. But found another,. He didn’t marry this girl as he promised not to marry in a love relations. But he felt mistaken decision he has taken. The romance and physical reality is the shadows of this book.

  • Embark by: Sohini Sinha (Priyadarshini) 175.00

    Embark is Priyadarshini’s first book. This book is a work of fiction exploring a variety of flavours from the supernatural to the extraordinary journey of the characters. The work is a Collection of Poems, Short Stories and Novellas.

  • AT THE COFFEE TABLE : POEMS by: Deenabandhu S Adi 158.00

    At the coffee table : Poems, is collection of poems of all genres written by Deenabandhu S Adi. The book written by deenabandhu s adi. it was most wonderful experience to me. book have most beautiful poems hope you all love my poems. at the coffee table : poems is one session reading book. Poems can reach to the readers easily so poems are always get place in readers heart. However poems can change the society from poets penning. Every poems have own message by the poet. Experience can not explain proverb is extremely true. We can’t experience all but some. Book has experienced of poems in your real life. Hope my book placed in your heart.

  • Teenage rebellion by: Daai Readington 220.00

    Donna expressed, “Just like that, my 17 years passed by without a rebellion and I’m glad!” After hitting 18, she realized everything that had happened in her life were all lessons, lessons she have to remember and also all the people she met during that process were blessings in her life. Therefore, she puts all her careers and goals before love. An 18 year old girl told her little sister her story in her sister’s rebellion where she learnt all the things she shouldn’t have at such a small age. At the age of 18 she suddenly realizes she’s still innocent but not yet as innocent as her youngest sister. She agreed to keep on moving forward with her goals where she found out about how her life had been filled with such wonderful yet tragic memories ever since she was only 12.

  • Tiger in the Portico and Other Stories by: Anju Darshini 399.00

    “Tiger in the Portico” is neither the heroic story of defeating a man-eater nor is it a story of bloodshed where the mammal emerges victorious. In fact, it is just the reverse – it is about two sisters running for their lives when they come face to face with a tiger. They run, and the tiger runs too! Things take a dramatic turn when the tiger comes in contact with a fanatic lover, a lousy forest officer and a bunch of noisy villagers. What happens next? Who escapes finally? The tiger or the girls?

    In Anju Darshini’s beguiling short story collection, dreams and reality blur, exploring the dark and strange corners of our minds. Concentrated mostly in the pockets of downtown India, the stories wrap the extraordinary within the ordinary!

  • Dreamcatcher by: D. SnehaJansi & S. Sri Rakshana 149.00

    A great Tamil lyricist called Valli in an A.R. Rahman song, had written, “Valibam oru Fantasy”, which means Youth is fantasy. Indeed, it is, at that time of our life, we undergo a lot of new experiences like going after our dream, getting to face the real world on ourselves, empowerment, upgrades, development and of course, love. This book, “Dream catcher”, is the fictional representation of youth life in India, particularly Tamil Nadu. It is written by two young lasses who not only represent themselves but all the other young people. If you want to get some light on inspiration, aspirations, good feeling and love, you can try reading this book which have those things inscribed in it. Dream catcher restricts the bad dreams and let the sweet dreams get through it, likewise this book help you to get all the positivity amidst this pandemic.

  • Hope Prevails by: M. Joshua Solomon 140.00

    Joshua is a happy man who had true friends such as Naseer, John, and Abraham. Accompanied by his lover Claire, both of them had great dreams of achieving the impossible together. He had a happy family, Not to forget his loving dog shadow. He is at a gyratory of his life. Not knowing where to go, what to do, everything he had with him, all gone. A lot of challenges come up his way , he is helpless, devastated, and conquered by defeat. Clueless of the next step, he holds on to a four letter word HOPE. These letters change his life, and puts him on a new path. Hence, the quote, “When the world says give up, Hope whispers Try once again.”

  • An untold story of ancient India by: Suraj Rathore 125.00

    The story is based on an untold event that took place in a desert spread in the western part of the Rajasthan.

    In it, a Bengali professor learns that in the land of Rajasthan, which is a part of the vast Thar Desert, where huge reserves of gold are hidden under the ground. Some of the gold mixed sands are brought to the surface by large ants holding small clay balls in between their mandibles, found under the ground in the area and Locals earn money by selling that sand by filling it in sacks and carrying it on camels to Arabian countries.

    Professor gathered all the information about that gold mixed sand at that place and accordingly makes a team of six people. He leaves for Jaisalmer in a car.

    After Delhi, as they enter the sandy terrain of Rajasthan, they face many difficulties there but they continue their journey.

    They go ahead of Jaisalmer and settle in the deserted ruins and start their campaign from there. That part of Jaisalmer is dominated by a local lady don Kesar Baa, who is involved in that gold business.

    The professor’s team is confronted with the team of Kesar baa in which most of them are killed by their hands and some of them fall prey to those cannibalistic ants and lose their lives. The only man left is Kalu Singh Bharti, whom the professor had brought with him from Kolkata, he walks to his nearest village.

  • Charsi ( Marathi ) by: Rushikesh Nitin Bhadange 299.00

    An attractive and world-famous college campus surrounded by lush greenery spread all over the city. But there were some incidents on the same campus that changed all that. There were three murders in a row, and the responsibility of solving all this fell on the conscientious and honest Inspector Virat Jawalkar. Can Virat reveal the secret behind these marks without any evidence at hand? But as the mystery unfolded, some unimaginable and incomprehensible events unfolded that turned out to be a complete case. Someone’s past was shaping someone’s present. The incidents took place in the present situation but it was solved by the incident that took place a year ago. And all of a sudden he got caught in the trap of suspicion. A story that sheds light on the sides of positive and negative companions. A thrilling and mysterious saga of mysteries slowly unravelling in the search for the killer. What happened then? Was there any connection between that incident and the killings that took place? Who was Charsi? Who was behind the strange and bizarre events that took place? Will Virat reach the nearest killer without any evidence? This is a story that reveals such a thrilling crime and unanswered questions, Charsi….!!

  • Let it Happen by: Sanjay Shesh 138.00

    This book highlights the importance of Let it Happen and improving the efficiency of all our efforts. The book is full of wonderful real life examples to put across the importance of letting things happen in our lives.

  • Traumatic Zombies by: Mahoor Zahid 275.00

    A story with no names but pain, desperation and hurt, all going in circles. A family to whom pain was no foreigner. A journey of love but self-hate.

    A journey of how trauma shaped a zombie. A journey of a family where two were saved yet last one survived, till…

    This book deals with societal norms conquering self-love and portrays the survival of people who were drowning because of hate. It’s an attempt to make people aware of how bullying and the idea of fitting in can be toxic. A story with no plot twists but emotions turned demons. Loss of identity and struggle to fit in, I offer you a story that makes you want to continue with life which might have many pauses but not an untimely end. A story with no period because haven’t we all continued with our lives at some point with the help of the last ray of hope when it was supposed to be a dead-end, a full stop.


    A touching story of a prisoner. The prisoner takes the responsibility of killing himself by drowning in emotions. However, under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, the prisoner was accused of killing a girl. A girl was like a daughter in his eyes. Eventually, he dies a natural death in prison. This story will force any man to think before he makes a mistake. Society will get a new direction.

  • Love Rambler by: Pradeep Nigam ‘Aalim’ 315.00

    Love and freedom or freedom for love, freedom to eat and drink, freedom to speak. freedom for all and freedom for individual. This subject is weaved together with the love story of Ranjeet. Ranjeet meets Juliana, a foreign girl who works in a bar in Japan. Juliana works as a companion, and she is a strumpet. Juliana provokes him for sex and Ranjeet gets excited and gets lost in the dreams of his old love affair. Ranjeet tried to compromise but he did not want to surrender. Love, break up, marriage, divorce, remarriage, are the sequences of his life and this story, and that is ” Love Rambler”.

  • When The Carnations Bloom by: Aysha Afrin 500.00

    When Miranda moved to the city from the beautiful orchard in the village, all she dreamt about was finding a nice guy who would cherish her, hoping for a different life, unlike her family. But instead of one, she encounters two and finds herself in unexpected events that change her life. The sweetest moments turn into nightmares as she juggles between work and college life. The bitter past and the tempting present confuses her. Will she decide to battle it out or run away? Meanwhile, Niall, the professor, tries his best to work things out and put the duties on track while his ex-girlfriend keeps interrupting their lives. What will happen between a professor, a farm girl, a CEO and an obsessed ex-girlfriend? Will love overcome the horrors and responsibilities or bring them to doom? The story unravels in a city and a magical valley with an intricate blend of love, music, family, hardships and conflicts and tenderness one would face in the world. The enchanting tale between Loyal Niall, Demure Miranda, Tragic hero Darren and Villainess Clara will not fail to inspire and sway the reader’s heart. The story not only creates the world of romance but also a tinge of realism one could relate with when it comes to achieving your dreams, pushing off the hurdles lying in the way.

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