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    There are some incidents in this book related to the different strains and emotions of Haje Bey’s life. In this book there is an address and a sense of urgency, a mother’s wait and wait, a couple’s The edit has been shown. The hatred of Puk Maghrib and Amir as well as his Mistakes have been reported. We play many roles in our lives and in many ways Jalat Hamarajehan Materah Teh because of which many times we are forced to take wrong steps.
    This puk curses our fault. This book tells right Despite this, we often take wrong steps. Because of family members, the parents and the mother have to face a lot of hardship.

    Nadaan by: Kumar Prince 171.00

    There are some incidents in this book related to the different strains and emotions of Haje Bey’s life. In this book there is an address and a sense of urgency, a mother’s wait and wait, a couple’s The edit has been shown. The hatred of Puk Maghrib and Amir as well as his Mistakes have been reported. We play many roles in our lives and in many ways Jalat Hamarajehan Materah Teh because of which many times we are forced to take wrong steps. This puk curses our fault. This book tells right Despite this, we often take wrong steps. Because of family members, the parents and the mother have to face a lot of hardship.

  • Beyond the heal by: Shubhada Padwal & Tanvi Ingole 170.00

    Go and Explore the fascinating fiction story that may lead your mind to think in a different perspective about life. See, how an unknown person enters a teen girl’s life and gradually becomes ‘unknown’ to ‘known’ and then,’ known’ to ‘unknown’ in no time.

  • Live In Relationship – and Love?? by: Nikhitha Srinivas 195.00

    Healing a broken heart means a lot of courage and patience. Is Living in relationship without Love Possible? Aadya agreed to be Live in relationship with her boss Akshit. Akshit already make it clear to her that, there will be no love and no lifetime commitment in this relationship. Still, Aadya agreed to be with him. Aadya had a great impact in Akshit's life. This relationship has brought the best out of them. Everything is going smoothly until Tapasya his ex-girlfriend returns to Akshit's life. Will Akshit get back to her or choose to be with Aadya? Whatever happens the other person have to endure the pain of broken heart.


    Adam and Judy peeped through a small gap they had made in the branches in front of them. There was a crowd of hippies and Apaches with their half-naked bodies tattooed with weird pictures. There was a lot of dancing, foot-stomping, and hand-clapping and many were making weird gestures and singing in some strange language- “La lu, £@~¥€shkalaka”. It was some sort of ritual no doubt, thought Adam. Then the whole thing turned into a crescendo.

    At this very moment, Adam and Judy stretched their necks and their heads jutted out of the foliage completely. In the center was a pile of logs, arranged in a pyre, as the one Hindus use for burning their dead in a funeral ritual. However, lying on the pyre was a naked woman, not dead but alive. She was waving her arms in some sort of dance form and touching those who was bending over her. Everyone seemed to be in some sort of a trance. Judy had leaned on Adam’s back and he could feel her heart pounding rapidly. And even hear her heart-beat – lub dub, lub dub……

    Suddenly, one of the dancing men opened the lady’s mouth, slashed his own finger, and let his blood trickle down her open mouth. Blood covered her whole face and trickled down her chin, neck, and breast.

    Judy gasped and gasped quite loudly, exclaiming, “Oh my God!”.

  • THE SHADOW OF FRIENDS by: Vinod Sabharwal 400.00


    The party had concluded at 1 A.M. after which, according to Jane, a friend of Alison, they had taken a taxi together. The driver had dropped Jane first, just about a mile or so from Alison’s house. That was at about 1:20 in the morning. Not wanting to be alone with the driver, Alison had decided to walk. She never reached home!


    A nurse leant towards the woman and gently shook her by the shoulders. “Congratulations, it’s a boy.”

    She turned her face, slowly, to study the nurse. “I know,” she mumbled, half asleep, tired. “I was foretold two years ago; can you please check if he has holes in both earlobes?”

    She was also foretold that the boy must be called Sita Raam, else, bad luck would befall him.

    Present time

    Languishing in prison, he is distraught and wonders where he went wrong. Would his fate have been the same if he had been named Sita Raam? The boulder within him grows bigger and heavier. He thinks of his lovely, beloved every minute of the day. She did not deserve such a horrific death

  • Meghna by: Devika Das 120.00

    Acting comes under the umbrella of performing arts. The actors perform on stage/cinema to entertain the public, but the audience is unaware of their real life experiences. They idolize the actors and forget that they too have a human side. An actor’s life may be diametrically opposite to the character played in a play/film. Reel life vs real life. This story exhibits the emotional aspects of the real-life of an award-winning theatre artist, Meghna Sahay through a retrospective narrative. The poems mentioned in this story are original artwork of the author.

  • The ‘Perfect’ Literarian by: Mehak Walia and Trupti Kadni 349.00

    A classic crime thriller that narrates the twisted tale of a serial killer who loves books more than anyone and anything in the world and a cop who cannot rest till he brings him to justice. Are you ready for a blood-laden tale like never before?

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    Chinno abeg is a bengali poetry book.

    Chinno abeg by: Rajiya mallik 120.00

    Chinno abeg is a bengali poetry book

  • Revenge: The triple L by: Mahendra kumar pal (Manu) 260.00

    “Revenge: The Triple L” is a Fictional and Romantic novel. In this a boy namely Ritvik
    perform as a Media Employee who going to an Engineering college for coverage to
    Annual function program but Ritvik’s Boss give new target as arrange an
    interview of chief guest of this program. For that Ritvik trying to his best
    and he is get an appointment to meet with Christin. At the time of meeting
    Ritvik is surprised with Christin’s information and thinking and at last, he is
    bet with Christin about his character and finally he doing new job as Slave of

  • Garden Tales:Secret of the Saber Tooth Hill by: Colonel Pradeep Goswami 249.00

    The storybook “Garden Tales: Secret of the Saber Tooth Hill” is the story of Puffy, a pet dog and his
    adventures. The book is a sequel to the author’s previous
    book “Garden Tales: Revenge of the Intruder”
    available on all online publication portals including
    Amazon. The book is skillfully stitched to relate to the
    characters without disconnect to readers. The Colonel,
    brilliantly highlights the message to conserve and
    preserve forests to save endangered wild animals, which
    is a necessity today.
    The book deserves to find a place in the personal
    collection of young children of age group eight to fourteen
    years and also at school libraries. An engrossing read, it
    is strongly recommend as a “must read” for children.
    Happy Reading to all….

  • Adventure of Jimmy the detective cat by: Prashast Pandey 114.00

    Jimmy and Jack are two detectives, who go on crazy adventures to catch the criminals. Watch them solve cases in this book, ‘ Adventure of Jimmy the detective cat’.

  • Adoption of improved chulhas by rural families by: Dr V Vijaya Lakshmi 550.00

    The present book on adoption of Improved Chulha by Rural Families is a part of doctoral research study conducted in Gujarat. The study mainly concentrated on adoption level of improved
    chulhas constructed in the villages on subsidy basis by government and NGOs under National
    programme on Improved Chulha. The Technical Backup Support Unit (TBSU) established under
    NPIC at Home Management Department which caters to the needs of NPIC in Gujarat State and
    Union Territories of Daman-Diu and Dadra Nagar and Haveli developed pottery/ceramic liners
    for chulhas which were installed since 1991-92 in different parts of Gujarat State by Panchayat
    and Rural Housing Development Department, the department of Government of Gujarat and
    nodal agencies like Gujarat Energy Development Agency. Hence this research study was taken
    up to answer questions like problems faced by families in procuring fuel for cooking, awareness
    level of the women about scarcity of cooking fuel, management practices in cooking and fuel
    use, level of participation in NPIC, extent of adoption of MC in daily cooking and factors
    account for differential levels of adoption of chulha. It has also probed into association between
    extent of adoption of MC and selected situational, personal and family variables of beneficiaries
    of NPIC.

  • Panchtantra Kavitaon mein by: Santosh Malakar 300.00

    “Pachtantra Kavitaon mein” book is simply presented and illustrated collection of poems of famous Panchatantra Stories, which inspires children to read again and again and learn useful teachings of Panchatantra in poetic form, which remain engraved life time in children’s mind, because it is believed that poems are helpful to make them musical and develop their imaginations.

  • The Bioscope of Life and Other Stories! by: Suhani Srivastava 84.00

    The Bioscope of Life and Other Short Stories is a book made with a lot of love and dedication! This book will show you the reflection of people’s mindsets, illusions and how something like a Bioscope can change one’s life.

  • Life Cycle of Universe: Mother-Child Theory by: Jalendu V Shah 375.00

    Centuries old expedition of mankind to comprehend nature & universe based on reproducible mathematics and elevated science to evolve improved theories proving and un-proving them
    endlessly leading to nowhere.
    Mother Child Theory platforms “Something to everything” with deep insights to entire life cycle of
    universes expressing each interactions within and outside universe. Logically position correction to
    energy equivalence as E = k * m * C 2 , condensation of light speed from supreme to zero, gravity
    dependent light speed restraining black holes and their classification, their Polar and Equatorial
    Galaxies and matter beyond event horizons, interstate, ovary verses with Aether and Xir as universal
    fluid, Gravity defined as balancing forces of Viscosity and Magnetism, trajectory voyage of our
    universe in atmosphere of mother un-limit science to get closest to the Ultimate Unified Theory.
    Eradicating Big Bang theory, the Mother Child Theory supremely enlighten the new era of modern
    science and definite direction to astrophysics.

  • Raag Chunavi by: Dr. Rakesh Varma 339.00

    After “Raag Darbari”, this novel beautifully portrays the journey of an Election Observer. It is a true first-hand account of the Indian electoral system. Rohit, the protagonist of the story is taken aback when his daughter Tanya asks whether he has read ‘ Manusmriti ‘ or not? All over the world people are talking about Manusmriti, but few have read this controversial book. As the story unfolds Rohit discovers How Women are ridiculed and humiliated in Manusmriti. In spite of such humiliation and ridicule, Why no women or women organisation stands against this hateful book? Why EVM is now considered an extension of Manusmriti? Why all religious scriptures are in the Sanskrit language? If Sanskrit is so holy and mother of all languages, Why it is confined to a particular caste? Have Dalit IAS officers been able to make any difference in the lives of poor and downtrodden Indians? Read it to find the truth of Manusmriti, the truth of EVM, The truth of Sanskrit. You will be surprised!

  • The Bear And The Orca by: Ruchir Mehta 225.00
    This is a story about a mother polar bear and her cubs in the Arctic. It is about their struggle to find food (seals) due to breaking up of icebergs and their encounter with a pod of orcas. The author, by this book, hopes to subconsciously sensitize children to the sorry plight of the polar bears in the Arctic and to the phenomenon of climate change in general.
  • JALLAD by: Dheeraj Giri Nihalaney 149.00

    The Criminal Justice system for outraging a woman’s modesty is a painfully slow and tedious process in India, except in some cases which get media attention like Nirbhaya’s case. But even in that particular case, a juvenile was set free after three years. Do you think that justice was done? Weren’t you all aghast when this man was set free after three years? Don’t you think that such juveniles must also have been hanged? It’s unfortunate that even today many cases involving outraging a woman’s modesty get unreported in our country, especially in small towns and villages, for the fear of social stigma. Don’t you wonder that how can we take such criminal molesters to task?

    Do you ever wonder that how a molester or an eve teaser can be taught such a lesson that will instil a sense of fear in their minds and hearts that they will not dare commit the same mistake again?

    Is there a better way to deliver justice? Can there be a better way to punish such criminals?

    Or is it time for “JALLAD”?

  • Muntazir-e-Fardaa: An Odyssey of Restoration by: Gaurab Banerjee 150.00

    Rahul has faced a lot of rejections and failures in his life. Despite being dejected by everything, he doesn’t lose hope, and instead, he finds hope in the smallest of things and in the greatest of people. After all the darkness, Rahul sees a ray of sunshine when Richa enters his life. Will Rahul give himself a second chance or will it be one more unfinished story? This book has redefined second chances. The Author Gaurab Banerjee believes that our life experiences tend to shape our actions and hence, we take a step back when it comes to giving a second chance to ourselves. But is it easy to learn from the past and let it go or escape from the future?

  • EmoZeal by: Dr Mahesh Abhyankar 280.00

    A parable about human resilience and ultimately emerging as a winner with a Zeal. Beautifully crafted short stories about real life psychological issues that will inspire many to transform their situation.

    ‘EmoZeal, Saga of Emotional Lockdown’ is a book (fiction) about the experiential journeys of real people, trying to manoeuvre their way through a catastrophic, yet catalytic situation during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Each story depicts real life emotional issues and coping mechanisms that can inspire millions across the globe.

    There is hope and despair, love and break-ups, serenity and anxiety. Yet there is a ray of hope and awareness that transforms lives.

    We all have a journey to take. This book is a companion in the emotional turbulences faced by us in life. It reveals tales about the characters, each one vulnerable and yet resilient in their own ways. They face adversity, fall at times but ultimately emerge as a winner with a Zeal.

  • Unfolding Life by: Col N K Mohan (Retired) 200.00

    The author was commissioned in Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army after completing his post graduation in English literature from SD Dhawan Govt College Ludhiana. He retired after thirty years of distinguished service as Colonel. He had served in almost all types of terrains of the country; the snow covered mountains of the North East, the plains of the South, the deserts of Rajasthan, the Runn of Kuchh in the West and the mountain deserts of Leh and Ladakh. He had held various appointments during his service to include Command of an artillery regiment, Deputy Commander of an Artillery Brigade, Director recruiting and Command of a Military Police Unit.

    He had great interest in cultural activities right from his childhood. Besides writing, he spends his time in singing. He believes in living the life as it comes. Simplicity is his biggest asset.

  • Human Inhuman by: Prados Mishra.. 325.00

    He was born from the womb of a homeless, diseased beggar. Neither did he know about his father nor was he aware of his birthday horoscope. Before he could start dreaming of life he was sold to a sorcerer having blind faith in mysticism. The boy was destined to be sacrificed before Maa Kali so that the sorcerer is bestowed with the blessings from the Goddess. But by the quirk of fate he was once again sold to a Muslim, the owner of a meat shop. There the boy experienced life, leading to a blind alley. With the passage of time he had to run away desperately and found shelter in a temple. Unfortunately that seat of piety was harboring wickedness and adultery in the name of God. Subsequently he discovered himself in a hospital bed of a Christian missionary having been badly injured. He fell in love with a Nun. But for the Nun ‘Love’ was a forbidden fruit as she was under the vow of some rigid Faith. Dedicated to serve Religion had become too powerful a tool to alter the course of life. ‘Love’ was sacrificed at the altar of Faith. As if the human values of an individual is lost amidst the extraneous cover of selfish aggrandizement. Religion becomes an inescapable identifying factor before the human race. The society plunges into the heinous crime of arson, murder while setting lives and properties into fire. Fights continue between brothers, between father and son all for Gods created by men.

  • Nostalgic Scribbles by: Sailesh Agnihotri 210.00

    An anthology compiled by 14 Young authors depicting different genres. All the stories portrayed are concerned with the respective author’s interest. Every story has its own charm of hidden emotions of the author, carved in a subtle way. The creative thoughts, emotions, experiences of the writers are beautifully put together to recreate your ‘nostalgic moments’ when you read each story. We hope this book helps you travel through your past, heal your wounds and helps you wake up with a cheerful smile.


    This is based on a true incident which occurred in Kolkata. People of the city and of the nation were left shaken to the core.

  • Blessed One by: Hiranya Borah 399.00

    The novel is based on a curse story; a curse has been chasing a family generation after generation due to a crime committed by a powerful person due to ego clash with another powerful person. The protagonist was also on the firing line of the curse. However, he was saved from the curse by the blessings of his mother and mother goddess. The basic theme of the book is ‘blessings are more powerful than the curses.’ The book contains some unbelievable stories how the protagonist had been saved from almost sure death by a supernatural power. Throughout his life, the protagonist was in search of an answer why he was saved by the Almighty when he was about to die. Finally he got the answer when he was unconscious due to a murderous attack by a spurned lover by pumping three bullets in his chest. He survived the attack to become an enlighten person who finally has decided to denounce the world forever to devote his life for the mankind and for preservation of the environment.

  • Panditain Ji by: Rajesh Kumar Shukla 199.00

    “Panditain Ji” is all about feminism, written & created in the backdrop of status of Indian women in our patriarchal society during colonial times when thinking of women’s rights & aspirations were considered taboo. The pivotal plot this literary piece beholds is women empowerment by allowing widows to get re-married and abolition of Zamindari system letting poor & downtrodden people reclaiming their own destiny which they were entitled to.

  • Khaamosh Nazar by: Dr. Nisha Maharana 130.00

    Khaamosh Nazar is a poetic memorabilia written from the perspective of not one, but many women around us. The poet’s approach towards the intriguing human emotions brings out a plethora of memories which are untouched by many and takes you down the memory lane.

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