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    Ye Dil Ne Kaha is a story of Rajasthani boy Naman,who falls in love with Aarohi in his school days. Naman belongs to middle class family, after the death of his parents his grandmother and his uncle and aunt have take care of him, while Aarohi is from higher class and both have different lifestyles. A romance novel for all ages, Ye Dil Ne Kaha is a story that has been set in different location including Bikaner, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Udaipur Naman is a shy and unfashionable boy while Aarohi is modern and fashionable girl. Naman is not particularly interested in girls, but when he sees Aarohi for the first time in his school exhibition, he is lost in her. Luckily Naman sees same girl in his tuition also. Naman tries to find out something about Aarohi with the help of his friends, then after some time both Naman and Aarohi became friends with the help of Kunjal. Over time Naman and Aarohi start becoming very good friends. But then a sudden tragic turn happen in their story and the story goes three years ahead. What a tragic turn came that they both separated? Will they meet again? Will Naman ever be able to tell Aarohi how much he loves her? All these answers are available in this book.

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    One can be happy with friends but happier & secure with Parental support.

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    The story of the social novel ‘Dress Code’ focuses on the girls’ dress that embodies the body parts. Many Religious leaders, academics, officials and public representatives have also commented periodically on this subject and supported Indian dress. The story has been written on the basis of the statements of these intellectuals. To make it meaningful, reference has been drawn from Women’s College, where ‘dress code’ is applicable. For example jeans-tops, lipsticks, mobiles etc. are banned in such colleges. The reasoning behind the implementation of the ‘dress code’ by the Principal with HIV does not only make people think but it also sends a message to the society. The story of this 227-page novel revolves around a HIV-affected woman who is thrown away from her house. Sacrifice, love, revenge replete with series of events make for an exciting yet inspiration story . When the in-laws come to know about the truth about the woman, they only regret.

    Dress code by: Awadhesh sinha 250.00
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    Fate brings Rajvir, Harry and Davinder together in the hostel to become friends forever. They are enjoying the pursuit of their dreams. Some quirky, murky and flamboyant classmates keep them on their toes. Everything seems going well. But, then a shocking incident happens which changes the course of their lives. They face tough questions for which they have no answer nor anyone in the system is ready to help them find the answers. Forced by the circumstances, they set out together to dig out the perpetrators of that incident. A trail of scandalous revelations and disconcerting events begins. Their search leads them to discover bewildering cobweb of crime and criminals. They reach at the point of no return till the finality of their mission is achieved; they are trapped in a do or die situation. This is when they get a helping hand to dovetail the events and connect all the dots to reach their destination, and expose the hidden masters.

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