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    An alien robot investigates crime on Earth while trying to learn about his past and how humans behave.

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    The book career Guidebook on Pharmacy is written in manner to help and guide budding youngsters pursuing career in Pharmacy. Pharmacy as such has huge scope, which is clearly depicted in the book. The book also consists of samples work carried by the author in order to motivate it’s reader’s and build beautiful Career out of Pharmacy. All the best. Jai Hind.”

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    This book answers to the ultimate question of life like how was the sun born?, how did the universe began?,etc. After reading this book you would be able to answer the questions of astronomy.

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    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the students, young and practicing professional. Further, this book will give you a comprehensive idea about the Project Management Tools – “Primavera with PERT & CPM with algorithm and application to Management and Leadership qualities of execution. I believe that this book will enable you to learn new techniques of project Management and work smartly. I fervently hope that this book will help the Students, practicing professional and consultant to get a sound understanding of Quality Project Management (Construction). I’m sure that this book fundamentally will increase your capability of doing work in a stress-free manner and upgrade your working style. This Book will enhance you: ?- to stimulate your excellent Thoughts! And revive your working skills. ?- to create Self Awareness for sustaining personal and professional growth & success. ?- to create platform for Self- empowerment for Managing & Leading in corporate world. ?- to produce better valuable outcomes more smartly, effciently and more consistently.

    Primavera P6 (PERT&CPM) by: 220.00
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    Electricity is one of the key inputs for socio-economic development. Efficient provision of electricity contributes to poverty reduction by fuelling economic growth and enabling the fulfillment of the basic human needs of health and education. Provision of electricity is thus crucial for improving living standards, supporting development and job opportunities and fostering social activities. To meet the challenges of ever-increasing demand for electricity different models for reforming the power sector have been adopted in India. The initiation of reforms in the Electricity Sector in early 1990s, started with the aim of liberalizing the generation sector with the commencement of the independent power projects (IPP) policy. Following a decade of energy sector reforms in India, it is appropriate to ask the extent to which these reforms have benefited the power sector. This book analyses the impact of power sector reforms on Indian electricity generating companies through the selected application of benchmarking technique essential to calculate the performance indicators efficiency and productivity based on the performance indicators. This performance appraisal of generation companies would play a crucial role in defining regulatory policies. In a scenario of power shortage, the foremost objective is the optimum utilization of available power generation capacity. This matching of generation with demand can be better achieved only through proper and efficient working of the utilities. In short, the book focused on offering a way for developing an outline for incentives for utility efficiency and productivity levels through the introduction of competition among the utilities by providing suitable performance and cost benchmarks.

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    “Organic Chemistry- Structure, Mechanism and Synthesis” book provides information on the three fundamental aspects of the study of organic chemistry: structure, mechanisms and synthesis. This book is designed to covers various basic concept of organic chemistry with the help of suitable illustration, reaction mechanism and examples wherever required. Each chapter contains introduction, classification preparation, properties and chemical reactions of organic molecules to understand the organic chemistry. The long questions are included at the end of every chapter for exercise which helps graduate and postgraduate scholar for their study especially in organic chemistry to understand concept.

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    Cloud Computing is an evolving technology that can transform traditional IT systems. Currently, it plays an important role in everyday life, and people use it in one way or another. In the present scenario, teaching methods are also changing and students are becoming more technology-oriented. It is the need of the hour that we incorporate the relevant and beneficial aspects of cloud computing in the Indian education system. This book presents in detail the topic of cloud computing and the importance of cloud computing in educational systems in the Indian context. With the help of various info-graphics and diagrams, this book explains the relationship between cloud computing and educational institutions in a very simple way. Focusing on the problems faced by educational institutions, this book makes a good case for why incorporating cloud computing technology is important to students, teachers, and for overall system development. This book offers a smart approach that aims to change the current role of education by emphasizing the need to apply cloud computing.

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    A wicked fugit has summoned apocalypse on the land of Tomarkus, which has forced thousands of others like Ariet to rot in a deadly prison on the planet. Ariet, now Mesek’s foremost spy, sets about to unearth the plans of the regime but has no idea that an age-old secret— A journal that holds a terrifying tale of betrayal, the secret of their origins—is waiting for him on the other side. Ariet’s eyes conflagrate with the fires of revenge as he learns about all the lies and the illusions. But the question that looms large is how would he defeat a disembodied enemy, someone who is hiding, waiting in ambush with his keen evil eyes for the right moment to take over Tomarkus?

    Read Tomarkus-and-the-Betrayed-Planet, the instant Thriller Scifi hit, for your one-way ticket to TOMARKUS.


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    This book contains fundamentals and detailed information on microbial genetics and molecular biology concepts, useful for graduate-level life sciences students. It also illustrated various basic concepts of moleclar biology topics with detailed neat diagrams. The concept of microbial genetics such as genetic material, plasmids, transposons etc. In the same way molecular biology concepts such as replication, transcrition, translation, regulation of gene expression etc., are well illustrated.The book is very well useful to the both students and faculty of UG level B.Sc. courses such as microbiology, biotechnology, plant and animal life sciences etc.,

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