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  • CYBERCRIME VICTIMISATION by: Dr. V. Henry Jerome 265.00

    Cyber space is used as a platform to commit many criminal activities. Due to the novel characteristics of the new cyberspace such as anonymity, inter-connectivity, ambiguity, ability to shrink time and space and expansion, crimes in it create a special process of victimisation and a special category of victims. It is in this background the readers are invited to read through the pages of this study. This study also has made an attempt to find out what happens to the victims of cybercrime in terms of impact and reporting behaviour.

    “This book brings out the nature of cybercrime victimisation among college students. The research is going to be very useful for all the people who are interested in reducing the number of cybercrime in their areas, especially in college campuses. I heartily appreciate the author for having ventured into such important research and for publishing it now so that the readers will learn the intricacies of cybercrime victimisation process and the ways of supporting the cybercrime victims”. Mr. T. S. Anbu, IPS

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