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  • Secrets Of Obesity by: Dr Pratayksha Bhardwaj 204.00

    This book Is dedicated to all the people who consider ” Health is Wealth” in a healthy way. I believe that weight loss is all about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes, which is very easy to understand and should be practiced by daily eating and exercise habits.

  • Aasani se Ghatayen wajan by: Sourabh kukreja 158.00

    This book is a masterpiece and contains 40 chapters. The foundation of our best life rests on this. You will see how you feel yourself changing with each chapter.

  • Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity by: Dr. T. S. Sagar and Kiran Lata sagar 249.00

    Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity” gives a deep insight into the world of natural healing. This book explains how the five elements of nature i.e., Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Akash are associated with the overall health of human beings. This book pertains to simplistic philosophy of life which can be understood and adopted by all living human beings to lead a happy, healthy, and harmonious life in the society.

  • Human Rights in 21st Century: Issues & Emerging Trends by: Dr. Monica Narang 725.00

    The concept and principles of human rights are the hallmarks of modern civilised as well as democratic societies. In the present times, these have assumed greater significance at the individual, group, national and international levels. Human Rights generally refer to the universal rights of the human beings regardless of the jurisdiction or factors, such as ethnicity, nationality, religion or sex. Human Rights have evolved through ages but, human rights relating to women and disadvantaged groups keep evolving till date .The book has covered wider areas and other topics relating to environment, climate changes, accessibility of clean drinking water as a human right, antimicrobial resistance, digital surveillance, social media and internet are also included . The purpose of this book stands to make assessments of what has been achieved in the human rights arena and to reflect on the contemporary challenges, prospects and tasks that lie ahead for us.

  • Yog ke Vibhinna Aayam by: Dr. Rishika Verma 280.00

    This is the best book who want some study material on yoga and who want to know about yoga. First we should understand our body and then we can easily achieve our goals by Yoga. With the help of this book we can know about our body. A person can get fit and healthier by following this book. It is beneficial for all age person. in this book I have touch many portions of yoga like different definitions of yoga, types of yoga, Pranayam, more than 50 Aasans, what is stress and how to deal with that, chakras, and many more topics.

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    This book is based on mental health. -In this book mental health is explained along with
    why it is so important. -Book also explain different ways to improve mental health -In this book how successful people deals with depression and anxiety also explains. -Book also explains fear and ways to overcome it. -Must read book for all.

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    This book was written with 20 years of experience in the fields of herbal research, pharmaceuticals and other health-related fields. Most interesting and valuable concepts like natural foods (chemical-free), natural treatment systems, how to win over tension naturally, yoga, meditation, changing behaviour, natural solutions for sex problems, herbal and home remedies, environmental protection, etc. are discussed. This book expounds natural and easy ways to make yourself complete healthy. You need to follow the natural methods and systems of the above-mentioned health-related areas to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Please keep in mind that this book is an INSTRUCTION MANUAL to gain complete health. To put it in a nutshell, “This is a no-cost or low-cost natural self-treatment system.”

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    ‘‘सचित्र योग संस्कृति‘‘ डॉ० कुलदीप सुमनाक्षर द्वारा लिखी गयी पुस्तक है। यह श्रेण्य पुस्तक योग के लिए एक विलक्षण प्रस्तावना पुस्तक है, जिसमें योग के 108 आसनों तथा योग को विस्तार पूर्वक समझाया गया है। आसनों का विस्तृत वर्णन दो सौ बीस चित्रों के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत किया गया है। इस पुस्तक के प्रमुख आकर्षण हैं-
    ऽ योग व योगाभ्यास का सम्पूर्ण परिचय
    ऽ दो सौ बीस चित्रों के माध्यम से 107 आसनों का विस्तृत वर्णन
    ऽ पुस्तक में दिए गये सभी आसनों को लेखक द्वारा स्वयं किया गया।
    ऽ अभिनव साधक के लिए एक वर्षीय योगाभ्यास कार्यक्रम है।

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    Physiotherapy has become an inseparable branch of medical science in relation to human life in the modern age.
    This book deals with the important congenital and developmental disorders and their physiotherapy management.

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