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  • Rahasyamayi Murti by: Arpita 205.00

    Anu is the main character of this story. Shiva is Anu’s life partner and a very good friend. Shiva took her to Guwahati city a few days after their wedding. Both of them were very happy with each other and were living happily.
    After some days, they bought something that opened many mysteries of their life and made them think that…

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    Zune returns to Rongarh after two decades; his native kingdom where the people once didn’t have to wait for peace and happiness to come, knock at their doors as they were already surrounded by it. He doesn’t remember anything about the place, nor about his family; just apart from uncle Raipratap. He finally meets his mother Joya, about whom he had an impression that she betrayed his father and everyone in the kingdom and ran away. Aunt Avoru reveals the untold to him and tells him the awful truth which caused her to leave the kingdom, and the fact that she isn’t even a human, which makes him(Rudra) a half human that even he wasn’t aware of; and when he comes to know about his sister Kanaka, he can’t hold his patience any longer to meet them. They both are inhabitants of their own hidden kingdom which exists within the boundary of Rongarh. After Zune’s(Rudrapratap) arrival, both the inhabitants of the two kingdoms become friendly and live happily, until they’re threatened by the northern conqueror Sohuang, who demands a sacrifice of Rudra’s mother’s kind for his own reason. That finally brings the war, to save both the kingdoms from getting doomed by the outlandish barbarians, and to save their existence

    Rongarh by: Tanuj Handique 249.00
  • Jungle ka sharaf by: 150.00
    This book is based on a haunted jungle where a king and his castle lives happily but after 1000 years the castle becomes a haunted jungle and if anybody goes to the jungle then they’re killed by the haunted witch.
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    If you were to live the most daunting thought of your life, how would you live it? What if the scariest darkness of your life can bring infinite light to your life? In the Bestselling work ” Vague Thoughts of a Lucid Mind” poet Pankhuri Pareek has given your dark thoughts a scintillating side. The poet wins the thoughts of a young as well as of an mature mind. The rhymes and words inside this book reveals that part of your mind that was hidden beneath the sheets of darkness. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Bright Side of The Dark

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    Mehra family was a happy family, where everyone loves to laugh together, eat together, and live together in Kanta Kunj. Everything was fine till Pawan, elder son of Mehra family got admission in Australia. He left for his MBA. He was desperately missed by everyone. Soon things started falling in place. But disaster is waiting to spread its claws over this innocent family and it does. That ungrateful day comes with the untimely demise of Suresh Mehra, father of Ritesh Mehra in a road accident.Ritesh come forward and left his studies in mid and grab the job of junior librarian. He did everything that is required to make a living of his family comfortable. From his mother’s regular check-up for depression to his younger sister Ishita’s fee, from his mentally disabled sister, Geetu’s medications to household expenses, he took care of everything. Needless to say, he was lonely and frustrated; after all he is just in his early twenties.His relief came in the name of Tanya Yadav, he fell in love and he started living his life again. But destiny had some other plans.Murder of Ishita Mehra shattered Ritesh and shook his family.Elder brother, Pawan Mehra wanted to leave his MBA in the middle of the semester and join his family at this gloomy time. Ritesh Mehra stopped him and tries to hide every possible hindrance under his wings. Murder of Ishita Mehra shattered Ritesh and shook his family.Who Killed Ishita Mehra?Is it an incomplete love story around a murder mystery?Is it all or more riddles and conspiracies to unveil in the lives of Ritersh Mehra, a student, and Rajveer Singhmar an investigating officer?

    PAPA by: Jiganshu Sharma 199.00
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    The book is about a possession of demons on a family that petrified them to call for excorsism , the book also tell about the demons. At last warning the book is about demons!

    Demons by: Aadityri Srivastav 100.00
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