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  • How to Read Tarot Card and Use Colour Therapy by: Punam Agarwal 411.00

    Tarot Card and its predictions have drawn many to Tarot Card Readers. This book gives you an opportunity to explore the cards yourself and learn to predict on your own getting the answers to your rightly framed questions. What’s a cherry on the cake is that the remedies are also suggested using varied techniques like Reiki, Color Therapy, Prism, Crystals etc. I am confident you will enjoy this book which has compiled after a lot of research and study.
    Color Therapy as per elements to help as an alternate healing therapy is added to this book’s content to help you explore this art too. I don’t know what people say, but I have used it along with medication and found it useful so I am penning it down here. If nothing, then its an added knowledge to your vast experience as they say no knowledge is ever a waste. Invite you to explore and enjoy this book.

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