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  • Contemplating Everyday Texts: An Interdisciplinary Review by: Professor Satnam Kaur, Dr. Shivani Sharma and Mr. Rahul Verma 250.00

    It has a collection of twenty papers by scholarly authors who have discussed various issues
    and subject matters that explore multiple perspectives from different disciplines, sub-disciplines and areas of expertise. The book provides rich theoretical descriptions and hands-on approach that is conceptual and practical and reflects advances in the literature on research, learning, and assessment. Multiple perceptions produce deeper understanding or illumination, viable solution or a product that creatively and innovatively accommodates different perspectives.
    As a maturing academic field, interdisciplinary studies needs to define itself to make the case that interdisciplinarity is, in fact, contributing something distinctive and valuable to
    the academy and to society. The movement is from the most general to the more specific, from breadth to depth.
    An Interdisciplinary insight is an expert’s view on a particular problem that is based on research. This approach is produced when the interdisciplinary research process is used to create an integrated and purposeful result. In this book, disciplinary experts, scholars and students have produce insights.
    The edited book highlights the valuable ideas, views, outlook, observations and thoughts in the form of chapters by authors from reputed institutions across India. It is a complete package, consisting of an interdisciplinary review of diverse ideas and considerations highlighted by the authors belonging to different disciplines. Modern technological developments and globalization add to the complexity of problems and in response, an integrated approach is very much required. Each author’s focus is on another innovative factor at different level of analysis, using different theoretical frameworks, and different methodologies.
    These various aspects discussed and displayed through the interdisciplinary examination, in fact stimulate and invigorate the aspiring research scholars, academicians, researchers to look deeper into some of the issues for further exploration. It will be, indeed, a very good reading the miscellaneous discussion about integrative research papers which is a sort of innovation—that is, change—in the means of knowledge production. Here the researchers thoroughly studied the subject and integrate the information to produce new understandings and meanings.

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