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  • Coffee Smiles & Tears by Starlight (Short Stories) by: Debaleena Mukherjee 200.00

    Coffee, Smiles & Tears: by Starlight”; is a collection of short stories. These are vignettes and miniatures. They are the doll’s- house in my heart. These tales are of fleeting moments in which we live a lifetime of emotions. These are my ‘Wonders’ and ‘Closures’ in life. I emerged from the cocoon;I found my wings. Here are stories of “Life” that never ceases to surprise me. As with my collection of poems, so with these stories, this is “Life” as I see it. They are ramblings, musings. I claim no definition, because, for me life does not come with tags. It enfolds you every which way. Being a coffee lover, I believe in dipping every nuance of my life in coffee, especially late into the night. I love looking at the night sky and gazing at the stars. They know of my tears and smiles. So that’s my time to watch the starlight blend into my coffee. Debaleena Mukherjee.

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    The narrator has filled these stories with the struggles of a handful of people who are caught up in the problem of love between life and death in simple language.

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    This book consists of short stories which are based on real life incidents of author’s railway journeys. Each short story will change your heartbeat rate! It’s a Local Train of stories passing through different junctions of emotions like Drama, Comedy, Self Realization, Sorrow, Inspiration and all other intermediary emotional stations. Train is ready to depart, board it Now!

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    A prodigy that penned by a frustrated IT professional during his career and after he quit his job. These stories do have a touch of humanity since its either inspired by the surroundings or inspired from his life events. An interesting collection of stories that convey the power of Love, Friendship, Humanity and hope.

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