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    In this book one will get Ancient Indian Literature, its Period, Indian Education System, Women Status and Marriage in Indian Society. Ancient Nalanda University, Dharma, Yog Mudra, Rudraksha, first man made cave, Chola temples, Temples of Kashmir, Jyotirlinga Jageshwar from the eyes of a traveler, Mahabodhi Temple, Amarnath a travelogue, festivals of India.
    In Charak and Sushurata Samhita these Sanskara are mentioned. Those who are studying Ayurveda in Ayurvedic medical colleges, they are also studying and learning some of these Sanskara and later they practice it in their profession. This shows the merit of these Sanskara, their scientific value and acceptance. Charak and Sushurata Samhita is much renounced book of Ayurveda . How these 16 Sanskara, which are scientific in nature can help one can get a healthy life, purposeful marriage and intelligent, healthy and unmatched child. These are treasure of human being of the world and everyone must know and follow it in her/his life. Yog gesture (mudra) is another ancient knowledge of India which is very useful and relevant in modern day’s life style.

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