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    You Have to Shine by: Shabana Anjum 109.00

    This book is a poetry collection with 36 poems. These poems are categorised in six sets. The first set of poems shows her deep faith in the Almighty. She tries to instill this strong faith in her readers so that they can ward off negativity from their life. The second set of poems illustrates how Nature teaches us to be confident and courageous The third set of poems is a direct word with the readers where they can be geared up to face life’s challenges and win every battle that they encounter in life. The fourth set tells the readers the ways they can become a better human beings. They can improve their way of living and become a source of relief for others as well as themselves The fifth set of poems is where she pours out her feelings for the people who are to her heart. One poem is about her alma mater, Carmel School. The last set narrates some stories in form of poems. The aim of writing this book is to bring positivity in the lives of the readers. The poems are like fuel that can energize the readers and bring about a change in the way of their taking up life’s struggles. The poet strongly believes that with a positive attitude, every battle can be won. Hope this book inspires and leaves a positive impact on the thinking process of the readers.

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