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  • Hasi Kaha Kho Gayi ( Hindi ) by: Jaswant Singh Bhati 129.00

    Twenty one poems and fifty shayari have been written in the book Aapke Haath Ki Shobha
    Hansi Kahan Khoi Khoi. Life is not the name of a car that keeps moving at the same speed.
    Life is the name of a staggering vehicle on a broken road. If life is to be lived, then we should
    always face the troubles in life, believe that as we grow up, the smile on our face is lost.
    There will be ups and downs in life and sometimes there will be ups and downs. We have to
    face every problem in life without any fear. In childhood, when we ask our father for money.
    They give it to us, we don't know how hard they must have earned. We do not know the
    importance of money at that time. Till then there is a smile on the face, there is a smile, but
    as we grow up. We come to know that money is very important in life. And it is very difficult
    to earn it, then where does that laughter disappear. People say love is life. But I believe that
    only love is not life. Thus, in the poems and poetry of this book, there is pain, somewhere
    there is smile, somewhere there is patriotism, somewhere there is passion. In this book, you
    will also find written about menstruation, on which
    people often stop talking. They think that it is wrong to talk about this, but it is not so, it is
    very important to talk on this subject.
    Although those things are not wrong, yet people avoid doing such things. The style of all the
    poems and poetry written in it is very simple, which can be understood very easily. Very few
    words are used in this.

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