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  • STUPID LAWYER by: Ashok Bhasin 449.00

    Chetan Mohan, a naval engineer, was falsely implicated in a case and was convicted by the trial court without appreciating the facts. Bhavika, a young lawyer got him acquitted from High Court but that took a long five years’ time to conclude that Chetan was innocent. He came out of jail and started meeting all those powerful persons, whom he thought were behind his wrongful confinement. He had two queries in his mind, one, why he was arrested and two, why he didn’t get justice from judicial system. Meera, a crime reporter helped him by way of exposing those powerful persons.

    After fifteen days of his release, a dead body with mutilated face was found. On follow up, police found a suicide note written by Chetan. ACP was asked not to do the investigation, as the suicide note named a person sitting in a powerful position. ACP was not happy. He took services of Rajbir, an SIO, posted at DRI to uncover the mystery of dead body. Rajbir started collecting the evidences discretely.

    Meera confronted the ACP. She on her own aggressively investigated the matter. She got the copy of suicide note and some more clues from ‘a source’ and finally came across a document, which helped her to find the truth. Who was this source? Bhavika made a stupid mistake. What was the mistake? Did the mistake went unnoticed? What happened to those powerful persons? The plot unfolds.

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