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  • Think Deep Before You Think BIG by: SUBRATA HALDER 287.00

    Knowledge is supreme and not the qualifications. The application of knowledge is more important than only knowledge itself. Otherwise, knowledge is like a lost treasure that has no value. The application can be multidimensional to achieve physical or intrinsic goals.

    We all use to hear Think-Big. Thinking big is important but thinking big can not bring success unless someone has very good knowledge and will-force to make it successful. Without these two qualities, only big thinking can put a person into bigger trouble than a bigger success. Needless to mention that vision is required to think big and knowledge is required to think deep. Though one of the articles in this book carries the same name as the book title but almost all articles are related to this thought which provokes and develop the deep thinking capability of a person.
    In this book, I have discussed many aspects of the qualities and knowledge one should have to perform well be he/she is in a job or an entrepreneur in the Sales and Marketing arena. Sales and Marketing is a hardcore area which directly earns money for the organisation as such the most favored positions in any organisation as well as the most challenging work for the organisation.

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