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  • WINGS OF POWER by: Surender Kumar Verma 999.00

    This book is about an Inspirational Spiritual Journey of Surender Kumar Verma, an Engineer turned into a spiritual master/teacher and healer after he attained enlightenment from a highly ascended master through Kundalini Awakening in 1992. During his spiritual journey of 30 years, whatever he learnt and taught/gave to society is all given in this book along with about 50 real life color pics/collages. Described in his own words, main contents of the book are:

      • Awakening the Kundalini Power, its experiences and benefits
      • Advanced Meditation & Energy Healing techniques
      • Human Aura, its uses and applications
      • Reiki system of Energy Healing
      • Surya/Urja Yog
      • Divine’s Services
      • Affirmations for Positivity &  Manifestation of desires and goals
      • Feng Shui Vastu
      • Holistic health, wellness & nutrition
      • Theta Healing
      • Overcoming negative emotions connected with parts of body and mind
      • Karmas and their balancing/cancellation
      • Chit-Shakti/super consciousness
      • Spiritual Qualities & Terminologies

    Purpose of Life Experiences of some of his disciples and associates
    Must be read especially by those, who aspire to grow and excel in spiritual field.
    (Surender Verma)

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