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  • Hail Taushree (Making of RJCW Team) by: Chhedi Singh Rangwala 150.00

    Hail Taushree is a funny take on working culture of Indian Lala companies which are run like a provision store by their owners. This story provides insight of how so called rich owners deal with key employees of their companies and resulting work culture in those companies. It may seem funny but this is the real truth of communications done by these owners with their key employees and how those key employees react to it.Bit (more!) of spice have been added to make it enjoyable while reading. Sole purpose of this book is to induce laughter and a give overall idea of how these companies run. If it hurts someone (especially Taushree’s!!) with this book, please take sincere apologies in advance from Author. All characters, events and company name are imaginary and if anything matches with anything even then author is fine with it so enjoy! Story revolves around Mr.Taushree an extremely egoistic and self centric person. He is the owner of company named Mera Ego Limited. His company manufactures high end luxury shoes for overseas customers under the brand name “Kachra shoes”. One fine day he decides to create a new team of product scientists to bring revolutionary design changes in his company shoes. His decision results into creation of RJCW department and bringing Mahesh Chhedi, Atom Singh & Suresh Rangwala in the company. Story in this book revolves around interview , hiring and way above gentleman’s adjusted to working under Taushree.

  • Vivran by: Lakshmi kumari 350.00

    Vivran book is show the reality. In vivran, all stories are real. It’s based on societies mindset. Which is creating the problem front of girls, boys and our environment. basically it’s really helpfull for motivation.

  • Applied Mathematics by: Soumen Roy 250.00

    This book is dedicated to explain about the application of Mathematics in real life.

  • Lihavuus ja ylipaino nuorilla ihmisillä by: Sara Coursert 2,000.00

    Tähän kirjaan olen pyrkinyt kokoamaan tietoa nuorten lihavuudesta ja ylipainosta. Tulen käyttämään erillaisia nettisivuja ja kirjoittamaan asiat niinkuin ne ovat. Pyrin käyttämään lääketieteellisiä sivuja.

  • Kiusattu Asperger by: Sara Coursert 1,000.00

    En ole kokenut virallista kiusaamista, vaan syrjimistä. Tässä kirjassa kerron itsestäni ja siitä mitä on olla Asperger nuori ja miten koen sen itsessäni. Puhun myös omista kaveri suhteista ja miten vaikeudet näkyvät minulla. Kerron omia kokemuksia nuorista ja millaiseksi koen ne. Puhun omista lahjakkuuksista ja siitä, että me Aspergerit olemme täysin normaaleja me vain ajattelemme eri tavalla kuin muut.

  • Kef by: Jahangir Khan 450.00

    The 60-year-old Ijabo sets out on her journey to Mecca for the pilgrimage, leaving her grandson, Izyan, in the care of the friendly neighbours. Learning about the invitation she received from Allah to visit his house, the young boy longs for his personal invite. A tale of exploration and survival; in this journey from the small village of Nebia to the desert nation, Ijabo and her companions learn the struggles of life, nature of death, and the world outside their pretty village, while she narrates to her grandson the odes of the magical land of Kef.

  • Relativistic Quantum Mechanics with an Introduction to Tensors by: Mohammad Masroor Ahmed 224.00

    the century began with two illustrious theories in Physics – Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, which completely changed our view about nature and force. While Quantum Mechanics deals with micro-particles, Relativity deals with particles moving at very high speed (comparable to the speed of light). Although Schrodinger’s equation works
    well with micro-particles, it cannot handle particles at high speed. In truth, all the microparticles we deal with possess high speed. Hence, we have to look for an equation that can cope with micro- particles of high speed. Such an equation was provided by P.A.M Dirac. Apart from handling relativistic microparticles, the Dirac equation predicts the spin of the particles and also explains the negative energy state. Any relativistic phenomenon requires the understanding of Tensors. The first few chapters of the book, therefore, deals with the understanding of Tensors. The book is written in a self-study mode. Each step is clear and problems are solved to explain the concept better. The book, though an introductory one, can ignite a positive passion for the subject.


    There will be no doubt if we say that cities are one of the great wonders of human civilization, but as cities are growing all over the world, they are putting great pressure on the world’s resources, the world environment is also very greatly affected. In this book ,I have created a model that from my point of view can become a role model for a sustainable house and for sustainable city also. I tried my best to cover almost all the important aspects of a house to make any house a sustainable house. These sustainable houses and cities have become the basic need of present time. If any student and a layman will read this book, then surely he will be able to make his home a truly sustainable home, as well as help in reducing his carbon footprint in the world, which is the main aim of this book.

  • Udta Kandil by: Sanjay Rajarao 185.00

    बैंगलोर में पैदा हुए संजय राजाराव, पेशे में अकाउंटेंट होते हुए भी, उनकी रुचि समाज की सेवा और साहित्य में है। उनके २२ संपदकीय लेख और २ कविताओं के सात-सात, सौ से भी ज़्यादा छोटी कविताएं और ब्लॉग प्रकाशित हुए है। उन्होंने १० से भी ज़्यादा संकलन पुस्तकों में भाग लेने के सात “ऑटोडिडक्ट” नाम का एक पुस्तक के सम्पादक भी बने है। उनकी पहली किताब “आत्मा बांधना” को कन्नडा में, और दूसरी किताब “तनु – एक बूँद की कहानी” को हिंदी में प्रकाशित करने के बाद, यह किताब हिंदी साहित्य में उनका दूसरा पड़ाव है।

  • The Zones of Danger by: Suresh Thripunithura 125.00

    In life, we often go Through every danger zones or fall into such places. There are some unexpected internal derailments that happen in our minds and lives. The theme of this collection of short stories by the Kerala writer Suresh Thripunithura, The zones of danger is a journey of some crystal clear Beautiful characters with dual traits torn from some special pages of Kerala lifestyles. The charm of this little book is the explosive twists in the story and the disturbing sweetness of the characters. Suresh Thripunithura is a well-known haiku poet In Kerala.

  • Fundamentals of Mineral Processing and Clean Coal Technology by: A. Guru brahmam 250.00

    As you read this book, you will get a basic idea about minerals. Every person must and should read this book. Because in daily life, we are using several metals and non-metals like gold, iron, marble, glass, coal, etc., but we don’t know how these come, where this comes from, and its processing methods. Once you have gone through this book, you will get an idea about mineral processing and clean coal technology. In this book, we have given five chapters. Each chapter has unique, interesting information about mineral processing methods and their types; the final chapter is entirely related to clean coal technology.

  • kathastak by: Prasad Krishnarao Natoo 125.00

    2022 सुरू होऊन दोन महिने पुर्ण झाले.त्या सोबत कोरोनाची तिसरी लाट घेऊन आले.आणि बघता बघता ती लाट उग्र रूप धारण करेल असे वाटत असतांना ती आता माघारी परतायला लागल्याचे सुचिन्ह दिसू लागलय. 2020 ला पहिल्या लाटेत मी सेवानिवृत्ती झालो आणि एक नवा प्रवास सुरू केला,लेखनाचा आणि पहाता पहाता माझ्या खात्यांत, हो बँकेतून रिटायर्ड झाल्याने बँकेतील शब्द अजून विसरले जात नाहीत किंवा आपोआप ओठांत येतात म्हणा,दृश्य-अदृश्य,सुनयना,होस्ट इज घोस्ट आणि चित्र आणि चेहरा असे 4 कथासंग्रह,राणी तेजस्विनी ही एक कादंबरी आणि काव्यसुमने वेचिली मी हा एक कविता संग्रह,एवढे साहित्यधन जमा झाले.त्यांना तुमचा प्रतिसाद देखिल छान मिळाला.खूप साऱ्या प्रतिक्रिया आल्या.ह्यातिल काही प्रतिक्रिया इतक्या उत्साहवर्धक होत्या,की त्या वाचता वाचताच हा पाचवा कथासंग्रह पूर्ण झाला. माझा कथासंग्रह हातात घेतल्यावर पूर्ण वाचून होई पर्यन्त सोडावासा वाटत नाही.अशा बऱ्याच प्रतिक्रिया आल्या.ह्याला कारण ही तसंच आहे.वाचक हो,मी केवळ तुमच्या मनोरंजनासाठी आणि करमणुकीसाठी लिहीत गेलो,लिहिन.मी दु:ख कां विकावे तुम्हाला.मी स्वतः जेंव्हा काही वाचायला घेतो,माझी इच्छा असते कि,निदान हे साहित्य वाचत असतांना माझ्या दु:खाचा,वेदनांचा,यातनांचा मला विसर पडावा आणि मी पुन्हा ताजा तवाना होऊन,माझ्या कामास लागावे.मला thought provoking म्हणजे विचार करावयास लावणारे साहित्य,ही नको असायचे.म्हणून मी असेच लिहायचे ठरविले,की जे तुम्हाला ताजेतवाने करून देईल.वाचा आणि ताजे व्हा. विचारही जास्त करू नका.चिंता करू नका. “कथाष्टक” ह्या माझ्या कथा संग्रहांत एकूण 8 विविध कथांचा समावेश आहे. बस माझा “कथाष्टक” हा कथासंग्रह उचला आणि ताजे तवाने व्हा.


    Myra Staford Lord Nemophilist Katherine Gallus Nufo Kendrobranch

  • THE TREK OF HEROIC HUMANS by: Uday Sahota 155.00

    This book will give the best experience of superheroes. This book tell you how a legend save the world from the worst villian? If you want action and adventure so this book is for you. You can travel heroes through this book. This book will also tell you how they save the world from villians? You see the super heroes in movies and TV. But now you will see on books.

  • Akhiri Mulakat by: Ajit Prakash 147.00

    “Akhiri Mulakat” is my first novel published in 2022. Maximum events as described in this novel one true and presented in their natural language. The story of this novel is based on the life story of my best friend. I can not give the details of my friends but it is that the name of my friend is “SARTHAK”

    At the beginning of the novel, it seems that it is a love story but if you read a full novel, you find that the story is based on friendship and events that happen in a student’s life. My next novel will come in a year happy life shortly.

  • Shayar by: Gulab Singh Chauhan 151.00

    दोस्तों मेरा नाम गुलाब सिंह चौहान है l मैं एक गारमेंट्स कंपनी में अकाउंटेंट के तौर पर काम करता हूँ l लिखना मेरा शौक है और मैं बचपन से ही शायरी, कविता और गाने लिखता हूँ लेकिन इस करोनाकाल ने मुझे खुद को समझने का समय दिया और मेरे अंदर के कलाकार को उभरने का मौका दिया l इसी करोनाकाल में मैने काफ़ी शायरी लिखी है जो कि आप लोंगो के साथ साझा कर रहा हूँ l मुझे पूरी उम्मीद है कि इसे पढ़ने के बाद आप लोगों की जिंदगी में बहुत बदलाव आएगा l मेरी शायरी पढ़ने के लिए तहे दिल से शुक्रिया और धन्यवाद ll

  • Hope by: Arnab Das & Sunita Pandit 360.00

    The book tell us about our situations and the words we can’t say to others.

  • Dil Se Rooh Tak by: Kamaljeet Kaur 210.00

    With the grace of God, my family and especially my kids have encouraged me to share my writing with the world through social media. I got a real big platform like Facebook, Instagram to share my thoughts and poems. And have received plenty of love and support from my followers.
    Writing is my passion and helps me reduce my stress. my journey would not be possible without my husband’s support.
    In this book, you will find some simple, romantic-writing, and a few truths about life.

    I hope people will like and appreciate my efforts.

  • Meri Kahani Narayan ke Sath by: Shiv Kumar 130.00

    मेरी कहानी नारायण के साथ ये कोई धार्मिक किताब नहीं है इसमे बतया गया है कि आज हम कैसा भौतिकता में लीन हो गये हैं और कुछ भौतिक आवश्यकता को पूरा करने में ही सारा जीवन लगा रहे हैं लकिन ये गलत है हम ये भूल गए हैं कि जीवन का क्या लक्ष्य है हमे ये जीवन क्यु दिया गया है लकिन साथ मे ही इसमे मेरे और नारयण की मधुर कहानियों भी हैं और बहुत सारी बातें

  • Game Of Life by: Iti Agrahari 222.00

    The complexities of life are infinite, and since ages to this very day, man has struggled to unlock the mysteries of life, yet to no avail. Stimulating the mind to focus on the search for truth, purpose, and meaning in life, and more importantly, discovering why/what/who we are beyond this human existence is the ultimate quest of mankind. To reach all the above answers and solve the puzzle called ‘GAME OF LIFE’ we must first understand the Universal Laws Of Life. Then, only we can truly understand our core purpose of existence hence, can resolve the mysterious puzzle called ’GAME OF LIFE’.

  • Hearkening the Great Swan Sing by: Indranil Dutta 210.00

    – Atman – The embodiment of supreme truth, the principal, and the sentient force of the universe, best represented as Swan in sacred Hindu literature. The light of Atman i.e., its knowledge descends in the form of insights to seers who’re hankering for enlightenment, to ascend unto the highest truth of our beingness. However, Atman is also loosely translated as “Self” in its literal sense, and this is not a mere co-incidence – thus in a nutshell, this poetry book reflects the journey of enlightenment and self-realization I’ve walked so far…

  • I am Sorry, I Lost by: Shubhangi Bajpai 175.00

    When a person loses respect, and gets degraded, she loses hope in life. She feels degraded in the home of her soul. It is not important to know if it is done on purpose. This book covers the wound which ceases to heal or listen to my requests. Respect is the highest value earned by anyone, be it man or woman. This book establishes the concrete void created by society in order to empiwer woman who is empowered by birth. This collection of poems is the collection of all the untold miseries and trauma, that a genuine girl had to go through, while her cries go unheard and is left all alone.

  • Drowning In Stars by: Aleesa Khan 185.00

    Drowning In Stars’ is a collection of poems about death, life, betrayal, self-love, acceptance, nature, forgiveness, and various other things that exist to be observed and felt deeply. The book explores the emotions and sufferings a human soul has to go through before blooming into something tremendously beautiful. The book title represents the magic in every destruction and downfall, the way serenity disguises itself as chaos, and all the various forms of courage, found at the extreme end of helplessness and pain. The book is compiled with a motive to be a guide to self-discovery and happiness

  • SPARSH, Aath Kahaaniyaan Dil se Dil Tak by: Shwet Kumar Sinha 122.00

    “Sparsh” – A compilation of eight stories written by Shwet Kumar Sinha, attains an ability to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the readers. At its first inside the book is the Story “Wah Stree Thi Ya Zinn” secures to establish a connection between life and the transcendental world, leaving the ending to its readers to choose between reality and fiction. At the same time, in the stories present on the inner pages, the readers will be passed through the different aspects of life, which will force them to look within themselves.



  • Shrimad Bhagavad Gita – Saral Hindi Kavita Mein by: ARVIND KUMAR 249.00

    Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is one of the holiest texts of Hindus. The knowledge and science inherent in it are timeless. The importance of this classic text can be known from the fact that despite being only a part of the epic Mahabharata, it has been given the status of an Upanishad.

    This holy book is a treasure trove of spiritual knowledge. How to live a blissful life? How to get out of any kind of dilemma in life? The full explanation can be found in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita through Jnanayoga and Nishkaam Karmayoga. By reading it, understanding it, and applying it in our lives, life can be made more meaningful.

    Originally written in Sanskrit, this holy book has seven hundred verses. Nowadays, people have difficulty understanding the Sanskrit language, so through this book, Arvind Kumar has tried to present it in simple Hindi in the form of poetry.

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