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  • GATE Metallurgy (Chapter-wise Solutions from GATE 1990-2021) by: Gopi Talluri 649.00

    The first book to address questions from the previous 32 years GATE. The questions are organized chapter by chapter and then chronologically. Justification for each answer is provided in a logical manner. Answers to descriptive questions in detail. For ease of revision, all matching questions are given at the end. Quite helpful for other PSU exams too.

  • Basic ICT Skills & Shortcut Keys by: Rohit Kataria 200.00

    This Book includes Basic ICT Skills & Shortcut Keys to make everyone as a professional to use various software’s like- MS-Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW, Adobe Page Maker, Corel PaintShop Pro, Chrome Browser, etc…

    Mr. Rohit Kataria found that every student has a great desire to acquire shortcut methods to learn Computers/IT. Computers have always played a major role in every work in this world. These days every person is eager for technology in itself, just as technology has made every task much easier for them. So this book has been prepared by the author with the idea that in the present time everyone should make himself as professional in Computer/IT field. This book will be helpful for those also who are pursuing academic courses on the subject. Even though they are reading academic books for this, they still need to learn the techniques of it.

  • Programming in C by: Dr R kanimozhi, Mrs V Rathika, Dr K Bhuvaneswari, Mrs S Hemalatha 200.00

    Programming in C will teach you how to write programs in the C programming language. This book will provide you with a clear understanding of this language. The book starts with an introduction to programming in general followed by a detailed introduction to C programming. It then delves into a complete analysis of various constructs of C such as decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, structure and union, file management, and preprocessor directives. It is an essential book for those who are interested in learning C in a simple manner.


    Cytokines are small proteins that are crucial in controlling the growth and activity of other immune system cells and blood cells. There are a wide range of cytokines that plays a vital role in the pathophysiology of periodontitis. Newer cytokines are on the research table to be discovered in the coming era. This book offers knowledge of the cytokines discovered till date and its association with periodontitis.

  • The New Middle Class of Delhi and NCR by: Professor. Mohd. Mohsin Khan & Professor. Asiya Chaudhary 250.00

    It was only in the late 1980s that the importance of the middle class was apprehended in India. With the burgeoning Indian population, the market for specific products multiplied predominantly. Over the past 30 years, successive governments with their prudent macroeconomic policies improved levels of public expenditure, and a healthier Balance of Payment worked to liberate the economic condition of the Middle Class. Significant improvement transformed past ‘Middle Class’ to ‘New Middle Class’(NMC). The metamorphosis enhanced their income and consumption power. The book identifies the impact of this transformation on banking and investment habits, buying /spending habits, education preferences, and lifestyle of the NMC. The purpose is to explore in order to find out their nature and pattern of consumption, savings, and investment. Since the transformation in this class is more visible in metropolitan cities, the areas selected are New Delhi and NCR. It is concluded that the rise in NMC’s income affected their savings/ investments, consumption in various categories of goods differently and lifestyle, leading to a drastic change in consumer behavior, which must not be ignored, as it has a strong impact on consumers goods industry and Indian economy in turn. The consumer goods-producing industry must capitalize on these changes profitably.

  • Driving through the rule book of an investor (Fundamental and Technical Analysis) by: Mr Maurya Hanspal 350.00

    The book talks about the detailed fundamental and technical analysis in the field of finance. The book has been designed completely for the courses of BBA, MBA, and other related areas. Due to the lack of technical jargon being used, the book stands on a unique ground and makes the readers understand the crux of these analysis. Instead of being just a book to read, it guides the reader to undertake fundamental and technical analysis in the real world with practical examples. The book is surely a perfect guide to undertake and implement these concepts with accuracy.

  • KNOWLEDGE CONSORTIUM (Mitigating the inquisitiveness of Being) by: Dr Samir Kumar Hui 193.00

    The book “KNOWLEDGE CONSORTIUM: Mitigating Inquisitiveness of being” is a book of multi-disciplinary nature covering research articles of twenty-two in numbers. It is purely meant for all students, scholars, researchers, and academicians interested in English literature, sociology, cultural studies, and translation studies. This book curved out of the rich academic teaching and research and experience of Dr. Samir K Hui, a brilliant bi-lingual poet and a published short story writer writing both in English and Odia. The book’s interdisciplinary nature gives it a different flavor for its interest in discussing social, cultural, and literary issues that make reading an exciting experience contributing to the study of humanities and social sciences.

  • Timeline History Of Laparoscopy & Hernia Surgery by: Dr. T. Varun Raju 500.00

    Timeline history of Laparoscopy and hernia surgery is a compilation of all the chronological evolutionary events of laparoscopic surgery. It’s a very useful book to the post-graduate students in General surgery and the minimally invasive surgeons of the various specialties. The book is written in a style of an interesting story so that, the readers will remember the major discoveries in a simpler manner. This book is written with adopting the scientific Vancouver fashion so that proper evidence bassed material is given to the readers for their confidence of authenticity of the facts. I am sure this book will be useful to all the national and international surgeons who are practicing laparoscopic surgery in their specialties.

  • Class-X Solutions Book by: Sabyasachi Rout 958.00

    The book has compiled a step-by-step solution to the NCERT pattern equations according to the latest syllabus. It also includes commentaries on the necessity of the steps followed, along with sufficient illustrations and examples for a clear and better understanding. This book has been divided into 15 exhaustive chapters, where each chapter respectively has focused on the fundamentals of real numbers, polynomials, along with pair of linear equations in two variables, quadratic equations, and arithmetic progressions. It also focuses on the proof of triangles, coordinates geometry, along with the introduction to trigonometry, and its various applications. The book further takes a systematic approach in covering circles, its constructions, areas related to circles, surface areas and volumes, as well as statistics, and probability.

  • Sale!
    TERM I QUESTION BANK by: Bhavesh Mishra 350.00 220.00
    Feeling immense pleasure in presenting our first book on Social Science Term I Question Bank.
    The book includes all types of objective type questions as prescribed by CBSE. It also includes notes of all the chapters assigned for Term I in a language easy to understand and learn. We have tried to cover all topics through an exhaustive exercise to give a thorough revision and practice.
    We have tried our best to include all important questions based on maps as well.
    We are hopeful that the book is appreciated and is useful for the students in improving their scores.
  • Wǒ shénme shíhòu huì yòng zhège by: Ishika Keswani and Ananya Aggarwal 265.00

    Just like Severus Snape from ‘Harry Potter’ or The Joker from the ‘Batman’ movies, mathematics is a subject that is more often than not, highly misunderstood and villainized. Often referred to as ‘pointless’, ‘useless’, and ‘unusable’, the study of mathematics is frequently discontinued by those who don’t see how they could possibly find a use for it in their future careers (especially those who are inclined to pursue social studies or more artistic paths).

    We say that is a big mistake.

    This universal language of math presents itself in every single field and activity out there, even though we may not always realize it. Whether you want to become a bestselling novelist, a choreographer of the ballet, or a world-renowned hydrologist, mathematics is guaranteed to help you achieve your dreams and push you closer to sweet success. In this book, we aim to show you how no matter which career path you’ve selected, mathematics has a part to play. Besides career paths, this book also includes three tales of the undeniable accomplishment by prominent figures who made effective use of mathematics in their respective fields.

    Happy Reading!

  • Guide for Std IX-X Computer Application by: Sandhya Rathi 352.00

    Hello readers, this book is specially been compiled for IX and X ICSE students. This book would even be helpful for the ones who have started learning the language JAVA. All the concepts and examples are provided in easy language. I hope this book is helpful for you all.

    Thank you.

  • History and Philosophy of Medicine by: Dr. K.M Mishra 499.00

    The book ‘History and Philosophy of Medicine is based on the author’s lifetime of experience in Medicine and review of literature in the field.

    He has seen the extremes of healing, from the non-existent and most primitive medical practices in remote villages in India, to the great modern institutions of modern medicine at BHU, Varanasi, and London. He has also observed the pivotal role of alternative medicine in saving lives.

    The author has traced how medicine was practiced in the beginning and followed its development to a sophisticated science, and the philosophy that guided its evolution. It is the author’s overall opinion that the world has to practice various types of medicine, in an endeavor to save human lives.

  • Statistical Inference: Theory of Estimation by: Prakash S. Chougule 497.00

    The book “Statistical Inference: Theory of Estimation” aims to help the student in gaining knowledge about Statistical Inference. This book contains five chapters like Point estimation, Likelihood function and Sufficiency, Cramer Rao Inequality, methods of estimation, and Interval estimation. Every chapter has been divided into several headings and sub headings to offer clarity and conciseness. The authors have tried his best to simplify units and are written in very simple and lucid language. so that the reader can get an intuitive understanding of the contains of the book. The number of examples included in the book will really make the study very easy and yet efficient. The question bank of simple and relative exercise included a lot of multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter is given which helps the students to evaluate themselves. The book will particularly help students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. statistics classes.

  • Handbook of Practical Physical Pharmaceutics for B.Pharm Students by: Jasmine Kaur Randhawa 250.00

    This book preparation is an effort made to cover the practicals of physical pharmaceutics to be performed during the B.Pharm curriculum. The practicals cover topics related to physical properties of liquids like surface tension, viscosity, density, pH, stability of suspensions. Special emphasis is given on the procedure of practicals which will be helpful for the teachers and students with greater ease of understanding the concepts of physical pharmaceutics. It was found that very few such books were available having practical matter as compared to the books having theory matter. So this book will be very helpful to academicians as well as the industry in understanding the concepts of physical pharmaceutics.

  • Solutions for Trigonometry Sums from Plane Trigonometry Part 1 of S L Loney by: Anup Kumar Sen 200.00

    ” The book by SL LONEY of Trigonometry chosen by me for solutions is full of basic Sums required for class VI to Junior college students. Accordingly, the present book on Solutions of Sums from Trigonometry /named ―Plane Trigonometry Part 1‖ by SLL on y was attempted. I draw my pleasure with high hopes that my book will be liked by students.

    My appeal therefore to such students to get my book as guidance always, which will be a path for success to them.

    Best of wishes to all students “

  • Women Empowerment through Microfinance in Gujarat by: Dr. Kavita Sindhav 257.00

    This book assesses the role of microfinance in building up the social, economic and democratic capacity of women and thereby enhancing their empowerment in India, with special reference to the state of Gujarat, India. Evaluating the performance of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), it tries to identify the factors that contribute to their capacity building and sustainability. It also studies the level of participation of women in SHGs and examines the group dynamics that influence their participation.

  • Fundamental of Hijama Therapy by: Dr. Mohd Nayab 300.00

    Fundamentals of Hijama therapy is a book that covers the basic knowledge of cupping therapy, its classification, indications, contraindications, and effectiveness in various diseases. This book also explains the possible mechanism of action of cupping therapy. It, surely, will be beneficial for the undergraduate, post-graduate students not only of the Unani system of medicine but also for other alternative systems of medicine. It will also be useful for the practitioners of cupping therapy. This book will open new horizons in the field of the Unani system of medicine.


    Trademark is a hallmark which is popularly known as brands name in ordinary and day to day language. Trademark is a symbol generally consisting of a label, picture, phrase, words or word that distinguishes certain service or good from other service or products of identical qualities and attributes. Trade marks play an important role now a days in business sector. Trademark helps to recognize an invention as satisfying and thus to inspire more buying by the consumers. The fact that through his trademark the producer or trader might ” reach over the shoulder of the retailer ” and at the counter directly to the purchaser cannot be over-stressed, as there exists the gateway to any operative scheme of the protection of trademark. Trademark is the observable indicator of the significant commercial goodwill, that is the belongings to be safeguarded against invasion.

  • ¿Cuándo usaré esto? by: Ishika Keswani and Ananya Aggarwal 265.00

    Just like Severus Snape from ‘Harry Potter’ or The Joker from the ‘Batman’ movies, mathematics is a subject that is more often than not, highly misunderstood and villainized. Often referred to as ‘pointless’, ‘useless’, and ‘unusable’, the study of mathematics is frequently discontinued by those who don’t see how they could possibly find a use for it in their future careers (especially those who are inclined to pursue social studies or more artistic paths).

    We say that is a big mistake.

    This universal language of math presents itself in every single field and activity out there, even though we may not always realize it. Whether you want to become a bestselling novelist, a choreographer of the ballet, or a world-renowned hydrologist, mathematics is guaranteed to help you achieve your dreams and push you closer to sweet success. In this book, we aim to show you how no matter which career path you’ve selected, mathematics has a part to play. Besides career paths, this book also includes three tales of the undeniable accomplishment by prominent figures who made effective use of mathematics in their respective fields.

    Happy Reading!

  • Adult Education and Lifelong Learning by: Dr. Madan Singh 770.00

    This book deals with all aspects of adult education and lifelong learning and their various dimensions including linkages. It presents a comprehensive and systematic account of adult education and lifelong learning activities in India and abroad. Along with an investigation of theoretical aspects of adult education and lifelong learning, it offers useful suggestions for literacy practitioners and adult education functionaries involved in the management and execution of adult education and lifelong learning at all levels. The book also contains necessary information regarding Saakshar Bharat – Mission 2012, its objectives, implementation strategies, methods, and ways to achieve the targets in a time-bound manner. This book will thus prove to be an indispensable tool for all adult education and lifelong learning activists, academics, practitioners, policy-makers, planners, etc. In the Twenty-First Century, this book will be extremely useful for the teachers and students specializing and pursuing studies in the area of adult education and lifelong learning in the institutions of higher learning including universities.

  • HR Analytics: Quantifying the Intangibles by: Anshul Saxena, Sharad Gupta, Jerin Jose, Kirupa Priyadarshini, Jayant Mahajan 333.00

    Analytics finds a place in every domain. It is no longer a prerogative of the scientists and statisticians. Analytics is gaining popularity within the Human Resource Management community for the last few years. This book has been written to introduce the emerging discipline of “Human Resource Analytics’ to its readers who are enthused by this phenomenon, want to know about it, and understand its applications in the Human Resource domain. The target audience for the book is the students who have taken up bachelor’s, master’s degree programs in the field of management or enthusiasts who have even a wee-bit understanding of HR and are interested in diving deeper into the subject. The readers will develop insights into the topics like primary metrics, KPIs, and processes involved in different HR subdomains like recruitment and employee engagement. It takes the user through essential concepts in an easy-to-read manner, defines the often use terminologies, and then talks about the implementation and benefits of analytics in HR processes. This is a short handbook written by the students of Christ (Deemed to be University) Lavasa, Pune for the HR community. Hopefully, through this endeavor, we will enrich the journey of knowledge seekers traveling through the knowledge pyramid.

  • World of Values by: Aastha Walia & Devange Gupta 413.00

    “World of Values” is a book that absorbs the values and lessons transferred by cartoons and exposes them to the kids in the language they comprehend the best: “Language of characters”. “World of Values” is an attempt to provide a passage to these young kids to view their favourite characters through the pages of a book rather than through the television screen. It strives to assist children in developing various life skills to face the adversities of life and live a good lifestyle.


    Water hyacinth is used as a water-clearing .The roots absorb impurities, and can lock up floating particles from the water, so its consider “purifying” the water. The foliage helps to provide shade and the roots provide filtration, a spawning area for the pond fish, and absorb excess nutrients from the water, helping to reduce algae. It also is the best water clarifier due to it has a tropical nature. It can absorb large amounts of organic and inorganic pollutants and other nutrients and elements. It is this ability to pick up heavy metals which has led to the suggestion that water hyacinth could be used to help clean industrial effluent in water. The technology of using water hyacinth for the treatment of wastewater is an alternative method to the conventional methods available. It is more cost effective and as an excellent bio indicator of water pollution. Its adsorption efficiency and adsorption capacity of each metal, and its ability to remove pollution from industrial water highlighted their remarkable performances compared to other aquatic plant species. It’s very good results were seen in Sewage water. The roots of Water hyacinths naturally absorb pollutants including lead, mercury, and strontium, as well as some organic compounds which are carcinogenic in nature. The plant itself, although more than 90% water, has a fibrous tissue and a high energy and protein content, and can be used for a variety of useful applications such as Fibre board, Charcoal briquetting, Yarn and rope, Fish feed. Animal fodder and Water purification.

  • Cognitive Remediation Workbook for Alcohol Use Disorder by: Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Keshav J. Kumar, Dr. Vivek Benegal, and Dr. B. N. Roopesh 1,500.00

    The Cognitive Remediation Workbook for Alcohol Use Disorder consists of 11 cognitive retraining tasks aimed to facilitate cognitive/executive functioning. This workbook describes in detail, its clinical usefulness for persons with alcohol use disorder and potential applicability in other clinical conditions based on neuropsychological profile/cognitive dysfunctions. It covers highly relevant cognitive remediation/retraining tasks for an adult for the multidomain cognitive training program, includes tasks for attention, encoding and error
    detection, cognitive flexibility, reasoning, working memory (both verbal and visuospatial modality), inhibitory control, verbal fluency, verbal learning, and memory. The cognitive remediation tasks were developed to suit the Indian population for both literate as well as with less formal education as most of the tasks are not verbally loaded to ensure usability by individuals from varied backgrounds.

  • Problems in Physics by: S.Ratnakar 1,440.00

    The book is a compilation of my sleepless nights & hard work for the welfare of students who are determined to achieve victory in Physics. It’s an all-rounder master book with the solutions for all your physics problems. The selection of content within the book is based on the author’s 10 years of teaching experience, interaction in the classroom with his students. This book can replace many books a student is supposed to refer, & hence the book serves as a savior for students. In this fast-paced world, this book will be a time-saver yet meaningful & relevant for all the students of class 12th standards.

    The book is a humble first attempt at presenting to the students of class XII their complete syllabus prescribed by CBSE in a clear-cut and coordinated manner. The book, based on NCERT pattern, has been carefully designed how to solve numerical based problems as easy and straight forward as possible.

    The book contains about 500+ numerical based problems. For students convenience each chapter opens with a time-saving glimpse of the principal formulas for the relevant area of physics.

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