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  • Human Inhuman by: Prados Mishra.. 325.00

    He was born from the womb of a homeless, diseased beggar. Neither did he know about his father nor was he aware of his birthday horoscope. Before he could start dreaming of life he was sold to a sorcerer having blind faith in mysticism. The boy was destined to be sacrificed before Maa Kali so that the sorcerer is bestowed with the blessings from the Goddess. But by the quirk of fate he was once again sold to a Muslim, the owner of a meat shop. There the boy experienced life, leading to a blind alley. With the passage of time he had to run away desperately and found shelter in a temple. Unfortunately that seat of piety was harboring wickedness and adultery in the name of God. Subsequently he discovered himself in a hospital bed of a Christian missionary having been badly injured. He fell in love with a Nun. But for the Nun ‘Love’ was a forbidden fruit as she was under the vow of some rigid Faith. Dedicated to serve Religion had become too powerful a tool to alter the course of life. ‘Love’ was sacrificed at the altar of Faith. As if the human values of an individual is lost amidst the extraneous cover of selfish aggrandizement. Religion becomes an inescapable identifying factor before the human race. The society plunges into the heinous crime of arson, murder while setting lives and properties into fire. Fights continue between brothers, between father and son all for Gods created by men.

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