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  • Roohani ishq by: Preeti Bindal 149.00
    Through this book, it is presented to all of you an expression of love . Waiting for union and expressing the wait through series of poems and extracts . There is no talk of ordinary love here, but how does it become austerity going forward. The pure form of love is being talked about here, that is why it is named “spiritual love”. When the lover goes away and the beloved cop ups drowning herself in Krishna’s devotion in the thirst of union and in the heat of love , she does not curse but gives thanks, an honor and makes him the medium of her penance, cultivating herself like Meera. She gets absorbed in it. The complete expression of that love through these poems is here with complete dedication and devotion.
    She believes that love is not a thing to acquire ,  but to be someone.
    Although not physically available in this world, it can be played at the bottom of the soul.
    Love is not just a matter of some romantic moments, but that pain, that tenacity, those tears filled with prayers, heads bowed in prostration, and worship of the man.
                    “Love is waiting”
                    “Love is the journey”
                     “Love is penance”.
    A self-expression is a collection of own experiences! And the purpose of sharing it with everyone is to practice love and live it. Drink the pain found in it as nectar, make it easily acceptable.
    Just like a rose is very beautiful, its fragrance is very beautiful, its touch is soft and comforting, so the love is relaxed but
    Just as there are thorns in the rose, they give pain, in the same way, the pain in love is also a part of it, as two sides of the same coin . His exclusion means exclusion of love. Love is the blessing of God, and here is an expression of spiritual love in front of you all through this book named ” Roohani Ishq
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