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    यह कहानी हिमाचल प्रदेश के एक छोटे से गाँव में अठारवीं शताब्दी के अंत में घटित एक सती के विषय में है जो आमतौर पर स्थानीय भाषा में प्रायः सुनाई जाती है। यह एक सच्ची घटना है जिसे मैंने कुछ शब्दों में प्रस्तुत करने की कोशिश की है…… इसमें वर्णित सभी नाम काल्पनिक हैं। अगर संयोगवश कोई नाम आपत्तिजनक लगता हो तो क्षमाप्रार्थी हूँ। यह कहानी उन सभी सती को समर्पित है जो समाज की ऐसी कुरीतियों का शिकार हुई हैं। मैं कामना करता हूँ कि अब कभी इस प्रकार का दुराचार समाज में घटित न हो!
    बालकराम मनकोटिया

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    Happily ever after’ is becoming a challenging goal in the context of modern day marriages. Through her book ‘Jab karni ho baat pakki’ the author wishes to create an awareness among all those who have decided to get married, that if you work towards it, it can be for real. And that for a happy marriage, a serious forethought and preparation much before the actual marriage takes place, can make marriage their dream come true !

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    The Indian Army is one of the largest and most professional armies of the world. A commission in the Army is the dream of many, which only a privileged few can attain. An even fewer number get to graduate from the portals of the prestigious Indian Military Academy. In order to get into the Indian Military Academy, a young graduate needs to clear a written exam, followed by a very tough selection board and a thorough medical evaluation. Once one is inducted into the IMA, then begins the gruelling training of one and a half years, during which period a young man transforms into ‘an officer and a gentleman’. This is a story of that year and a half. This book is a narrative in the form of diary entries of the entire training process of one and a half years, as told from a mother’s perspective, whose son is undergoing the training in the Academy. Based on research, the account contains details of the psychological, physical, mental and emotional moulding of a young man that happens in the Academy – how a handful of like-minded young men get transformed into a band of brothers who learn to bond, respect, stand for and by each other and have a common goal – a commitment to the nation. It is a narrative of the fun, the camaraderie, the punishments, and the training in the IMA, and shows how morals, values, ethics and a complete dedication to the nation are imbibed by a young man in his journey of becoming An Officer and A Gentleman.

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    Forests in India were managed under common property regime, till the British arrived. People were living around forests, and it was assessed that the FD alone would not be able to protect forests. This brought in the concept of Joint Forest Management (JFM). Participation of communities was taken up in other sectors due to enactment of PRA, 1992, PESA, 1996, BDA, 2002, and FRA, 2006. These legislations were found to be in conflict with JFM. The book propagates JFM to be replaced by the more comprehensive and legally robust concept of Participatory Forest Management (PFM), to be implemented through a new institution of Participatory Forest Management Society (PFMS) with Gram Panchayat (GP) suggested to be nodal. Such PFM-managed forests are expected to take care of sustenance of forest resources, aid in climate change mitigation, and lead to socio-economic development and prosperity of communities involved. Although the book is based on illustrations and examples from India, the principles, strategies and processes discussed can be applied globally.

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    A renowned financial expert, R K Mohapatra has a vast experience of 27 years in personal finance and retirement planning across various investment products, analysis of mutual funds, cash and wealth management. The book, “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” is ideal for investors who are looking for a deeper understanding of mutual funds; benefits of investing mutual funds: equity, debt and liquid funds; the cost of investment and its risk & returns. This comprehensive handbook from the author outlines the details of mutual funds, its composition, and the operational and regulatory mechanism, which enables the common man to invest his hard-earned money to achieve specific goals. It helps investors select appropriate mutual funds with risk and return which is suitable for their goals. The author’s wide experience of personal and retirement planning helps readers understand the subject easily and enables them to manage their hard-earned money in a disciplined manner by investing in various categories of mutual funds: large-cap funds, multi-cap funds, mid & small-cap funds, interval funds, hybrid value funds and debt funds through SIP route in order to maximize their wealth.

    Other bestselling books by R K Mohapatra are:
    Retirement Planning: A Simple Guide for Individuals.
    Investment Risk & Growth: A Guide for Investors about Investment Vehicles.

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    NECTAR OF BLESSED MIND is a collection of modern poems on man’s eternal struggle for existence and how he overcomes every challenge with his power of love,faith, humanity and wisdom.

    Poverty and its massive impact on human life,identity crisis, life force,futility of human expectations,irony in love and relationship,
    ,the place of women in the society,spirituality,man and nature and the eternal battle between life and death form the major themes of the collection.

    Some poems may be read from the structural approach.

    The poetic diction is thought provoking to make an amalgamation of fancy, imagination, reality and philosophy for the poetic pleasure of the reader.

    NECTAR OF BLESSED MIND by: Manabendra Kuila 185.00 175.00
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    “EK TUKDA JINDAGI” Touches all aspects of life. This book take you to the journey from childhoods home to the earnings of city. It comprises the ‘Gazals’ of love, the poetry of memories, and try to rise voice against orthodoxy and comunalism and also includes poetry of social hormony and patriotism. As I believe this book will certainly connect with the readers.

    Ek Tukra Jindgi by: Ranjeet Katiyar 159.00 119.00
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    While sitting under the midnight sky, She lets the words running wild in her mind flow down onto a sheet of paper. She lets her emotions run wild and her thoughts fly high, She sets no boundaries, No limitations to her imagination. Night after night, The same story repeats, Under the midnight sky, She writes and she writes. She writes not to satisfy the thirst of others, lack of entertainment, But rather, She wishes to be able to take her readers, To a place of nostalgia. She writes to be able to show them, That sometimes, When emotions get the best of us, Beautiful things can yet be made.

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    When the dew drops on the flowers, the expression of love of nature is awe-inspiring! This book is like a rose and the poems in it are like those warm dewdrops … !! It has an accent, scheme and many faces of love.
    Love is embedded in it’s universe and it’s universe is love.

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    If you feel that this book will somehow give you a solution to any of your problems, I am extremely sorry but that’s neither the intent nor the content. In fact, I will be very frank and advise you to stay away from such superficial words like “solution”. If at all there was any solution to anything in life, what’s the whole struggle all about! Only a handful of people could ever attempt to seek ultimate solutions and they had to give up everything else. When you have nothing, you have no issues or problems or challenges or dissatisfaction. If that sounds like your idea of solution, or anybody’s idea of solution for you, its implementation would result in irrelevance of your existence.

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    Have you ever fallen in Love in your Life? If yes, then you are welcome to the Life of R.J. (Rajat Johari) and Riya. Schoolboy R.J. In the era of social media platforms, when R.J. sees Riya for the first time, his heart, or should I say, his will, forces him to communicate with Riya. A social media platform helps him move towards his aspiration, but… Dimpled and Braided Hair Girl Riya Riya is aware of R.J.’s feelings, but as R.J. tries to communicate with her, because of his poor English, she sees him as a moron. Under a certain circumstance, R.J. finally decides to share his feelings. But does the result come out in their favour? With the passage of time, R.J. faces defeat in his love and loses his armour. He tries to regain his love, but things have changed and he doesn’t get any opportunity to communicate. This time, social media also fails to help him, but his friends help him realise his love. After facing the realities of life, R.J. finally moves towards the one wrong decision. Will R.J.’s love win in the battle versus pride? Rajat Johari is a boy from the small town of Pilibhit (U.P.). He has always liked to live his life in anonymity, but once, for some reason, he picked up his pen and began to write this book with the title, One Wrong Decision.

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    Chaitanya Upadhyay is from Dashrath a village in Vadodara, Gujarat. He has completed his schooling from Ankur Vidyalaya Dashrath and his Post graduation in Chemistry and from childhood itself he was fond of writing, he clearly remembers his first line which he wrote in the back of his Social Studies notebook in class 5 “mere ye pal ki zindagi” and now from the desk of his School, now he is a member of film Writers Association, completed more than 900 songs and has published his first thriller love story.

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    I am especially grateful to the great saint Mr. Abhilash Sahab, whose philosophy and soft words inspired me for this great work. But I am especially thankful to the founder of the International Krishna Bhavnamrita Sangh, the great scholar and a visionary Shri Shrimad A. C. Bhakti Vedant Swami Prabhupada ji whose precious work made this difficult work easy. By the way, it would be my audacity to say even less about the contribution of Srimad Bhagavadgita Bhashya published from GitaPress.

    However, lack of education and lack of resources also created mental barriers. There was also fear in my mind that due to the lack of education, should any publication publish this work of mine or not. But I am thankful to Bluerose Publishers from the bottom of my heart, which not only got me excited but also published it and also guided me for the publication.

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a unique book. This is spirituality, this is science, this is the complete solution to human curiosities. Then, how can it be possible for a human like me to write about a book whose words contain the summary of all the major Hindu scriptures? This is a trivial effort of mine and how successful I have been in this is to be tested on the affection of my learned readers. So, keeping this in front of the readers, I am heartfully grateful to them

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    Visualise a #missionapp on your mobile that will navigate you from where you are now to create the most splendid, enriching and fulfilling life that you could have ever imagined. This trusted app is none other than your ‘Self’, the dependable surveillance system to let you soar higher than your expectations.

    The most exciting part of this journey is to identify your vision and to manifest them mindfully while overtaking the vicious cycle of thoughts, feelings an.d emotions. Through this app, you, the true Magician / Alchemist, will realise your greatest dream of becoming a better version of your ‘self’ in 2020 and beyond. This mobile is your ‘life’ with an inbuilt app i.e. your ‘self’

    Welcome on board for #missionlife now.

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    This book was written with 20 years of experience in the fields of herbal research, pharmaceuticals and other health-related fields. Most interesting and valuable concepts like natural foods (chemical-free), natural treatment systems, how to win over tension naturally, yoga, meditation, changing behaviour, natural solutions for sex problems, herbal and home remedies, environmental protection, etc. are discussed. This book expounds natural and easy ways to make yourself complete healthy. You need to follow the natural methods and systems of the above-mentioned health-related areas to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Please keep in mind that this book is an INSTRUCTION MANUAL to gain complete health. To put it in a nutshell, “This is a no-cost or low-cost natural self-treatment system.”

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    Bijoy Bhuyan, is an artist by heart and an aesthete by soul. He passionately pursues nature in its bountiful shapes, colors, vibes, and fragrances as well as dreams which, according to him, make human beings, the most creative creatures in this beautiful universe.
    An alum of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, Bijoy graduated in Fine Arts, a subject that always mesmerized him since childhood. He is now himself a teacher of Fine Arts, an apostle of Art Conservation and the author of his maiden book “Art to Heart”.
    Bijoy has always found a strong inclination towards music, culture, and the preservation of cultural art and heritage. This insatiable desire to conserve nature and its endowments brought him to the most prestigious Indian institutions such as the Raja Man Singh Tomar Music & Arts University in Gwalior, where he postgraduated in Fine Arts. Also, Bijoy holds a conservation traning from NRLC, Lucknow. Additionally, he completed training in Museology at the Department of Museology from M.S.U. Baroda, and Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai.

    Art to Heart by: Bijoy Bhuyan 523.00
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    Have you been conditioned to be a WINNER in whatever you do at any cost? Do you feel ANXIOUS and MISERABLE when things don’t go according to your plans? Are you afraid of being a LOSER? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you may belong to the largest part of the human fraternity who has developed the wrong mindset of being a WINNER. In How To Be A Loser, Dr. Hardik Joshi shows you the tricks and techniques to be a LOSER of your negative traits which transforms you into a WINNER with the right mindset. All you need to do is make a decision and stick to it with determination and dedication.

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    The book discusses different concepts of innovation designed by the author and used by him in his journey towards improvement. It talks about the structuring of thought process to align oneself with the big picture of innovation. The book promises to present to the readers a completely different dimension of looking at innovation and creativity.

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    यहकहानीइसलिएकल्पनामेंआईक्योंकिआयेदिनसमाचारोंमेंयहखबरछपतीरहतीहैकिफलांजगहपरबलात्कारहुआ।कहींतोइतनाज्यादाकिनाबालिगलड़कियोंसेबलात्कारकीखबरआई।दिलकोबहुतठेसलगतीहैकिइसदेशकेइनपुरूषोंकोहोक्यागयाहै! इतनेज्यादातोजानवरभीपागलनहींहोतेजिनकातोनामहीजानवरहै, फिरयहइन्सानक्यों…….!

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    “It was never meant to be just a love story. Beacause destiny had other plans for both of them.”
    Bethany Carlson
    I was working, breathing, and living my life as it is.
    Where did you come from? And why?
    Do you even know how you shattered my so called Mirage?
    Because left in bits and pieces, I was a forgotten cry.
    You demanded the truth. But… I was a complete lie.
    gerald fletcher
    I wish I knew all the answers to the where, when, and how.
    How will I ever explain the pull I had when I first saw you wishing someone to whisk you away?
    From the Lies, Crowd, Pretense.
    Beacause I knew you were the trouble I was going to invite in my life.
    So, I couldn’t stop myself from barging into yours.
    The only thing is, you are stuck behind the walls.
    You don’t want to be solved and saved.
    And I can’t let you walk alone.
    Not now.
    Not ever…so screw me.

    Mirage by: Nilakshi Garg 299.00 200.00
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    El aprendizaje de la neuroanatomía es un reto. En esta obra hemos construido un sencillo texto que nace del interés del estudiante de medicina para comprender el mundo de la neuroanatomía. Sencillo, pero no simple, esa es nuestra perspectiva de la neuroanatomía. Este libro brinda elementos fundamentales para el aprendizaje de conceptos neuroanatómicos. La lectura de este texto contribuirá a enriquecer nuestros conocimientos del sistema nervioso de manera amena.

    Neuroanatomia by: Amit Agrawal 199.00
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    This is a Reference Book and a piece of research work. This book is useful for the academicians , research scholars and any type of book readers.

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    Title … Adhura Khwab is a book of my poems Individuals are a part of society. Society itself turns the person over time into poets, writers, poets etc. In this book, I have written some poems about love, pain, sensation, etc. Love is a great element of human life, the person manifests it in different ways, the purpose of writing this book is to bring unity, love, brotherhood in the society, the basic purpose of this book is to enhance humanity.

    I believe that everything is love in human life

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    The story is about a boy who after going through so many complicated relations found the girl he loved. It’s is about how every time he messed up every relation he was in. It’s about how he finally found his love in a marriage where she was indeed the bride-to-be. The story is about how he finally realized that she is the one and how the story turned up. It is about how any story left incomplete, is yet to be completed.

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    “Yes, you are my favorite Mistake” is a collection of beautiful poetries, quotes and nano tales.
    From socio-economic to love to motivation to fantasies, this book is everything a reader could wish for, and is merged into one.
    Every writer, every story, every poem and every write-up capture a little piece of life.
    Together these stories form a beautiful mosaic of fantasies, reality and a touch of individuality.

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    While parenting is a big challenge, it can be fun too. Good Parenting is the need of the hour irrespective of gender bias. Parenting is a community subject, each parent is stressed about the upbringing of their children.The millennial era has thrown open challenges not only for parents but for children too like influence of social media and mobile menace.

    Boy means blue, Girls mean Pink is no longer a right approach of parenting.Parenting is not only about right education and good values, it is about sharing life lessons learnt, therefore, it is part of parental legacy. A strong emphasis is laid on the fact that parenting should have an age limit.

    One on one interviews with colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbours, few lessons that I learnt after committing mistakes, sum total of my own upbringing, personal life experiences gathered hitherto are candidly talked.

    There are few suggested approach as to how to deal with this day and age issues in a positive manner.

    In nurturing a child, both parents have equally important role therefore,


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    This book Stories of Resilience, brings to life stories of badly wounded world of children, who ultimately offer an incredible message of
    encouragement and hope to all readers. Children who have healed themselves and one another from the deepest personal injuries of child
    rapes, sexual violence, child marriage, intergenerational poverty and patriarchy. Protsahan’s dear friend and renowned author, Ramendra Kumar
    says, “I got slender threads of fact, from the Founder of Protsahan, around which I had to weave tales of fiction that would showcase the resilience
    of the Protsahan girls in the face of almost impossible odds. The brief given to me was to tell stories which would epitomise the spirit but not reveal
    the persona of the girls in the remotest way. It was a tough task, possibly one of the most challenging ones I have ever undertaken. The book is my
    tribute to the girls of Protsahan – the angels who are ready to fly despite the broken wings, smothered hopes and smudged dreams…”
    As director and founder of Protsahan India Foundation, working against child abuse in every form, Sonal Kapoor, has borne witness to the
    devastating consequences of the most unspeakable acts of violence against children in the past decade of her work at grassroots for India’s
    most vulnerable children and girls. Furthermore, she has seen firsthand how victims of inhumanity have found the inner strength to overcome lifealtering
    trauma with renewed faith and have even regained humor and optimism at Protsahan. Book’s author, Ramendra over long interview
    based research with the Protsahan team, has beautifully, subtly and intricately described selfhealing
    in children in an ambience of love and
    through trauma informed compassionate care model of Protsahan. He includes the importance of verbalizing and owning one’s own story and
    the importance of faith, as he writes from the wisdom of his experience not only as a writer as much as a believer for those children and adults on
    the path to healing. His empowering message is that the invisible wounds left by violence are not intractable, that people can and will persevere.
    He offers a handful of real life stories that transformed forever through Protsahan’s deep work with children within India’s slums. This passionately
    written book contains many moving stories of children and adolescent girls, of recovery from trauma. This book has also been recommended for
    academic and specialized collections in mental health and counseling through an extremely simple storytelling approach.

    This book will change forever, how you view children from difficult circumstances. It will teach you, they are not ‘underprivileged’ as most of the
    world likes to call them, instead, they are truly, ‘resilient’.

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    In the slum neighborhoods where Protsahan works, educating children, especially girls has never been a priority
    for most families. Sexual and physical abuse is also quite common. Given the situation, it is necessary to educate
    the children and their parents about sexual off ences and their eff ects on children’s health and wellbeing.
    It is of utmost importance for every parent to educate their children about the threats of physical and sexual
    abuse. While planning to launch an educational storybook that talks about sexual abuse and the laws in place to
    address it eff ectively for children, we realized the need to ensure that such a book must be written in the simplest
    of words. Yet, it had to be interactive so that the readers may engage in the book, and then start conversations on
    the topic of Child Sexual Abuse.
    With the help of our donors and supporters, we are now ready to take this initiative to millions of children in
    India, UK, USA, and South Africa, and educate them about the laws in place to protect them from sexual abuse
    and abusers.
    This book is written and designed to ensure that children and their parents understand the legal framework
    available to help them if they come across a case of sexual abuse being committed against a child around them.
    We hope that this book will help all of us understand better that in such a case, a child is not responsible for the
    actions of the accused. That would be the fi rst step to ensure justice for the children, and eradicate the scourge of
    child sexual abuse from our society.

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    This book is the collection of my stories which have published on social sites and news papers. All the stories are fiction, non-fiction and imotional life of people’s of our society and some stories are based on the relationship between man and woman.

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    EIA, or Environmental Impact Assessment, is a subject that deals with the impacts of any project on the environment and all the ecosystems connected with it. There are certain procedures that are standardised, which we follow from the beginning of a project before it is sanctioned. The book covers a study of almost all the possible impacts upon the surrounding environment and the efforts to control or mitigate them before the project’s commencement or during the development of the project or after its execution. Certain issues surrounding the implementation of projects inducing air or water pollution can be mitigated through certain standardisations for the concentration of pollutants that is allowed in the upper limits. Also, the assessment of all the impacts before and after the project are carried out and studied as a whole to reduce the impacts further….

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