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  • Shwet Prishtha by: Abhishek shukla 159.00

    बहुत दूर और बहुत देर तक चलने के बाद पता चलता है कि हम चल क्यों रहे हैं । वास्तव में हम अपनी एक ऐसी दुनिया की तलाश में होते हैं जो इस दुनिया से कम से कम रत्ती भर तो बेहतर हो । यह किताब किसी ऐसी ही दुनिया में जाने का एक रास्ता है । एक ऐसा रास्ता जो सफर भर में हमें यह बताता जाता है कि हम अपने आपकी ओर आहिस्ता आहिस्ता बढ़ रहे हैं । “श्वेत पृष्ठ” समाज के अंतर्द्वंदों, विरोधाभाषों और आडंबरों पर जहां एक ओर गहरी चोट करती है वहीं दूसरी तरफ़ प्रकृति से जुड़ाव को सफलता का मूल मंत्र बताते व एक नई दुनिया की सैर कराते हुए समाज में सकारात्मक ऊर्जा का संचार करती है ।

    -राष्ट्रीय सहारा

    “श्वेत पृष्ठ के कवि का आत्मदाह से प्रकाश उपजाने का उनका संकल्प उनकी रचनाओं को धारदार बना देता है । अभिषेक की कविताएं सद्भावनाओं पर शब्द और भावों के हथौड़े से निरंतर चोट करती हुई दिखती है । रूढियां चाहे देश, समाज, जाति, धर्म, ऊंच नीच, भाषा भाव अथवा लिपि ही क्यों न हों कवि उनका पक्षधर न होकर सच्चे मानव मूल्यों के बंद दरवाज़ों और गवाक्षों को खोलता है । युवा कवि अपने भावुक मन और अपने तरल सरल शब्दों की योजना से पाठक को पूरी मार्मिकता के साथ सोचने के लिए विवश कर देता है ।”

    -योगेंद्र मणि त्रिपाठी


  • INDOGRAPHIA (An insight to Indian Geography) by: Ashutosh Aman 150.00

    Best Book of Indian Geography for college going students

  • Operation Mirage by: Vijay Chenji 295.00

    Maj Gen Shiv, a recently promoted dashing General is called upon by the Army Commander, to undertake an Offensive task against Pakistan in the Western Sector. He is simply elated. It is a TOP SECRET plan. Rehearsals are carried out. Nothing is left to chance. To Shiv it is an Operation that could alter the history of the Indian sub-continent. Everything is perfect. But even the best of plans do not go as per script. Just a few hours before launch of the Operation, something has gone horribly wrong. The whole plan has got compromised. A shocked Shiv knows the culprit is someone close but not sure who. He is in a fix because the only one who knows about the plan besides him is none other than his boss.

    Set in the back drop of 1971 War between India and Pakistan, Op MIRAGE is a military fiction describing thrilling account of glorious ups and downs and uncertainties of war.

    The book is about fighting between two bitter neighbors who are shackled by unpleasant history, syncretic culture and complex relationship. It covers in detail about how Pakistan was cut to size leading to emergence of Bangladesh. The book gives a glimpse into the working of Pak espionage and intelligence agencies.

    The reader also gets a fair idea as to how India lost opportunities to exploit a grand victory.

    Although the plot of this book is a military fiction it is based on some of the true events which the author who participated in the war personally experienced .

    To the present generation who find it hard to believe that Bangla Desh was East Pakistan this book is a must read.

    The language used is simple and free of technical jargon so as it make it is easy for non military readers to follow and enjoy.

  • LIFE-A Contradiction by: Megha Agarwal 165.00

    “Life : a contradiction” is a revealing set of poems which shows some spirituality you can relate. Every truth has its own counterpart, which contradicts it…..and much more. Rest you can assured that more of it is true than you will ever know.

  • STARTUPS FOR NEW INDIA by: Mohan Kumar 249.00

    A never-ending parable that will spark your interest in the startup.

  • Half Past Five by: V. Arora 162.00

    At some point in my life, I used to think, ‘How do people find words to write?’ and ‘How do they write songs and poems?’ It started with ‘I dwell in Possibility’ by Emily Dickinson, and soon I started dwelling in the possibility. These poems were written one poem a day, every day for 40 days continuously. Some days, it took two minutes to write; on some days, it took an eternity. On the days of eternal struggle, I had to list words from different places to weave them together. Some poems are from my collection over time.

  • Dewdrops on the Eyelashes by: Vasudha Chamber 150.00

    Good and evil exist in all of us in balance and harmony . The evil is always conspiring to tilt the balance in its favour and the test of human grit is evident in the way the ‘ good ‘ overcomes the onslaught of the evil in the end by using the tool of ‘ right ‘ expression which is a god given gift to all of us.
    Human endeavour is passionate and simple. It is we who make it complicated and full of obstacles.
    Decongest and declutter yourself and you will experience the most fascinating facet of this poetry called life.

  • Quarantine Dairies by: Adishree Kasliwal 224.00

    This book tells the story of a young teenage girl who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. With her courage and hard work, she remained isolated and ensured the virus did not spread to any other family member living in the house. It gives an insight into her day-to-day life in quarantine. She penned down her daily experiences and emotions; which she later converted into this book. Read to find her experiences, feelings, struggles, and learnings throughout her 14-day isolation.

  • Nadiopacharatantram by: 259.00

    जस वा को ुनया आज एूेशर और एूपंर के नाम सेजानती ह,वुतः वो भारतीय
    योगशा का एक छोटा सा हा ह। सुखमय जीवन तीत करतेए मो ा के यास मअसर
    होनेके लए सुगम उपाय ह- नाोपचार। इस पुक मयोग वणत नाडय ारा शरीर के वभ
    बीमारय का सरल उपचार सुझाया गया ह। उपचार क वध बतायी गयी हनाडय के आधार पर, इसी
    कारण इसका नाम नाोपचारतम्रखा गया ह। त का अथयहाँसम (वध) सेह,न क कुछ
    और। अु।

  • A Chequered Sea Of Emotions by: Kavita Ravindranath 100.00

    While sailing through the varied emotions of life, seldom do we take a pause and actually taste them in the true sense. Sometimes it becomes mandatory to take a break and dive into them. As you read this book, page by page, you will feel the taste of every emotion lingering on your tastebuds long after you have read it. Come, live your emotions!

  • JALLAD by: Dheeraj Giri Nihalaney 149.00

    The Criminal Justice system for outraging a woman’s modesty is a painfully slow and tedious process in India, except in some cases which get media attention like Nirbhaya’s case. But even in that particular case, a juvenile was set free after three years. Do you think that justice was done? Weren’t you all aghast when this man was set free after three years? Don’t you think that such juveniles must also have been hanged? It’s unfortunate that even today many cases involving outraging a woman’s modesty get unreported in our country, especially in small towns and villages, for the fear of social stigma. Don’t you wonder that how can we take such criminal molesters to task?

    Do you ever wonder that how a molester or an eve teaser can be taught such a lesson that will instil a sense of fear in their minds and hearts that they will not dare commit the same mistake again?

    Is there a better way to deliver justice? Can there be a better way to punish such criminals?

    Or is it time for “JALLAD”?

  • ಜಿಜ್ಙಾಸೆ – kannada poetry , karnataka , by: 121.00

    ಮ ೕತರು , ಬಂಧುಗಂ ಈ ಪಸಕವನುಹಂ , ಇದರ ಮೂಲಕ ಕನಡ ತ
    ಗ ಮತುಚುಚುಆಸಕರು ಈ ಮೂಲಕ ಓ ಗು ತಮ ಕ ಕವನಗಳನುಇಂತಹ ಆ
    ೖ ಗಳಪಕಸುವಂ ಹ ಗ. ಮಲರ ಕನಡ ನು ಆ .

  • Chalo naya sapana bunate hain by: Shiv Kumar 155.00

    The language of poetry is a universal gift of nature to us. The emotions- pain, joy and the bliss and the various states of being and of conscience- confused, inspired, dead or alive: Poetry is that one thing which can capture all that and express in a way in which even pain can give you a sense of contentment. It can give you hope and make you smile when you are surrounded by despair all around. It can keep you awake while you chase your dreams. It can show you the different aspects of the same life and inspire you to dream anew, afresh! जीवन हर दिन एक नया संघर्ष है। हर सुबह एक नयी शुरुआत हो, हर क्षण एक नयी प्रेरणा हो, बीते समय में खुद को टटोलें, नयी राह की आस न भूलें, एक जीवन है- जी लेते हैं, चलो नया सपना बुनते हैं।

    चलो नया सपना बुनते हैं- an anthology of Hindi poems about life, struggle, hope, inspiration and much more.

  • Muntazir-e-Fardaa: An Odyssey of Restoration by: Gaurab Banerjee 150.00

    Rahul has faced a lot of rejections and failures in his life. Despite being dejected by everything, he doesn’t lose hope, and instead, he finds hope in the smallest of things and in the greatest of people. After all the darkness, Rahul sees a ray of sunshine when Richa enters his life. Will Rahul give himself a second chance or will it be one more unfinished story? This book has redefined second chances. The Author Gaurab Banerjee believes that our life experiences tend to shape our actions and hence, we take a step back when it comes to giving a second chance to ourselves. But is it easy to learn from the past and let it go or escape from the future?

  • The Search for Value in Supply Chains by: Procyon Mukherjee 799.00

    The book, “The Search for Value in Supply Chains”, is about the journey of the author (Procyon Mukherjee) over 34 years in the field of supply chains that spanned continents and covers several aspects of global supply chains and the puzzles around them. On one hand, it is about his experiences, it is also about the experiences of many others in the Universities of learning from Operations Planning, Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement and Finance; these universities are actually the workplaces where the puzzles in the supply chain get created day in and day out and get solved as well. The book unravels some of the complexities that entail supply chain dynamics, which could be in planning, procurement, or logistics. The examples in his book are taken from global supply chains as much as from local set-ups. The book captures very unique puzzles, including the ones created during the Covid-19 pandemic, the disruptions that come once during a lifetime. The object of the book is to reach supply chain practitioners and leaders and facilitate their journey, which is becoming complex by the day. Topics covered a span from Strategic dimensions, planning puzzles, organizational Enforcements, Core logistics to the Procurement Principles, Data integration, and Sustainability. Numerous case studies capturing the essence of problem-solving in diverse supply chains are part of the book. The purpose of the book is to evince interest in raising more questions and inquiries into the vast field of supply chain management and in the process sharpen the understanding of the subject.

  • Business Administration & Role of Team Leader by: Swarup Das 649.00

    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the aspiring students in
    engineering, MBA and Professionals in various position in corporate world.
    Further, this book will give you a comprehensive idea about the various types of
    Business Administration, like, general management, marketing, strategic
    management, nancial management, Effective Team Development, Human
    Resource Management, Operations Management & SCM and Total Quality
    Management, etc and role of a team leader. I believe that this book will enable
    you use your brain up to the fullest to work smartly and achieve your goal in all
    endeavor. I fervently hope that this book will help the students to get a sound
    understanding of Business Administration & Leadership. I’m sure that this book
    fundamentally will increase your capability of getting good score in your
    organization, entrepreneurship, examination and interviews in a stress-free

  • Ishq by: Arun Johnson 150.00

    Ishq is a series of poems travelling through various conditions and dimensions of love and will definitely change your perspective on love and relationships. It also discusses the life of a common man, obstacles faced by him,his efforts for a better life and struggle for survival in today’s world. These poems also elucidates the importance of women and how are their dreams and aspirations are suppressed by fulfilling different roles and responsibilities of life.


    A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Poetry gives meaning to our thoughts and emotions. For many of us, it’s a way of understanding the world around us. ‘STRING OF PEARLS”, an anthology of 100 poems as a garland
    with well-knitted words is indeed a good collection overall. The writeups on various topics are given in a nutshell. The usage of words is elegant as picking up the jewels from a treasure trove. Each and every poem is presented with utmost care and concern gracefully. The style of writing in this soulful selection of poems is profound in its simplicity of verses. The readers can find this book as one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful collection of poems. For a novice poetry reader, this anthology may be an ideal collection to read. It is sure that this book will be suitable for all ages to read and enjoy.

  • Quantitative aptitude Practice sets by: Toshu Chaudhary 449.00

    perfectly suitable for preparing competitive exams like GRE, CSAT, SSC CGL, IBPS, SBI etc

  • Ada e urooj by: Dr. Oreena Ada 164.00

    A novel work by Dr Oreena Ada, a prominent signature in the world of Urdu literature, which contains fresh Gazels , depicting various shades of love… Also contains various other forms of Shayari such as Dohe, Rubai, Quita, Hamd and the Naat full of devotion and dedication. It is hoped that like Ada’s earlier publications, Ada – e – Uruz will also be welcome with similar love and honour.

  • EmoZeal by: Dr Mahesh Abhyankar 280.00

    A parable about human resilience and ultimately emerging as a winner with a Zeal. Beautifully crafted short stories about real life psychological issues that will inspire many to transform their situation.

    ‘EmoZeal, Saga of Emotional Lockdown’ is a book (fiction) about the experiential journeys of real people, trying to manoeuvre their way through a catastrophic, yet catalytic situation during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Each story depicts real life emotional issues and coping mechanisms that can inspire millions across the globe.

    There is hope and despair, love and break-ups, serenity and anxiety. Yet there is a ray of hope and awareness that transforms lives.

    We all have a journey to take. This book is a companion in the emotional turbulences faced by us in life. It reveals tales about the characters, each one vulnerable and yet resilient in their own ways. They face adversity, fall at times but ultimately emerge as a winner with a Zeal.

  • Unfolding Life by: Col N K Mohan (Retired) 200.00

    The author was commissioned in Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army after completing his post graduation in English literature from SD Dhawan Govt College Ludhiana. He retired after thirty years of distinguished service as Colonel. He had served in almost all types of terrains of the country; the snow covered mountains of the North East, the plains of the South, the deserts of Rajasthan, the Runn of Kuchh in the West and the mountain deserts of Leh and Ladakh. He had held various appointments during his service to include Command of an artillery regiment, Deputy Commander of an Artillery Brigade, Director recruiting and Command of a Military Police Unit.

    He had great interest in cultural activities right from his childhood. Besides writing, he spends his time in singing. He believes in living the life as it comes. Simplicity is his biggest asset.

  • Human Inhuman by: Prados Mishra.. 325.00

    He was born from the womb of a homeless, diseased beggar. Neither did he know about his father nor was he aware of his birthday horoscope. Before he could start dreaming of life he was sold to a sorcerer having blind faith in mysticism. The boy was destined to be sacrificed before Maa Kali so that the sorcerer is bestowed with the blessings from the Goddess. But by the quirk of fate he was once again sold to a Muslim, the owner of a meat shop. There the boy experienced life, leading to a blind alley. With the passage of time he had to run away desperately and found shelter in a temple. Unfortunately that seat of piety was harboring wickedness and adultery in the name of God. Subsequently he discovered himself in a hospital bed of a Christian missionary having been badly injured. He fell in love with a Nun. But for the Nun ‘Love’ was a forbidden fruit as she was under the vow of some rigid Faith. Dedicated to serve Religion had become too powerful a tool to alter the course of life. ‘Love’ was sacrificed at the altar of Faith. As if the human values of an individual is lost amidst the extraneous cover of selfish aggrandizement. Religion becomes an inescapable identifying factor before the human race. The society plunges into the heinous crime of arson, murder while setting lives and properties into fire. Fights continue between brothers, between father and son all for Gods created by men.

  • Website Banana Seekhiye by: Sunil Soni 150.00

    Today every person in this running life is very busy with some or the other work. Many people do good things but no suitable means is found to present that work, due to which everyone is unable to get the information about their efforts and they start getting destitute. I have prepared this book to increase the enthusiasm of all those people, in which I have told you the whole process of creating your own website step by step as the title of this book is “Website Banana Seekhiye” means you can create a website in an hour. If you start doing this, then you can also start a good business of your own and by planning well you can earn up to millions of rupees. If you want to create a website for yourself, then after studying this book you can prepare your website very easily and very quickly. My best wishes are always with you If we try, then one day we also succeed.

  • Jeevan jaldhi ke moti (Hardbound) by: Hukam Singh Dahiya ‘Jigyasu’ 240.00

    ‘जीवन जलधि के मोती ‘ ( Pearls of life of ocean) is a Hindi lyric poetry written by Shri Hukam Singh Dahiya Jigyasu on different aspects of life. The author has tried to bring out the concepts of emotions and beliefs and their impact on human mind. The author has divided his lyric poetry work into four parts.
    First part deals with the energy and creation of life , priorities of human beings at different stages of life, behaviour of children with their parents during various stages of life.

    Second part deals with the issues of distraction of mind, peace of mind and blissful mind.

    Third part deals with the nexus of religion and politics and their bad effects on human beings and how to come out of this deadly game.

    The last and fourth part of the poetry book deals with the issues of life and nature, concepts of God and pure religion.

  • Dahej Ek Buri Bala by: Monika Pradeep Pandey 100.00

    bhavri ager dar ka samna karti to jeet jati

  • Shabdhaar – Shabdon Ka Chalchitra by: Deepak gogia 239.00

    The Shabdhaar – Shabdon ka Chalchitra is an anthology which is a collection of poetries and poetic prose from various authors who have embedded their thoughts with great warmth and intensity.

  • Nostalgic Scribbles by: Sailesh Agnihotri 210.00

    An anthology compiled by 14 Young authors depicting different genres. All the stories portrayed are concerned with the respective author’s interest. Every story has its own charm of hidden emotions of the author, carved in a subtle way. The creative thoughts, emotions, experiences of the writers are beautifully put together to recreate your ‘nostalgic moments’ when you read each story. We hope this book helps you travel through your past, heal your wounds and helps you wake up with a cheerful smile.

  • A man of wonder by: D. MAHADHAR 199.00

    The seed of the banyan tree is so small as to be invisible to the naked eye, but once it begins to fall to the ground and germinate, no one can imagine what its cosmic form will be … It can soar into the sky with infinite form, and spread out in all directions around the world with quadrangles, With his waves, he can sink into the abyss and remain in this creation forever. Also in this story of novel.. (A man of wonder )an old man becomes a burden to them at home, gets stuck in a finger and falls on the road. ? .., Introduced to the world! ? . Did he stand on his own two feet? ! . Or .. what happened to old man in the end at all! ? .. This novel with the story of the suspenseful … written .. born man gittaka manadu … such a man in life so many strange, pictures, strange, why … God …! ? . After reading this book, Jabba slaps the hero (old man) in the story, saying that if the girls fall in love, the boys will live like weedy if they live .. In the same way, the whole world will rise up and salute to old man. Guaranteed … yours.

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