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    The novel predominantly deals with the element of misunderstanding. In our everyday lives too, we misunderstand many situations and suffer a lot of due to it. This story narrates a life of a girl which is spoiled due to misunderstandings. What are these misunderstandings?

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    The Speaking Soul is a collection of poignant pieces of poetry whose main motive is to highlight the inner feeling that the soul experiences in day to day life. It portrays life to be all about balance and whatever feeling one has buried deep within but finds it hard to express.It is a book with which every single soul could relate and go back in their past for the glimpse of the memories they had. The Speaking Soul itself is a message for all to give paramount to each feeling that arouses from the inner core of their heart.

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    This, Grade Initial and 1, book helps you learn how to sight read guitar music from scratch. Besides systematically arranged lessons, on elements of guitar sight reading, by an experienced teacher, this book gives you 150+ self assessment assignments and exercises. It is designed to help you take the sight reading section of your practical exams, which in turn, indirectly helps you improve the interpretation of your performance pieces. Depending on how well you practice, this book can help you improve your score in the practical exams held worldwide. Even if you are not taking the exam and only want to learn how to sight read, then this book is for you.

    Learn about Stave / Staff, Clef, Note Names (UK/US), Note Symbols & Values, Rest Symbols & Values, Dynamics, Time Signatures, Counting Beats in a Time Signature, Tempo, Dynamics and Key Signature, Articulation and Accidental Symbols, Repeats, Double Bar Line, Fermata.

    Practice using the note recognition exercises, self assessments and sight reading exercises.

    This book is suitable for Self Learners, Students and Teachers.
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    This book is the collection of stories which contains the sweet and sour memories of the family, dedication of mother towards her children’s, behavior of the son towards his old parents, mutual relationship between friends, adjustments of husband and wife, understanding between lovers. All these aspects are very well trailed by the author in her story and knitted then as beats of rosary.

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    We all are little broken. But the last time when I checked broken colours, still colour remains the same…

    Such was a broken colour named Annupama. A butterfly which came out of the cocoon to fly with its colourful wings. However, she was shown a limited sky.
    Annupama, a woman full of dreams, a hope for a successful career, and a lovely soul. But life planned something vicious for her. Something unexpected that was not easy to digest. A noble soul trapped in bitter luck. But accepting and giving the best solution to any challenges in spite of being hated, thrown out and disrespected, she did the best for the ones that were in her life.

    She lost the people whom she loved the most, from whom she would get the best of the love. It’s not easy to love the ones knowing that they would not revert. Sometimes the strongest amongst us are the ones who smile through the silent pain, cry behind closed doors and fight the battles that nobody knows about…

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    “Abhilasha” is author’s debut book in which he has made an attempt to express his emotions to the events which are happening around him. Words of those who are not able to share their emotions with anybody and the endless suffering of the valiant creatures have been presented in very simple words. “He did not come one day, he did not wake up like every day, he could not hear that song,” he said.

    The author has the ability to show positive outlook to the reader through poetry. While touching some poems, the poet has presented love, country, farmer, rain, life, and lust.

    Abhilasha by: Anurag Kumar 70.00
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    “Wisdom of the Wise we get from their writings and sayings, in so far as they are available to us.” It is a fact that this saying sharpens our intellect much more than our stereotyped university curriculum. Since my early year, and till date, I have been collecting and reading them with much interest and pleasure as of my natural leaning. This booklet contains only a few of those quotes picked up from my vast compilation.

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    Solar ponds represent one of the simplest methods for directly collecting solar irradiation and converting it to thermal energy. Moreover, it is a solar power collector and a thermal storage unit at the same time. Salt gradient solar pond technology is ideally suited to arid and semi-arid areas, the thermal energy from which can then be employed to generate power for desalination purposes. Salinity-gradient solar technologies can deliver energy at night or during periods of cloudy weather with no short-term degradation in quality. It saves money as the cost associated with it is only its initial cost.”

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    This book is divided into several chapters and sections covering all the components of the syllabus. It will help to clarify all your basics and facilitate an overall revision. The book is easy in language and is self-explanatory. It helps to prepare self notes too. Assignments are also given at the last the page of the book to further strengthen your skills.

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    The book “Sparsh” is a collection of poems written on various topics such as love, society, poverty, farmers, nature, family, and many more. The topics are randomly selected by the poet but each poem touches the heart. The book is only of 60 pages but each page will leave a pleasant smile on the face of its reader.

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    “Love always had us one, reason tore us into you and me.”

    Saleem finds himself in a quandary. He feels let down by fate. He seems to envision mysterious signs too. The early events in his life have dented his psyche by far. Interestingly, in his later life, he happens to meet a man, an enigmatic mystic, who seems to know more deeply and profoundly about life and signs. Saleem comes to know about the signs in the Wulsar and the Shikara, about the oar and the pearl in the lakebed.
    Amidst all this, he staggers from signs to spoils. He suffers from indecisiveness and becomes fearful of losing his love, Shahana. And, then, he comes to know about something bygone that alters his perception about his own life and providence. He attempts to change course but finds himself confronted with overwhelming challenges. A lot is at stake for him. What happens from then on shall engage and shake you to the core.

    The Signs by: Fazl Illahi 200.00
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    Bayaan Ye Zindagi traces the life journey of the protagonist Neha who marries the love of her life, Vivek. However, their journey together was a not a smooth one. She had to leave her family to be with her husband forever. But fate had other plans for her. After a few years of their marriage, Vivek dies in an accident. After the incident, she gets lost, broken, and devastated. But as we say, life doesn’t remain the same forever. She then meets Deepak indeed becomes her silver lining.

    To know what happened next, jump inside the pages.

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    “No matter how much you may dig in deep to never come back again, always remember, inside the Earth’s core also, there is Existence.” Divided into three sections, Prismatic Emotions is a book filled with a variety of feelings felt by our scarlet. As diverse as their own state Delhi and country, India itself and as colorful as their own unique bond as friends, the authors, Hritik Vats and Ritika, have instilled their life in this book. As monotonous as our daily routines, and as complicated as our being, the book possesses human heart as its most basic theme. “We are all different and so we are alike!” –Twin Writers. Thus, the book is made for all those who have the heart of red and journey of its’ beats. It will take you on a journey from one’s heart and deeds to splashing all of it on the blank page. “Blank page is like a blank innocent mind of a newborn baby. An artist blots and stains it with his or her understanding; heart and mind.” – Hritik Vats Singing, capturing and shading each and every drop of ink with red light; passing it through a prism of heart, the colours segregate into various emotions—Prismatic Emotions defies all the logic yet captures the truth and facts of life.

    Prismatic Emotions by: Hritik, Ritika, 235.00
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    People contributed to various life aspects science,politics ,literature, art ,social activities and so many other fields. These genius minds put a keen interest in every phenomenon right from when they were young.
    The zeal , passion, dedication, hardwork and efforts they put in their work helped them discover something new about the world we live in .
    Their names are engraved in the sands of time for their work in the welfare of the mankind with different inventions that have made our lives easy, enjoyable and successful.

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    Yes! We are gripped by the Eclipse of superstitions
    from the times immemorial. Even in the age of
    science the grip of superstitions is not untied. In
    the age of science, still people are doing irrational
    things like ‘Horoscope, Vastushastra, Black Magic’
    etc. Not only this but the miracle of Ganapati
    drinks milk was brought about by humbug baba in
    India and also abroad. Many unscientific things
    like bad customs and traditions, rituals, vows, holy
    men, baba and bhagats have rooted in this
    country. It is necessary to vanish the eclipse of
    superstitions if one wants the science based
    society. So read this book and come forth to join
    the movement of eradication of superstitions with
    the help of science. You are welcome!

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    “The more we learn, the more we learn that we need to learn more.” -Shiva Kumar A.S. With the change in the conventional role of the teachers from a mere dispenser of information to a facilitator in learning, the importance of activities in the class has amplified manifold. But activities in the class also bring forth the quest for a flawless class management which would entail seamless conduct of the activities planned. But are teachers in India really trained for that? I have serious misgivings on that count. India, after all, is notorious for plying and indulging in opulent cars without constructing proper roads. Through this work, ‘The Trigger Point’, the author is taking a shot to curtail that pause of disparity. He doesn’t know whether he will accomplish the promised land or not, but one thing he can assure to his ingenuous readers that once they start implementing the revered pursuits provided in this book, delivering class through activities will become a second nature for them and the next ‘Trigger’ for activity inkling will originate from nowhere else, but within.

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    The poems in this book talk about a phase of author’s life when he saw an incredible beauty and falls in love with her. Poems mentioned in this book speaks the pain that author has gone through. This book is a must pick up for everyone who has ever felt the same.

    Go and grab your copy today and have a beautiful journey with the majestic words.

    Kashish by: Mohit Sagar 95.00
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    “Every one of us goes through the journey of life. In this voyage of exploration, we go through many experiences, some as memories and others as experiences. The philosophy which every individual generates for himself is largely a product of this experiential learning. The author through his writing in “Jeevan Sathya” has also made an attempt to portray his perspective of life as a reality. One can easily relate himself with the idea of optimism and positivism highlighted in the book and get an inspiration for learning the art of living.”

    Jeevan Satya by: Sunil Kumar. 150.00
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    Two young mathematicians are working on climate change at minus18 degrees in Ladakh. A doctor has left his practice and is working in rural Bihar. A young Deloitte ex-employee is working with the poor women in Maharashtra. And there is only one thing that unites them all: they all are young and are giving the best time of their lives to work with millions of disadvantaged and poor people in India. This is a story of seventeen of them.

    Seventeen by: Rahul Nainwal 180.00
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    Sakshi Sinha, a sweet and simple girl, studies in an engineering college of Greater Noida. In her vacations, she goes on a trip to Jaipur, where she meets Kabeer, who helps her come out from an awkward situation. Kabeer Studies in IIT, Kharagpur. Even the distance between them could not stop them to be best friends, and could not stop Sakshi to fall in love with Kabeer. There is another guy, Rajat, who studies in Sakshi’s college. Rajat is a handsome, rich and over-confident guy who expects to get everything by his wealth, but there is a weird kind of silence and pain in his eyes. Everything is running perfectly, but something happens which leads to the many other incidents, changing Sakshi’s lives completely. Three years later, Sakshi is left with only two choices: either to marry Rajat or let her life go through the crisis. What will she do? How will she find the way to get out of all these? Want to know more? Grab a copy today!

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    “Safar Zindagi Ka” is a wonderful blend of sweet memories mixed with struggle arising from exodus. The author from Kashmir, Rajkumari Razdan, with her serious experience of life has portrayed a clear illustration of joyful fiction with a twist of hardship. Also, it has put a light on women empowerment considering the compromises she makes to keep life and family going

    There is a lot of Kashmir in the book as the journey of penmanship started from there. During migration, the whole passion came to a pause which later was resumed since the desire within had a big thrust to reach masses. It was well supported by active invitations from leading local, national magazines, and cultural forums etc.

    This book is a bouquet of stories and poems to give a complete readership pleasure.

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    This book is all about the feelings of love and all the lines written in this GAZAL collection express love. On one hand, you will recall the memories of the happiest days of your life and on the other, you will feel the sadness of separation.

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    The book is an amazing children’s book. Look inside this joyous tale that touches lightly on the themes of love, care, and friendship. A must pick up for your kids! Grab your copy today!

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    Come along on a journey with an angel, as she meets some angels on an island. When she leaves the island, she realizes that her wings are missing. Does she find them or not? Read this beautiful book and find out !

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    Look inside the book and see how a little effort from everyone works wonders…

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    There are only two ways of composing Poems. Either you have a passion for writing or you have in your heart some deeply-felt pains that you cannot express through words. In such a state, restlessness links the pen with the pains of the heart giving vent to Poems and Shayris.

    Order this amazing book today!

    The Author by: Raj Siddhi 179.00
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    There are six stages of grief. Loss, Nostalgia, Pain, Resignation, Relapsing, & Forgiveness. Jack Reed is a man surrounded by trauma. He goes through the motions of life, attempting to navigate the waters with the help of his friend, Cain Black. A sudden illness disrupts Jack’s life as he is forced to deal with the demons of his past and the looming danger of what the future holds. A book dealing with love, friendship, hatred, religion, and faith, “The Art of Losing Hope” is a simple reminder that there is hope for the worst of us.Order it today!

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    Kaliyug Ramayan is the satire based on how things have been changed from the “Treta Yug” i.e. Ramayan Era to “Kaliyug” i.e. Modern Era. You can relate yourself to the characters in this book. Kaliyug Ramayan is the mirror for everyone which reflects the hidden demon that resides within us.
    This book explains that how good you are with family, society, and yourself. This is the path to find out the ideal man who lives within you. There is a vacuum between families, friends and the whole circle which belongs to you, Kaliyug Ramayan will help to fill the gaps of these differences.
    You will smile, you will cry but after reading, you will be satisfied that you analyzed yourself that who you are: Shri Ram or Modern Ram. Just share the love for humanity.

    Kaliyug Ramayana by: Kapil Mewada “Saras” 199.00 175.00
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    TIPS-“TO INSURE PROMPT SERVICE”, the word is otherwise assumed. Literally it means, “A small present given to the server”.

    In our household matters too, we may, likewise, present ourselves with some quick and quack-remedial measures, when something goes beyond the normal lines.

    Only a few of those recommendations have been given in this booklet. We may like to read and apply these Tips when necessary.

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    Buying and selling of stock is an easy task and anyone can do it. But what to buy, when to buy, at what price to buy, how much capital to allocate and when to sell are the questions for which many investors don’t have the answer. Though anyone can do buying and selling of shares without knowledge, that won’t make money. Just like a prior knowledge and training is required to do any task efficiently, training is required to invest efficiently in stocks also. Sensex was at 100 points in 1979 and today at 30,000+, despite the 15% CAGR growth in the market many fail to earn here just because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the stock market. This book explains in an easy manner various investing principles. From this book, you can learn.

    · How to find the right industry to invest.

    · How to read the annual reports and financial statements.

    · How to get stock ideas.

    · How to do the valuation of stock price.

    · How to design a profit-maximizing and risk minimizing portfolio.

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