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  • Bengal 21 by: Shagufta Hanaphie 235.00

    Bengal 21′, is a compilation of 21 short stories of some real lives of Bengal.

    These are biographies that contain honest revelations of struggles, successes, dark periods, and vulnerabilities in life.

    This book recognises the efforts of people living in Bengal and who have made immense contributions in various sectors to keep Bengal’s Arts, Culture, Sports, Politics, Philantrophy, Healthcare, Literature, Entertainment, Technology & Education at World Class.

    The book revolves around inspiring stories making you realise that failure is a part of everyone’s life and the real key to success is to never to give up.

  • YAADEIN- MERI MATI MERE LOG by: Professor(retd.) S.S.DEO 364.00

    It contains the reminiscences of the writer of the experiences of his struggle days and beyond in the backdrop of the Himalayan sensibility and his world around.

  • Real Treasure of Life by: Hitisha Adhikari 122.00

    Book Real treasure of life conveys the message about some basics in life which everyone should know. It tells us about some rules and the suspense of life. It is about what is important in life and how you can live your life more enthusiastically. In this book, the author is telling about valuable things.

  • Red Card by: Ranju Aery Dadhwal 225.00

    This book examines the politicization of victims of terrorism and the reality of the victimization experience of Hindus of Punjab. A very short introduction into the historical, ideological and local, and foreign roots of terrorist violence in Punjab in which Hindus are being embattled till today. This violent war of politics and power lasted for almost a decade.

    Families of Hindus killed or migrated from the state have been shedding tears for the last three decades. Terrorism/ Terrorist does not have a widely agreed definition but is widely accepted as a method of coercion. Victims of terrorism are a unique group of individuals whose experience is overlooked in Punjab on terrorism. Unlike America, where we have seen lobbying activities and political involvement of the victims of terrorism in policy-making and law-enforcement transformations, Punjab has forgotten Hindu terrorist victims for political gains.

    Killed to lay the foundation of Khalistan or were terrorized and forced to flee the state. To this day these people are deprived of not only justice but even the red cards given to the families of the victims of terrorism. Without the card, they are deprived of the Government concessions available to them.

    This book is based on fieldwork in Punjab, Haryana, some parts of Himachal, and Delhi. This focuses on the needs and experiences of victims of terrorism and political violence and does not intend to create a rift between the communities. This book will be of much interest to students of terrorism and political violence for power, victim’s condition, and disparities injustice delivered, if any.

  • Refining Relativity by: Karunesh M Tripathi 245.00

    Einstein’s derivation of Special Relativity Formulae is marred by mistakes and is done only for events of a light signal in motion. The formulae are, however, used mostly for other-than-light events. Without questioning the theory itself, the book discusses the mistakes and ways to correct it. The generality of expressions is also enhanced by taking obliquely moving frames (i.e. the observation frame moving in a direction oblique to that of light signal), an improvement over the existing derivation. In view of this, changes in the Lorentz Transformation Condition become inevitable. In addition, the book is full with many other new concepts. Thus it is a must-read for all connected with Physics and the concepts need to be discussed and adopted by the entire Physics community.

  • Digital Marketing Tools, Techniques & It’s Aspects – An Integrated Approach on Online Marketing by: Dr.Ritika Malik & Ms.Ritika Aggarwal 220.00

    In this fast-changing world, digital format is working well. Concerted efforts have been made to balance the theory and best examples of digital marketing and social media tools and techniques. Our lives have been transformed by Digital Marketing, it has also impacted each sector from industry to agriculture. The online presence of business is gaining more attention than brick & mortar methods. Also to reach customers in large numbers this Digital Marketing is helping more. This all has been brief in the book.

  • Sweet & Sour by: News Warriors Collective 340.00

    Sweet & Sour is a collection of anecdotes by a group of media professionals, who were part of the Government of India, deployed in various media units under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.
    These anecdotes give a peep into policy in the making in the corridors of power in New Delhi, eye-witness account from Sri Lanka during the deployment of the Indian Peace Keeping Force, Afghanistan through its turmoil and several decades of internal conflict in Jammu & Kashmir. Several government journalists missed death by a whisker during the call of their duty. Started just as an exercise to unwind the nerves during the lockdown period in 2020-21, it emerged as a good collection of articles, some breath-taking, some poignant, and some hilarious. It certainly is worth reading.

  • Lean Aviation Blueprint by: Anish Kumar Pandey 1,399.00

    The book is about the lean methodology which is developed and implemented by Toyota can equally be applicable in aircraft maintenance and engineering to reduce waste and improve productivity for cost-effectiveness.

    Proactive approach, ownership, and situational awareness played a vital role in cost reduction.

    “A stitch in time saves nine”.

    This book consists of areas and methods by which cost reduction can be achieved in order to make the industry profitable. This book will create a sense of cost-saving and ownership which helps in curtailing the operating costs.

    We frequently hear a lot about Airlines going into financial distress, thanks to the challenging business model. Also, primarily the reason behind every Airliner taking a keen interest in LEAN Business Model. Now, this has a massive and complex application on Airlines Management considering the Safety aspect.

    In this book, based on his Aircraft Maintenance experience Anish has made an honest attempt to outline proven measures which will eliminate the wastage without compromising the safety aspect. It is a mine of information, demonstrating simplicity and effectiveness in a one-stop. So, Airlines do not necessarily have to waste any further time in amassing the data.

    apart from lean methodology, this book will give a brief idea of Aviation leaders thinking, strategies to adopt while selecting the external repair agency, Contract strategy that airlines should follow. and many case studies that changes the fortune of aviation.

  • Agyat Jeevan (volume1) by: Jigyashu 499.00

    Agyat Jeevan (Life unknown) is a book of fiction written on the life of an unknown child born in the remote village of a Himalayan Valley in the early 1950. This is the first volume dedicated to his childhood from his birth till he was graduated and obtained a degree in Science. Hence the title of the book is ’Agyat Jeevan Bhag-1 Himalaya Putra’.
    Having been born in the remotest rural environment of the Himalayan region, the child remained deprived from modern upbringing and education until he obtained the age of 9 years. During these 9 years he had been in the care of his aunt (younger sister of his father) and to some extent his grandfather a veteran of world wars 1 and 2. Aunt got married when he was merely four years and went away. Mother had always been busy in the work of household activities.
    Grandfather, who at that time was advancing into his eighties couldn’t put much emphasis on child’s upbringing. Still, he tried to keep his company narrating the stories of his wartime. The child was unable to grasp the jargons of the war strategies, yet he used to enjoy the fantasies of the stories ardently.
    His father who was in the city for respectable earnings, once settled, brought the child to the city to educate him. The beginning was quite tough for the child but slowly he started coming into the mainstream and finally obtained his science degree. Meanwhile, his aunt brought him back to the rural Himalayan territories. He was amazed finding great awakening amongst the villagers.
    His aunt a pious soul had put her all efforts into bringing most of the amenities of modern life in her village and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, she passed away from this earth in her early thirties, but before leaving, she wanted the child who now was a young handsome man, to continue her legacy and fulfill the dreams she left behind.
    Although it is a work of fiction, yet the characters depicted in the fiction do exist. They have been endeavoring to make the life of their regions meaningful in every aspect. Himalaya Putra is no exception.

  • Reality of Reality Television by: Ronaq Zahoor 200.00

    Being a relatively new genre of TV programming, reality television is an area that has not been explored much. This book has made an effort to study this genre. The focus is to find out the audience’s perception of reality television. This study has attempted to identify various sub-genres of reality television and also the most popular reality shows among the urban, educated youth of Kashmir. Besides, the study has also tried to find out how real does the audience think is the reality shown in these shows. Male and female perceptions have been separately studied and the difference in their perceptions pointed out.

  • Beyond Soft Skills by: Nurul Islam Laskar 220.00

    ‘Beyond Soft Skills’ is a compendium of abilities, aptitudes, competences, flairs, practices, and talents that can be mastered by anyone to go forward in life. It will benefit everyone irrespective of age or position in life. A youngster, out of college, can use this book for success in placement challenges and interviews. An adult who is already in the profession will find this book useful to manoeuvre through the challenges that come at the workplace. Any person who reads this book will get ideas to do better – in academic or professional performance, in acquiring good etiquette and manners, in self-control and self-introspection, and so on. Special care has been taken to add chapters on the pandemic and accompanying covid protocols to enable readers to face these challenges. In addition, ‘Beyond Soft Skills’ makes an ideal gift to youngsters preparing for competitive positions as also for professionals who are in search for excellence.

  • Exploring Himalaya – Kinnara Malana by: Tobdan 490.00

    Malana, situated in the interiors of district Kullu in Himachal, in the Western Himalaya, is known among the scholars world over for several reasons. Even though a less literate society till some time back, preserves some unique traditions of immense cultural and historical value. Geographically it is located at a very remote valley in an isolated village. It speaks a language unknown to any other culture. Its system of administration is an elaborate democratic system. Their relationship with any other people is the main problem. The present work purports to carry forward the study on Malana contained in the previous publication.

  • Dirty Black box by: Sugarkane 189.00

    The book contains dirty stealthy secrets of a healthy family revolving around Father Son and his Grandson in a Favela. Human selfishness aims a dig, as Bad deeds start walking away when Good soul comes knocking at the bay. Hey! You are a Savior too, You only have to be a human with a selfish heart to do the talking while the good soul keeps knocking and bad deeds keep walking. Epic of Modern times.

    Never belittle the author’s versatility. Never judge offspring by looking at their parents. All You need is ” READ BLACK DIRT Hidden in the X-Box”, and you find yourself if you fall in either father, son, or Grandson category the destiny is the DirtyBook.

    The author claims himself a GOAT and others whoever claims himself or herself the GREATEST are just Overrated, Overpraised, and Outdated.

  • India’s Democracy An Illusion by: Soundarpandiyan 450.00

    “By the people, for the people and of the people” Mr. Abraham Lincoln, The President of America on Democracy (The sentence missed the words “if the people suits”) Democracy a civilized form of Administration invented by the political philosophers. “Will the people who existed before table manners suit democracy” Could the Neanderthal, the primitive, unsophisticated have known the real spirit of Democracy? No. A political exponent said “If you want to enjoy the Democracy create superhuman beings else eradicate the Democracy” But Democracy developed sordid, vile, selfish, sleaze politicians. Machiavellianism has come into prevalence, miscreants infused politics, Fed up is approaching its limit in democracy, Vide Indian politics. Votes are purchased by money and freebies Politics have been converted as a method of cheating, making of the luxury in other’s means. If the miscreants in politics were left to continue they will destruct the very structure of the society. Hence as a service to society, I have expressed my anguish through my book in order to bring to the knowledge of the political people. Cheating goes not only in India but in the Asian democracies also in the guise of democracy. Indian politics is an instance to be compared with the Asian Democracy which will precipitate the facts of maladministration, a different form of democracy i.e. Pseudo Democracy.

  • Becoming Human by: Fr T Joseph Dhanaswamy 400.00

    What makes us Human? No easy answer! Because being human is difficult. Becoming Human is a lifelong process. To be truly human is a gift. Jesus too said, when he asked his disciples to follow him, “Take up your cross and follow me if you want to be my disciple.” He did not promise an easy life. Therefore, I have taken great efforts to compile this book “Becoming Human” to give humanity an escalator to reach their destination that is Being Human by the processes of Becoming Human. Man can become one of these three persons during his lifetime. Either Man can become God or Man can become an animal or Man can become a human. For becoming God he has to give up everything, to become an animal no great effort is needed but to become a Human Being, he needs great efforts, wisdom, moral values, patience, motivational thoughts, and examples of great lives, etc. All these required wisdom, motivational thoughts, moral values, and examples of great lives are presented in a nutshell to the readers to make a gamble of their lives to carve out all the unnecessary parts in their lives like a sculptor to personalize oneself as the best Human Being through this book “Becoming Human”.

  • Crime – The Economic Wolf by: Sourav Banerjee and Namrata Kanungo 150.00

    Crime and its impact on the economy have been vastly researched and published several times. So repetition is not the motive of the book. In Module one, crime is defined in a unique manner. Whatever is not justified, is an injustice. And injustice is a crime. So crime is not only viewed from its legal perspective. Moral, philosophical, sentimental, social, and economic perspectives of crime are also portrayed; that may or may not have a penal code. In module two, a direct cause and effect relationship is established between crime and five indicators of economic development – Per capita income, distribution of wealth, opportunity cost, economic loss, and economic productivity. Apart from a detailed and interesting discussion on crime and criminology, the foresaid matter makes the book completely unique and thought-provoking. Which type of crime impacts which economic dimension most, is what is studied thoroughly in the book.

  • Project Management Process by: A.Malleswara Rao 325.00

    Project Management process is mainly intended to serve as a general information guide for the young and fresh engineers who enter into the project management consultancy environment. The organizations may provide a broad outline of the project management in general during the induction program at the entry level. But it is still desirable to have a complete idea and total understanding of the project management functions on a day-to-day basis. This aspect of project management is highlighted in Part – A of this book.
    Part – A provides a bird’s eye view of the very beginning of the development of engineering as a profession, with a holistic view of traditional project management and the project scenarios, and project execution methods with an emphasis on how the project engineering is done? What are the basic steps in the Engineering Design Process? etc.
    Part – B is on the infrastructure engineering of a grass root mega project. This is an extension of the pre-project activities presented in Part–A. It is aimed at providing project management processes from ground preparation to setting up the required plant faculties. As quality is an essential part of the deliverable products and services, project quality and project engineering quality aspects are also presented as per Quality Systems Management System
    Requirements based on ISO 9001-2015..”

  • 3000 Years of Karma Legacy- An Indian Baniya Story by: KIM Moon-Young 1,200.00

    As per the findings of the Korean author, the Indian business community of Baniyas i.e. Marwaris, Gujaratis, Jains, and others has ruled the Indian economy world for ages. These Baniya merchant groups with their origins in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and around are merely 2% (about 2.5 million) of the Indian population, and currently run 8-9 out of 10 top conglomerates in India.

    The author has credited Indian Baniyas and their 3000 years of Karma legacy for making India the economic superpower of the world. These Indian Baniya groups are and will remain dominant not only in traditional sectors but also in the new generation industries like IT-enabled e-commerce and other services.

    The book talks about the sacrifices made by this community, which forms the part of the global G3 (Great 3) merchant groups including Jewish and Chinese merchants who own a major chunk of business activity across the world. It shares characteristics with Korea’s merchant community, Gaesung Merchants also.

    The book narrates the core competency of the Indian Baniyas and NRIs to address and prosper with this huge and prosperous country.

    The content of this is based on the South Korean author’s years of research and first-hand experience while staying in Ahmadabad and parts of North India.

  • Assorted Feelings by: Abbas Mehdi 235.00

    ASSORTED FEELINGS is a real-life experience, expressed in the form of poetry, short stories, and letters recorded by the author from his teenage to the late middle age, it’s an amalgamated vivid description of cheeky teenage franks, followed by interesting real stories. During his various challenging jobs and letters were written on the prevailing socio-economic and political scenario existing in the country during that time period. The real-life experiences can be enjoyed by a teenager, a working executive, and a social activist! is certainly not a fiction of concocted stories but a true life KHATTA MITHAA experiences penned in the form of poetry, stories, and letters originated in different places of the country at different junctures of life over a period of 30 years put together in ONE book. Besides the book consists 3 different ASSORTED subjects where the author displays his prowess not just as a poet’s feeling but also as a story writer and last but not the least a social reformist thereby conveying a flare for all types of authorship catering to a larger audience, It now depends on the reader which kind of readership interest them?

  • Discovery of Bharat Through Hindustan and British India by: Tribhuwan Nath Singh 482.00

    The book is a synthesis of the ancient Bharatiya texts, with the latest scientific findings for their authenticity, historicity, and relevance to the modern perspective. The ancient Bharatiya texts were burnt by external invaders, and the retrieved texts were misinterpreted as mythological gossips in the English versions. Bharat was said to be in the “Dark Age” before the entry of the Britishers. The book in 14 chapters clarifies the misgivings and proves the Bharatiya civilization over 20,000 years old on the basis of modern research references, and the latest archaeological findings. Computer simulation of celestial configuration proves Ramayan 7000years old historical account of Ram and Mahabharat over 5000 years old historical event. In the background of largescale bloodshed and global warming despite all efforts of the UNO, a need for Spiritual Weapon – Truth and Nonviolence promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as Satyagrah has been projected to save humanity from the zooming Dooms. Day in “ Discovery of Bharat through Hindustan and British India”.


    Dawn of Twenty-First Century sighted the Stressed Assets {NPAs}, These banks and financial institutions came under tremendous pressure for financing the projects in the various sectors that perforce became necessary with the Economic Reforms in 1991 that enabled the private participation in a wider sense in the economic development process followed by the Financial Sector Reforms 1991-1992 onwards that blurred the functional lines hitherto existed between the commercial banks and
    the DFIs.
    Because of rising Non-Performance Assets (NPAs) of the major private participants from the later part of the first decade of the new century, the banks and financial institutions were not able to maintain their level of profitability in their operations which was further constrained due to enforcement of Prudential Norms by the RBI. The NPAs reached peak sometime in 2006-07 that led to increasing uneasiness in the Financial Sector.
    This entailed the amendment of the Banking Regulations Act, 1949. Then came IBC which opened up a newer route to escape from honouring the NPAs resulting in the write off of large public money. This is going on; the catastrophic outcome of which is telling upon the economic slowdown. The Prudential Norms Circular of 12 February 2018 issued by the RBI was struck down by the Supreme Court. The PSBs having been working under invisible political interventions from the time they were nationalized way back in 1969 aided more in building up the NPAs. The PSBs having found themselves in a fixed situation due either because of policy or political considerations were unable to act according to the loan covenants for recovery of NPAs. IBC route had not been beneficial to the PSBs who ultimately had no option but to make provision for Bad Debts/Doubtful Debts and write them off in their books of accounts. This is the Work-in-Progress {WIP}

  • The End by: Karanvir Gupta 374.00

    There comes a time in the lifetime when we not only start doubting ourselves, but also our past, present and the future. We are left helpless, hopeless and clueless about where we go on from here. 2020 was one such year in the history of mankind. The book The End is a tale of an incorrigible human world that was caught in the trap of unprecedented circumstances and sequence of events. The book is a reflection of many emotions that catapulted during the pandemic. The pandemic arrived, caught us by surprise and questioned the status quo in the world that humans had created for themselves. The book is about a long drawn battle for the survival of the human race. It is a compelling narrative on humans battling the virus and their inner demons at the same time. It is about the dwindling moral compass, the vices, the evolution and further need for evolving as a race. The book The End is an epiphany of quite a few realisations that we would have conveniently ignored or deliberately chose to neglect if not for the pandemic.

    This book is your and mine watchdog. It is for you, me and each one of us to share with our future generations. This book will act as a reminder for the entire generation to not commit the same mistakes again. And remember that after each end, there is a new beginning – there is a new normal towards which all of us will have to work together. The book leaves us with hope that tomorrow the sun will shine and the world would be a better place to live.

  • Music Unlocked by: Karan Kaushik 999.00
    This book is a complete beginner guide to those who wants to learn basics of music theory and on the basis of this theory they can start learning guitar, ukulele and keyboard with the help of this book…
    This book includes all the key ingredients related to music theory and basics of guitar, ukulele and keyboard.
  • Leadership Gotcha by: Anjali Sharda 300.00

    Celebrities are more in the tough spot now than ever before and are easy targets for ridicule on social media. But they are people with a lot of leadership influence i.e. they dissent, they don’t conform, they balance morality and power, etc. These all traits get reflected in their creational work be it movies, any other form of art, or even private lives too.

  • Film Appreciation by: Utpal Datta 200.00

    The book Film Appreciation is a translated version of the book Chalachitrar Rasaswadon, originally written in the Assamese language by the national award-winning film critic and filmmaker Utpal Datta, and translated into English by Dr. Dipsikha Bhagawati as Film Appreciation would unfold a whole new world of understanding the aesthetic and technical dimensions of making and relishing a film. The book would function as a basic and comprehensive apparatus towards a finer understanding of a film, especially for the newbie filmmakers and for those, nourishing a keen interest in the domain.

  • WEAR ME BEAUTIFUL by: Dr. Meena Jhala 774.00

    The aim of the study was to enlighten the knowledge of color and its application in the selection of clothes. Any color in a dress looks nice if it is appropriate to the wearer’s skin tone and it looks becoming. The colors should be right for day wear and evening wear. This particular book will be presenting findings of both Day and Evening Wear.
    Color is one of the most important elements in Fashion. Fashion is color; color is fashion, giving feeling and emotion to every changing trend and is an essential part of our everyday life. Color is perhaps the first element that we register when we view something for the first time. Color is usually the first to attract us to clothing. Color selection in clothes is very personal and each of us has a color or colors in which we think we look best. It was observed by the researcher through the pilot study that the age group between 20 to 30 years in women is very crucial, they have their own wardrobe demands, their choices in the color selection are random and based on trends and mostly on others opinion. They need color guidance for day wear and evening wear. However, this reference is applicable to women above 30 years of age as well. Hence, under the study, ‘A STUDY OF COLOR SELECTION FOR CLOTHING AS PER SKIN- TONE’(Reference of Skin-Tones taken from Donna Fujji’s Skin Tone palette of 10 Warm and 10 Cool skin colors). I have tried to give a proper color palette for each of the seven identified skin tones from the sample size of 500 women with a vocabulary of 101 colors (Reference taken from Jean Allen’s 29 basic and 101 Color Vocabulary) which were matched with Pantone Shade Cards and same were dyed in cotton and silk fabrics for this study by the Researcher.
    One of the main objectives of this research is to address misconceptions that women have regarding skin tones and suitable colors for clothing for day wear and evening wear and provide an opportunity for enhancement of self-image.
    Since the study is based on the skin tones of the women, firstly each of the 500 women’s skin tone was identified with a skin tone scale, and with the data analysis, seven skin tones were identified on the majority ratio. Here the Hair color and color of eyes being constant as black brown. The second aspect was the vocabulary of color; it was matched with Pantone Shade Cards then dyeing them in the exact shade in cotton and silk fabrics. This book hopes to provide suggestions, information, and an opportunity to every woman in India to enhance self-image, look beautiful and attractive in the colors she wears

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