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  • Flying without Moor and other poems by: Ashok Malla 140.00

    This book is a collection of poems written by Shri Ashok Malla over many years. Shri Ashok Malla is an Engineer by profession with more than thirty years of experience in the Power Sector. He had been associated with many projects of NTPC Ltd. The poems are inspired by the surrounding nature, persons, and friends he had encountered during his association with NTPC Ltd. The poems bring out the emotions and feelings of the people, the joy of love, the sadness of solitude, and the colors of life.

  • Main Wapas Fir Se Aunga ( Hindi ) by: Anand Mohan Jha 375.00

    When you start going to college you start thinking of yourself as Akshay Kumar and fond of wearing fancy dresses because in college everyone comes in good shape, so why should we look less than anyone? Thinking this, I always asked my father for money and he gave it to me without asking anything. I never thought of this or to tell the truth, I didn’t even care from where did Papa bring that money? Then something happened in my life that made my life hell. My girlfriend kicked me out of her house in a short vest and I went to commit suicide. But the sin I had committed was yet to be punished.

  • The Ancient Science of Vastu 2 by: Dr. Jayshree om Siddharth Borad 375.00

    The book is a translation of 15th century scripture originaaly pinned mu Sri Neelkanth Musath ji

  • Another Sinking Feeling by: Rhea Rangarajan 299.00

    The book ‘Another Sinking Feeling’ captures instances of the life of a teenage girl suffering from depression & anxiety, it portrays her reflection on the journey to recovery and shares some pieces of information that helped her along the way.

  • Napunshak ( Hindi ) by: Ram Avtar Goyal 158.00

    This novel is the story of a girl who is brought with her by her relatives in her childhood. And when that girl becomes young, he tries to get her married to his son. But that girl’s injured mother who nurtures her since childhood. She gets angry with her mistress. What are you doing madam’ You know that your boy is impotent. He doesn’t deserve any girl. Do not panic, Maria’ This poor girl will rule in these palaces. If we talk about the child, then we will adopt it from anywhere.

  • SNEH KRITI ( Hindi ) by: Shailendra Kumar Mishra 159.00

    These poems evoke still images buried in the memory of a village long forgotten. These are the poems, which dream of a nation of their own. Sprouting of seasons, a mother’s compassion, songs of war, and shivering hope— Shailendra’s poems, like his name, epitomize diverse themes. These verses pay homage equally to the old and the contemporary.

  • Unlocking My Heart by: Jaspal Singh 185.00

    Poetry can never ever be out of fashion. Poetry articulates the strongest passions And emotions that fill the human heart; The first and the best of the world of art. Beginning with the vindication of position and status of ‘poetry’ in contemporary times, Unlocking My Heart is a collection of poems articulating the emotions and passions, beliefs and doubts, anxieties, and apprehensions of the poet. It covers diverse themes ranging from poems on mysterious night birds like An Owl and Bat; restlessness In Company of Fools and Enough is Enough; expressing wonder experienced during a visit to a museum in The Relics Mortals and immortals trapped in time Wonderful figures, sculptures divine! Some poems are based on daily interactions in personal and professional life that appeal to the readers as if they are their very own. Poems like The House That Was … and My Dad’s Book collections are nostalgic that underline the yearning for childhood days accompanied by a couple of pieces on some characters from literature. The book ends with A Prayer seeking blessings to write more poetry in the coming days To date, what is un-generated By the predecessors, uncreated. Bless me to state, the unstated!

  • Bhullakad ( Hindi ) by: Somesh Chandra Banerjee 145.00

    Bhullakad is a most modern and scientific story on reincarnation. This Story is totally different than other stories are written on reincarnation. After reading this story, it forces you to think that, it can happen with anybody of any age.
    A number of things are written in this story which almost 40% of people in the world do not know.
    Part of this story may be very useful in their life

  • Dawat Ittehad-e-Millat by: Shahzad Ali 200.00

    One more effort “Dawat Itteha e Millat” was in the hand of readers. This book is written by International institutions and Islamic personalities for the Muslim generation. I pray to Allah that the remembrance effort becomes a means of salvation for me. To all the gentlemen to whom this message (book) goes, I request all of you to pray for the good. Amen

  • The Rose Is No Longer Red by: Shobha M. 200.00

    Apni kahani chod ja, kuch to nishani chod ja, mausam beeta jaye….
    I am a 73 year old professional woman, single and independent. This book is
    about Life and its turbulence as perceived by me . Written with total honesty
    and truth, my truth. Change is the order of the day and the truth about yourself
    is probably hard to swallow, but that is the only way to bring about a catharsis
    within yourself and hopefully change your thinking for the better.

  • Molecular Interaction Studies of Maleanilic Acid and its Derivatives. by: Dr. Dnyaneshwar Daulatrao Lokhande 200.00

    The book entitled Molecular interaction studies of maleanilic acid and its derivatives have been written to explain the density, viscosity, apparent molar volume, and Jones- Dole viscosity constants study to explore the molecular interaction of maleanilic acid, and its derivatives such as maleimides and maleanilates in aqueous dimethyl sulphoxide at different (298.15, 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15K) temperature over a wide range of concentration from 0.002 M to 0.01 M. Masson and Jones-Dole equations used to analyze the density and viscosity data has been discussed in details. The book also covers the basic concepts in spectroscopic methods such as UV-spectroscopy, Infrared spectroscopy, and NMR spectroscopy for structure determination. Each chapter included in this book has been self-sufficient in itself and has been explained as per requirement.

  • C’est la vie by: Kaval Desai 125.00

    C’est la vie means “That’s Life”, this book contains 16 poems based on different situations of life. When I started writing this book, I took into observation different scenarios of life faced by people.

    We all have some unforgettable moments in life and in this book I’ve addressed all those moments in this book. This book will give you a journey through life. The poems are accompanied by extractions that will give you a journey through your past and about life.

    Apart from the poems in this book, this book contains an article related to life as well as a short story specially dedicated to a doctor who fought for us in these difficult times of Covid-19.

  • IRA by: Saraswathi Priyadarshini 210.00

    Ira is a breath of fresh air and a whisper of hope! In world reeling with agony and affliction at the moment Ira shines the light on dreams coming true, and even if for a little while this book will draw its fragrance of hope and happiness inside you.

  • Vishnu murthy 11 va rajakiyashakthiavathaarameKCR by: D. MAHADHAR 166.00

    Shuklambaradharam KCR Pink Color Four Wheel Chariot Movement Speech Dhyayet Sarvavignopa Telangana Shantaye !! Yatra Yatra KCR Tatra Tatra Telangana !! Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Pahimam Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Rakshamam.

  • Happy Breakfasts by: Sreeja Jayaram 750.00

    Happy Breakfasts is all about delicious breakfasts and my culinary musings on making smart, sustainable, and interesting morning meals. Decadent parathas and pancakes and delectable scones and stews share space with healthy paya and pesarattu. Traditional recipes like sheermal and Bakar Khani, much loved and even revered Belgian waffles and blueberry muffins feature here in abundance. Unusual delicacies such as lentils with winter vegetables and eggs (sabji wali dal aur anda), bread stuffed with greens (hare bhare parathe), amaranth porridge and even a healthy pav bhaji, that work wonderfully well in the mornings, are my commitment to make all things, breakfast. Rare gems like black rice porridge are celebrated as is the sattu. Leftover Kerala chicken roast is transformed into a sumptuous sandwich, rice from dinner made into a fun fried rice with eggs, and mince cooked earlier into a wholesome filling for bread. The unique ridge gourd chutney to pair with idiappam, kefir milk smoothies to make the day just that bit healthy and an endless array of beautiful egg dishes to savour on special days—Happy Breakfasts is a tribute to my favourite meal of the day. Peppered with the recipes are, The Coucal’s Call, Food for Thought, It Takes Two to Tango and, Nesting Dolls in My Kitchen, my thoughts on clever and conscious culinary practices. Happy Breakfasts is a collection of recipes and choices we must make — for beautiful homemade meals and memorable mornings.

  • Raghava : The optimal of Ishvanku by: Vishnu Gupta 527.00

    This book is based on the dynasty of Ishvanku ‘s rullar life story and the origin of Ikshvaku dynasty along with the life story and struggle of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita . Here ,the author only considered the human features and characters of Lord Rama. As Lord Rama was considered the greatest king of Ikshvaku dynasty, though there are many great kings who were born in this gynecology , but the way Rama followed his commitment and truthfulness, he became immortal on the earth and god-like futures. The scarification of Rama and Sita and their ascetic life give steer peoples to become decent men. Though there were many great kings like Ishvanku, Mandhata, Bhagirathi, Dileepa and Harishchandra in this great dynasty, the god-like feature of Rama is always adorable for everyone. Rama was not only a decent son, a husband , brother ,king and father but also a great solitaire and successful ruler of Kosala.

  • Nava neenu’-parivartaneya payana by: Kanchana Anand 220.00

    The NEW YOU- a journey of transformation”, is a self-help book explaining very beautifully about how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary dreams, through the process of transformation. The book will guide you how by reinventing your inner self you can achieve anything and everything in your life. The book systematically takes you through the step by step process. At the end of each chapter very interesting activities have been given to make you practically experience the transformation. To make it easily understandable author has used very simple language and real stories of common people very efficiently throughout. The book involves very simple steps which can be adapted very easily to bring in the transformation. Make use of the book to unleash yourself into NEW YOU. Wish you a happy journey of transformation.

    “Enrich your life by unlocking the secrets within you.”  

  • THE BLUE HARBINGER (Esther) by: Richard Rizat Kashung 285.00

    A man is laid up in bed stricken with sorrow. What misfortunes had befallen him? In the real world, his wife had left him. Unable to come to terms with reality, he made a series of stories to explain away and account for the loss of his love. He dwells in this hallucinations; one of which was that he had incurred the curse of a mountain spirit while gathering firewood in the forest. The curse being that he must lose everything he had and die. After this encounter, all his possessions was taken away from him one by one including his wife, his happiness and he himself too was preparing for his final moment. This books explore how his mind constantly shift from memories to metaphor and the deep impression Esther (His wife) had made in him, the undying love he had for her and the painful truth he must owned up to and deal with; of who she really was, if he ever hope to find his happiness again.

  • Feelings- Dil se uthi lehrey. by: Sunita Chandla 250.00

    This book contains all the emotions and life experiences for the author which according to her has made her life worth living.

  • Ami, KEKA O shunyta ( আমি, কেকা ও শূন্যতা) by: Sandip Ghosh 290.00

    The book is a quasi Biography of a Small Town Boy, who latter on came down to a big city to work in Airlines. He has lost his love, as the girl died. But found another,. He didn’t marry this girl as he promised not to marry in a love relations. But he felt mistaken decision he has taken. The romance and physical reality is the shadows of this book.

  • Embark by: Sohini Sinha (Priyadarshini) 175.00

    Embark is Priyadarshini’s first book. This book is a work of fiction exploring a variety of flavours from the supernatural to the extraordinary journey of the characters. The work is a Collection of Poems, Short Stories and Novellas.

  • AT THE COFFEE TABLE : POEMS by: Deenabandhu S Adi 158.00

    At the coffee table : Poems, is collection of poems of all genres written by Deenabandhu S Adi. The book written by deenabandhu s adi. it was most wonderful experience to me. book have most beautiful poems hope you all love my poems. at the coffee table : poems is one session reading book. Poems can reach to the readers easily so poems are always get place in readers heart. However poems can change the society from poets penning. Every poems have own message by the poet. Experience can not explain proverb is extremely true. We can’t experience all but some. Book has experienced of poems in your real life. Hope my book placed in your heart.

  • Teenage rebellion by: Daai Readington 220.00

    Donna expressed, “Just like that, my 17 years passed by without a rebellion and I’m glad!” After hitting 18, she realized everything that had happened in her life were all lessons, lessons she have to remember and also all the people she met during that process were blessings in her life. Therefore, she puts all her careers and goals before love. An 18 year old girl told her little sister her story in her sister’s rebellion where she learnt all the things she shouldn’t have at such a small age. At the age of 18 she suddenly realizes she’s still innocent but not yet as innocent as her youngest sister. She agreed to keep on moving forward with her goals where she found out about how her life had been filled with such wonderful yet tragic memories ever since she was only 12.

  • KEOLADEO- A Geospatial study of a National Park Environs by: Dr Anoop Dutt Shukla 320.00

    Keoladeo’ A Geospatial Study of a National Park Environs is a book which is usable in different environmental studies and researches, in graduation and post graduation studies at college level. Plenty of knowledge can be grasp being a general and specific reader. One who wants to study about a natural flora and fauna can use this book as a tool.

  • The Future Samaritan by: Dr. Inderpal Singh Kohli 125.00

    The book highlights the existence and importance of various societal structures like family, society, and the federal system. It also discusses about the introduction of a new hypothetical democratic system that might bring more effective benefits to the society. The work also enlists some observations from the point of view of a common man (author’s perspective) in today’s socio-economic and cultural observations and further discusses about what’s next for the citizen to develop into The Future Samaritan. This work focusses and encourages individuals to make our society and system more egalitarian and socially secure. The Future Samaritan is the one who is literate and socially secure!

  • THE TRIPLE TALAQ by: Naziruddin Mohammed Mulla 200.00

    1. Near Allah, “Talaq” (Divorce) is a most detestable
    2. “Triple Talaq” is a lawful provision as made by
    Almighty God in Holy Quran
    Triple Talaq
    3. In silly matters the use of Triple “Talaq” is certainly
    4. “Triple Talaq”, is permissible insensitive and un-
    avoidable cases.
    5. “Triple Talaq” was verily in use during the lifetime of
    the prophet.
    6. Prophet of Islam was well aware of the use of Triple
    Talaq by his followers.
    7. In one case when a person issued Triple Talaq to his
    wife, the Prophet was exceedingly
    angery.However, dispite his anger he didn’t declareit to
    be un-lawful.
    8. All of the actions of the prophet were guided by the
    everlasting commandments of God. Hence,
    retaining the provision is as per the will of God.
    9. “Triple Talaq” was not made unlawful even by God.
    When Triple Talaq has not been made unlawful by
    God, meddling with His provisions, amounts to
    finding fault with God’s Law and considering it to be
    inferior. It also amounts to consciously and
    deliberately insulting God’s law, even if the motive
    behind is stated to be nobel. A “Messiah”
    exclusively in favour of Muslim women? and no
    “Angel” or “Devata” for others? Neither any
    intellectual nor any judiciary approve such deeds.

  • Tiger in the Portico and Other Stories by: Anju Darshini 399.00

    “Tiger in the Portico” is neither the heroic story of defeating a man-eater nor is it a story of bloodshed where the mammal emerges victorious. In fact, it is just the reverse – it is about two sisters running for their lives when they come face to face with a tiger. They run, and the tiger runs too! Things take a dramatic turn when the tiger comes in contact with a fanatic lover, a lousy forest officer and a bunch of noisy villagers. What happens next? Who escapes finally? The tiger or the girls?

    In Anju Darshini’s beguiling short story collection, dreams and reality blur, exploring the dark and strange corners of our minds. Concentrated mostly in the pockets of downtown India, the stories wrap the extraordinary within the ordinary!

  • Mai Akhilesh ( Hindi ) by: Dr. Sheeba Khalid 500.00

    The purpose of this book is to throw light upon the fact that we need to bring a new thought, to build our identity which comes from our country and its development. The only way to move from the category of developing countries to that of developed countries is when we replace this politics of religion with politics of development. “Progressive thoughts lead to developed nation”.
    A young leader, who got only 5 years and worked hard day and night for the development of our state, if he gets more chance to serve the state ,it would lead to development and prosperity of both the state and its inhabitants to a larger extent. Almost everyone in our country can use a computer and smart phone, but only an expert can utilize them effectively, likewise, Akhilesh Ji being an educated person proved through his work and commitment that how effectively a state can be run.

  • Resonating Ripples by: Major General Pran Koul (Retd) 123.00

    Looking back, the book is an abridgement of English poems preluded by a true story
    and beautifully connected with a bouquet of poems, by the author. His close observation
    of people and places, in his hometown, Kashmir or during his wide travels in plains,
    deserts, high hill mountain ranges, including the icy land of Antarctica and his
    understanding of what goes through a soldier's heart and mind, have contributed
    substantially to the creation of this book.
    The author takes you on a gripping journey through his poems on romance, unrequited
    love, motherhood, relations, battlefield, personal loss and social concerns that presently
    pose a great challenge to humanity.

  • Ek Alag Pehchan by: Hemlata Arun Tayade 520.00

    “A Different Identity” is my first book I have written myself and is publishing for the first time. In this book, I have stored some memories of my life, which is a small attempt to preserve through quote and poetry. The small moments in the life of a writer are very important, which draws him from his own thoughts, gives a new direction to his own feelings. In this book you will find both poem and Quotes. In this, I have used Marathi, Hindi and English in my writing. It is a mixture of three languages. A normal person thinks of himself in a normal way but the same normal thinking makes him meaningful through a poetic creative and makes it positive for others and tries to convey it to everyone. In this book, I have presented my own thoughts .. My writing started when I was in Navodaya Vidyalaya in 9th class .. So far, this journey of verbal musical life has been pleasant for me, this fun world, I really enjoyed the world of words, feelings and thoughts. I got a new identity in the world of words .. I felt a lot of changes in the worldliness of this word which was positive for me .. “Your quote” gave a new twist to my word structure and style. In this world of words, I have never been so colorful, but the world of words and writing is something different and unique, understanding one’s own words and feelings, opening one’s mind to oneself, forcing oneself to think, teaching oneself to answer one’s own problems and at the same time being positive. Teaching the path of enlighten

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