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  • Techniques of Claim Settlement by: JAGENDRA RANA 327.00

    Claim settlement is one of the most important services that an insurance company can provide to its customers. Insurance companies have an obligation to settle claims promptly. Technology is now being increasingly utilised to make the insurance claims simpler, faster, and more cost effective The nature of the claims process makes certain tasks repetitive, and the outdated processes do little to improve claim turnaround times, leading to frustrated customers. Advancements are being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the technology holds enormous potential for disrupting the insurance industry, especially the claims process. Times are changing slowly but surely as insurance companies are embracing technology in an attempt to make the claims process faster, consistent and qualitative.

  • Tathapi Banchichhi by: Subhransu Sekhar Mohapatra 200.00

    “Tathapi Banchichhi” is a book of poems that takes the reader through the life of the poet. The reader goes through devotional, patriotic, revolutionary and philosophical poems.

  • Walking Meditation: Techniques and Benefits by: Dr. Jai Paul Dudeja 395.00

    This book describes eleven types of walking meditation techniques and their beneficial effects. These techniques are: Walking Meditation in Theravada Buddhism, Zen Walking Meditation or Kinhin, Taoist or Daoist Walking Meditation, Vipassana Walking Meditation, Walking Meditation in Vietnamese Thien Tradition due to Thich Nhat Hanh, Mindful Walking Meditation, Yogic or Om-Mantra-Based Walking Meditation, Jong-Grom Walking Meditation, Labyrinth Walking Meditation, Pilgrimage Walking Meditation, and Walking Meditation in the Forest

    It is sincerely believed that a book of this nature will be useful for all the readers across the globe who wish to understand the significance of the science of walking meditation and practices and get physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits from it.

  • Tum Garib Ho Kyuki by: Atul Singh 207.00

    This book is for all those who dream of becoming rich but how to become rich? They don’t know. It is also for the crores of people who never became rich. What should they do? why should they do it? They do not have knowledge. Introducing you to the goal of your life, this book will seem to remove all the obstacles that come in the way of your goal, your success. Most people don’t even know what they are doing. Why? Why? And for whom? Answering all these intense questions, this book seems to generate conflict and courage in you to make you want and win.

  • The end of time is here: Dashavtar and 2012 by: Lucifer 150.00

    The Book is a detailed study of the dashavatar stories of Indian Mythology. It further explores the comparison of the dashavatar stories and the Theory of evolution laid out by Darwin. It follows a simple set of rules followed by generations of scientists and answers many of the philosophical questions including the purpose of human life.

  • What Was It? by: Abhik Moitra 175.00

    ‘What was it?’ – a story of three friends who met because of a deadly fall following a snowstorm. They were saved from the clutches of death by a mysterious creature, and they were left guessing who saved them and why?

  • Ek Sham Zindagi Ki (Hindi) by: Maithily 266.00

    “Ek sham Zindagi ki” is the book of Author-it is like a dream that going to be true..In the book, it is a collection of many different imagination and feelings…And it is dedicated by Author to her mother… Especially the first poem.” Meri Maa”.

  • LEISURE TALES by: Niroshni Rangarajan 474.00

    Leisure Tales is a perfect reading choice for children between the ages of 3-8. It includes picture stories based on various themes making it ideal as a bedtime accompaniment.


    The reader is amazed at the intensity with which the characters are built up in the stories. The universality and the uniqueness, both simultaneously, keep the readers on their toes till the end through the description of characters and events. Often the reader is left bewildered and unable to come out of the magic of the language and events long after completing the story. It compels him to browse through the story one more time to comprehend the nuances and to enjoy pure literature. Not only human beings, but also other living beings like an insignificant drumstick plant (in ‘Unworthy’) and that unnamed huge old tree (in ‘The Story of A legendary Tree’) feel eager to touch the soft malleable corn or of the heart of the readers. A popularly held belief that a child born on a new moon day, especially if it is a girl child and comes out of the womb of the mother in an inauspicious moment of total lunar eclipse is bound to be stigmatized, has been completely obliterated in the story ‘Goddess’. The principal character of the story in ‘Love Rekindled’ could realize after reaching the age of his youth as to why the aromatic Earth plays with varieties of fragrances by sucking pollen from different kinds of exotic flowers. On the day of the coronation ceremony of the would-be king, Baraja vanished with the Royal Horse leaving everybody awe-struck. Even decades after, when the reigns of the administration has changed hands from Kings to representatives of the citizens, entire population continue to believe that Baraja would come to save them, in the story ‘The Saviour Shall Come’. ‘Keda’ leads an arduous life being ignorant of the pleasures of a cycle-rickshaw ride down the slope of the hill and still wonders how people enjoy it when he himself got the opportunity of such a ride. The sarcasm that all the fathers are stupid individuals played heavy when the young man became a father himself in the story ‘Offspring’.

  • WHAT NEXT ? by: Dhanush Bhanjan Pathak & Hiren Vyas 260.00

    What Next is a visionary book on World affairs? Covid-19 made the international fraternity realize that the whole world has to come together on one platform to work for humanity and our habitat, ie- the Earth.The main characters of the Book- Banshidhar, and Mandodara analyze various issues of the global community and suggest measures to create a Global Society.The international organization has to be restructured to cater to the future of the global society and our planet. If the world as a family has to SMILE, it has to work together as part of one Faith and that is Humanity.

  • Devosthi ……….dasta “e” Narak by: Sanjeev Kumar 299.00

    Devosthi…. Dasta “e” narak story based on the girl life who fell in hell.. when you will read the book of Devosthi than you will know about the hell that how many problems comes in the this girl life. Because when I was writing this story than I write very carefully for the enjoyment for our reader, you feel good and enjoy the story, Devosthi Dasta “e” narak story feel the my best creativity for all of you. Because of devil in this story not a normal man . I generated a biomatric devil in this story .in the story don’t die the devil from any weapon. He lives alive from all weapon. So guys enjoy this story on Amazon and Flipkart

  • Mula Gabharu: A story of Extreme Valour and Patriotism by: Hiranya Borah 399.00

    The novel is based on an Assamese legend, Princess Mula Gabharu, the younger sister of the
    Greatest Ahom King, Swargadeo Suhungmung Dihinigia Raja, who became a martyr while
    defending border against the fifth attempt (out of 17 unsuccessful attempts in 158 years from
    1527 to 1685) by the Mighty Mughals to subjugate Assam in 1533-34. She took a decision to
    face the invading army after her husband Frasengmung Borgohain became a martyr fighting with
    the same invaders. Her participation galvanized the Assamese Army to defeat the Mughals and
    the leader of the invaders, Turbak Khan was killed by her stepbrother, Konseng Borpatra
    Gohain. Her son, Ton Kham also took part in this battle. The novel also describes the heroics of
    Sati Sadhani, the last Chutiya Queen and Kachari Prince, Detcha who were defeated by
    Frasengmung Borgohain in two separate battles. The novel also refers about Rani Gaidinlu while
    legacy of Mula has been shared with the readers.

  • An eternal guide to Numerology by: Jayesh Ramawat 150.00

    Vibrations in relation to Numbers are an Integral Part of our lives. Numbers have their own attributes which affect us in a positive or negative manner. This book makes a person easily understand each and every aspect of life. The content, language, and calculations in this book are designed in a very simple way which will help to cater to all the knowledge required by a beginner.

  • No Rhyme or Reason: An anthology of poem by: KILLADA SHREEVANI 155.00

    Words can be a comfort to anyone who reads them. Words carry the voice of people, their experiences and beliefs. It is words that connect us, words that bring us closer. Through these words people find each other and themselves. Such is the power of words, the power of expression.

    This book is an anthology of poems written in such words: words that found me and words that are bound to find you.

    Each one of us finds a special meaning in words, meanings that change continuously. We must find our own special meaning.

    These poems are not about politics or agendas, these are about feelings, about thoughts that most of us have but we hardly give importance to. These poems take form from my experiences as a normal teenager and recount every tiny thing that made me think.

    These poems are merely a teenager’s thoughts.

  • DIARY OF AN ANAESTHESIOLOGIST by: Soma Kaushik 175.00

    DIARY OF AN ANAESTHESIOLOGIST is her autobiography; the story of a young lady, who took up a little known specialty against her wishes. It describes her early life, upbringing, training, frustrations, trials and tribulations against.


    The greatest majesty in living lies not in never falling , but in soaring every time we fall “
    A life which is aborted into a rake , a mission which has rendered into a story. A story which nails
    you to read till the dot , unto a long gaze.
    ‘An affair In Mumbai’ is a thriller & suspence love story of Neeraj. His unconditional love
    with Arpita is turned into a sataric world . To challenge this fate his way to make money
    would thrill you to believe his gusty. His weird death would awake your consciousness .
    A small town boy who is passionate to his love and ambitious towards his goal though his fate
    was neither known to me nor you so did he ? to read the story book your copy today

  • Ace Education Biology O’level by: Nswana Chingambu 577.00

    Ace Education Book Series aims at giving detailed material in the simplest way to help students understand and recall information easily. The books also highlight the importance and application of each topic in real life so that students can understand why they are learning the material, how the material relates to or can be used in real life. Ace Education Biology O’level consists of 22 units. Each unit begins with the introduction and overview of the unit, and ends with the review questions and solutions. To fully benefit, students are advised to cover everything in each unit considered. Students can also learn more from our social media platforms. On these platforms, students can find additional information, ask questions or participate in helping other students. With full confidence, this book will help a number of students, not just by boosting their scores, but also to understand Biology Ordinary Level.

  • The Monkey Thief at Ding Dong Circus by: JOSMA ETTUMANUR 95.00

    The Nilgiri langur monkey at Ding Dong Circus is missing. School detectives Joshi, Chandran, Johny , Mammu and Tomy rushed to the spot. Sanku, the caretaker of the langur was questioned by the team. Except the tyre marks of a scooter near the cage of the monkey, there was no clue. At the bus stand they saw an advertisement of the Forest department about the Nilgiri langur monkeys. Joshi and team saw one old man staring at the picture of the monkey on that board. They went after him and found that he was manufacturing Monkey malt Langur tonic. Mammu heard some strange animal voice from his neighbour Professor Rahman’s house. The team gate crash there at night and investigate. Who is the thief, the tonic man or the Professor or the care taker? An adventurous detective story for children.

  • PAGES FROM WRITER’S DIARY by: Ryth panda 200.00

    There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they find themselves fortunate to relize what is impeding them towards their success. This book is a collection of all such moments which helped me to pave my life in a right direction. This book includes some of my personal notes in form of quotes , poems and short articles, which succeed in shaping me as a better findings of achieving an enlightened mind and living a peaceful loving life are jotted here. Life sometimes feels unfair but if viewed from a different perspective it hide something to learn and grow everytime, to shape and mold oneself for the better . Learning from every failure and being committed to self improvement will change your life for the better. Always remember your the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts, actions, words, emotions and beliefs shapes the world outside of you. So choose them wisely. I would be very glad if my work encourages you to understand you life in a better way. Thank you for choosing this book.

  • Gita Ki Shikshayen by: Mukesh Rathi 220.00

    Life is a battlefield. There is a daily struggle in our life in between happiness and sorrow, good and bad, justice and injustice, and truth and untruth. We also need a skilled Sarathi like Shri Krishna to win this life battle. One should make the Bhagawad Gita their Sarathi. Gita has messages of the knowledge that direct us towards the right path to living this life. We should hand over the reins of life to this Gita’s knowledge like Arjun had given to Shri Krishna.

    This book will provide answer to your common questions ;

    How to perform your job or business effectively and successfully.

    What is the best habit for eating and sleeping?

    How to meditate and control breath and why it is necessary.

    What is the perfect nature, mode, character of human, enabling to take proper decision?

    Key to become the most successful and happiest person in this universe.

    How to live life with intelligently and happily.


    Seize the Opportunity, Open the Champagne is a collection of short anecdotes during the author’s work life, from the early 1970s till 2021, covering a wide variety of workplaces. Each story offers an insight of a management theory noted at the end that can be related to, making it useful in a different way. From Front-end to Leadership, there are many lessons that an aspiring individual can learn, with one common theme running from the beginning to end, that everybody and anybody can win. Even the stories from outside contributors that find place in this book share the same worth. The inspiring quality never fails to impress even a casual reader who will find these 200 pages interesting, like a spread of Chinese, Mughlai and Indian regional delicacies in one platter, to be savored slowly, over a period of time, or all at one go. It’s their choice.

  • ek safar zindagi ka by: raveendra singh 119.00

    इस उपन्यास मे बिल्कु ल ही सरल भाषा का प्रयोग बकया गया है। बजससे ये आसानी से अबधक – से अबधक लोगोों से जुड़ सके । मैने इस उपन्यास में वही बलखा है। जो सच है और जो होता है बक कै से एक लड़का अपने जीवन मे पढाई की शुरुआत करता है और बिर वह बकन- बकन हालातोों से गुजरते हुए अपनी लक्ष्य की ओर अग्रसर होता है। इस उपन्यास मे मेरे द्वारा लिखीं गयी सारी बातें मैने अपने अनुभव सेप्राप्त की है। मैने इसमे बदखाया है बक एक बवद्याथी चाहे वो लड़का हो या लड़की उसे अपने लक्ष्य को पाने मे बकतनी तबपश झेलनी पड़ती है। जीवन के उलझे हुए पहलुओों से खुद को कैसे बचा कर रखना पड़ता है। इस उपन्यास मे मैने ये भी बदखाया है बक एक लड़की जब बहार रहकर तैयारी करना चाहती है, और अपने सपनो को पूरा करना चाहती है तो उसे बकन- बकन कबिनाइयोों का सामना करना पड़ता है। और एक लड़का जब तैयारी के दौरान भटक जाता है और यू-ट्यूि , व्हाटशाप , फेसबुक की दुबनया में खो जाता है। उसे शायद पता नहीों होता है। बक वह क्या करने चला था। और वह बकस ओर मुड़ गया है। ऐसे हालातोों में वो बिमोबटवेट भी होता है। बिर वह कै से सोंभलता है और बिर बकस तरीके से अपने सपनो की ओर आगे बढ़ता है। हााँ एक बात और कहूंगा ये मेरी पहली उपन्यास है। और शायद मैं उपन्यास की कसौटी पर खरा न उतरूं तो इसके मलये मैं सभी पाठकोूं से मााँफी चाहूंगा। ये उपन्यास मेरा अनुभव है। न मक एक कल्पना।

  • kaagaz ki naav by: Anshul 100.00

    Its a poetry book that written by me (Anshul). In this book you will read my random thoughts that I have put together in a rythematic way. These are my daily experiences. Everybody has some experiences, when you collect those experiences and put it together than you discover a new skill. In this book I talk about love, I talked about hate, I talk about life and of course the death. see I am totally a confused person when you read this book than you knew about it.


    Since the dawn of Philosophy, our ancient seers were into the deep inquiry of the three realities the Brahman, the sentient beings, and insentient objects. The theological system of Sri Rāmānuja’s philosophy, known as Viśiṣṭādvaita, analogous to the Pan-en-theism of Western concept is a school-based on Vedanta which assigns different stages to the Divine body of the God where God is “FAR” from us yet He is very NEAR. His paratva (superiority) is as glorious as His soulabhya (accessibility). He is part of this world and all the rest form His body and He is inseparably intertwined with the rest of the universe. This unique concept is the fulcrum on which the entire Viśiṣṭādvaita revolves.

  • Vihangini A Soul by: Sudha Sikrawar 108.00

    VIHANGINI is collection of such poetry , which can be the soul of anyone, One who wanders from one place to another, sees problems , faces problems , asks questions to the God.And then finally lives in this world by finding solutions.

  • Sutli and Shravi by: Shreedhar Agnihotri 330.00

    This book is a carefully curated arrangement of poems over two distinct episodes – “Sutli” and “Shravi”. In the same way as its namesake “Sutli” joins together twenty-five poems like a Bandanwar of mango leaves. “Shravi” embodies changing sensibilities over a large spectrum as time passes by. It begins with “Sookh Gayi Sabatmati” and concludes on a philosophical note with “Tum deh nahi”.


    Insurance is an industry at a pivotal juncture as it grapples with the impact of new technology, new distribution models, changing customer behaviour and more exacting local, regional and global regulations. The life insurance industry has evolved considerably catering to the changing macroeconomic landscape, customer needs, and technological developments.

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