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    This book are very close to my heart, cause the poetry I have written in this book are on the basis of our social and personal life pushdown. in this book I have written romantic, social life and poetry. I have felt when writing this book you felt also, and enjoy the poetry author written in these book.

    Heart Beats by: Sachin Umale 100.00
  • First and Half Darling by: Prithvi Raj Singh 162.00

    This is story of a young Doctor named Dr.Raj who is living with his family in Jaipur city. In Corona pandemic soon he felt some flu like illness, and on advise of a senior he admitted in a hospital where he tested for corona and quarantined.

    In corona ward he felt loneliness and during this period some colleagues phoned him and re- membered good days of M.B.B.S and hostel life. He also felt that there was much more in these days which have forgotten due to his busy professional life. He remembered ragging days, college festival days and his love life. In those days he was in love with a beautiful school girl Neelu. And in same time an other college girl Ragini also loved him. College girl was very caring for him but he couldn’t decide his fate. Some ups and downs came in his life and due to destiny he lost both. After some time once destiny knocked his gate to select his first love but this was too late. Then what happened next? Now after 14 years he realized that his first and half love must be memorable. Then how he full-fill his memories of love.

  • OVER A CUP OF COFFEE by: Ritesh Menon 120.00

    Over A Cup Of Coffee is a collection of 2 short love stories.  Broken Things Called Love – Irie, becomes restless as a boy at her new school proposes to her because of her haunting past which she hides behind her beautiful smile.   Would she be able to move on and learn to live with the past or always try to run away from love? Before I Kick The Bucket – Annie meeting Adam is the work of destiny at play and as they travel around to do things Annie always wanted to, time starts slipping away. How far would a boy go to save his lover?

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    The main theme of the book is the imaginary stories narrated by people after their death. It revolves around the issues faced by people belonging to different age groups and different backgrounds. The story revolves around a girl who finally meets her death which was expected since her birth. After her final farewell to the world, she flies above the clouds to a place of afterlife. She curses her painful life led by her since birth. But above the clouds she meets different people belonging to different age groups who have reached there on various reasons. When they make her see their stories, he feels the pain of each and every one of them. She realizes that she had never asked god, why did he give all the good things in life instead of asking about the bad things that have happened to her. Each and every single life narrated in the afterlife leaves an impact on her. After hearing all the stories, finally, someone unexpected will join her above the clouds from the world down. Every unheard stories will be heard somewhere in this afterlife.

    Heavens by: Athira.P.Nair 199.00
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    This book is actually about a girl named Ridhima who wishes to achieve great things in her life but faces many difficulties. Here in this story she faces a lot of pains in life , she loses her love ones and also faces problems like trolling , taunts ,, depression and anxieties. How will Ridhima achieve her goal? How will Ridhima overcome her problems? Well all your answers are in this book.

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    This is a story that brings hope and positivity through love and trust. Two young adults who are different from each other unexpectedly fall in love, turning each other’s life upside down for the better.
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    Not; every past hurts, nor every past brings scares to remember. Sometimes a past makes you regret to let go. Meet Aisha, young enthusiastic girl aspiring to be a fashion designer. Falling in love was not easy for her, yet she thought Rishab is the man. Falling in his love was not her mistake, but she paid the price. After breaking up, she was devastated with depression. It is the same past that saves her when she meets Aryan. Aryan, a doctor whom she had rejected in the past. This is the story of first love and the love that will shock you to be real.
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    We often say, ‘age doesn’t matter in Love.’ But are you sure about it? Mohit, a college student, falls in love
    with Manali, a girl who is elder to him. Manali is the daughter of one of his relatives. Mohit expresses his
    love for her. Manali also falls for his love. For some time, she forgets her family and the surrounding
    world. But when she comes to realize the future consequences, she decides to stop. Manali
    compromises her love for their families’ happiness. This story is the roller-coaster ride of love, friendship,
    and family relations. This story will show you what love is? This story will tell you what friendship is? And
    it will also tell you that sometimes, losing your love is a better way than being in love.

  • Sugar and Spice by: Sonali Punj singh 399.00

    This is about budding of romance after engagement, when two strangers meets and fall in love. Families bring them together and then their egos and customs foul the romance. Let’s read to see who wins the battle between love and ego.

    A story of most Indian couples who thrive through the challenging family obsession balancing their love life.

    An easy and lucid read for everyone. This book promises that readers would not need a dictionary to read through the story.

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    Dopamine ( let life feel its rhythm) is a territory of unjostled passion where no rules and regulations or terms and conditions play their role of barriers. It’s a heart that shall bow down before the reasoning minds and raise like a Phoenix with flames of love and union.   

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    In life we meet someone who is not our destiny. That person creates a place of his own in our heart that we cannot give that place to anyone else. We are ready to wait a lifetime for the same person. There are
    few people who love one-sidedly. And one-sided love is always done unseflshly. The feeling that the
    person will not meet you is very sad. urvi is one of the brilliant student in the college. She is in relationship
    with Rishi. Rishi is flirting with Urvi and Mansi at the same time. Suddenly Aditya enters in Urvi’s life. He tells the truth about Rishi to Urvi with the help of Sumit. She faces many problems in her life. Will she get support from her true love? When trust goes beyond love you’ll lost your self condence if you trust the wrong person. Will Aditya help Urvi for being strong or it’s too late. It’s too late is a story about the trust beyond love… and the healing power of friendship…

  • Tragic Love by: Amrit Mohanty 250.00

    This story is completely fiction based which is inspired from human society. This story is about 2 boys who get in love with each matter what the circumstances are, They stand together and never run from their problem. This story also tells you the meaning of true friendship and love. I am sure this story will completely change your opinion about love because there is a completely different meaning of love. The story includes school life and school romance also along with some tragic cast.
    I hope you’ll like it and enjoy it. I hope you’ll like it and enjoy it.

  • Unsaid Love by: Dinesh Kumar 190.00

    “LOVE is not a noun… It’s a verb…” Dhayalan, is a shy guy who is very bad at taking initiatives, but mentally strong enough to not give up. As he was enjoying his college life with lots of ups and downs, he fell in love with the gracious girl, Ragavi. A girl with a complicated past and present. As she becomes the love of his life, he starts to remain clam, thinks about his challenges and plans for his targets in order to travel along with her. One fine day, everything changes. Despite Dhayalan’s mental state, will he able to read his girl’s mind? Or will he dwell hard into the wounds of his past? Will his disturbed mind alter his feelings for her, over the period of time? Will his love of life offer the same in return? This story will help you believe in love and it will tell you, true love never goes out of fashion…

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    It’s a romantic thrilling expedition deep inside men’s subconscious.The story will dig out the route cause of homophobia, the social prejudice against same sex love.

    PURUSHARTH by: Dr .Sushanta Pal 230.00 130.00
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    What happens when you, unexpectedly, come across with the one who used to be your passionate love in the past, a past that was the most memorable part of your life, a past that you thought would always bring happiness and blisses in your life. But life never works the way you want, right? Destiny works in ways you can’t imagine. Unique are its ways and means of separating and reuniting human beings, especially the ‘love birds’. Just when Aniket thought his and Nkita’s story ended, life brought them together again. And along with that came those sweet feelings and memories, never to be broken promises, that time which they thought would stay the way they wanted and the cherished moments in which they wanted to live together forever.After almost 6 years, life brings them together again when both of them find themselves at the crossroads. Will they be able to rewrite their story differently this time or end up drifting apart just like before? A turbulent love is an astounding tale of love, heartbreaks, dreams, sacrifices, loss & second chances.

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    How to kill someone fill them with love and then leave him/her”” A true quote.How much you get attached to someone in just 24 hours and what happen when they left you lonely, this story is based on the same incident read what happen when someone does this.

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    “Reminiscence A tale of love” is a very relatable story for all the teenagers and young adults.As the title suggests, this story deals with the mess called love. Not only love, but confusions in love, misunderstanding other feelings and calling it love, falling in love, falling out of love, selfless love and selfish love too.With love it also deals with subjects like, growing up and changing with time, facing failure, learning in life, earning success, parental love, and friendship.The story opens with Amay falling for Tara who is mesmerisingly beautiful, hard working and immensely dedicated to her work.As this tale of love moves ahead, things do not remain the same in their lives.Go get the book and explore more about Tara and Amay’s story of love.

    Reminiscence by: Garima 190.00
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    “Love in the times of CORONA VIRUS deals with A village boy Ajay and his search of love, how he fells in love with wrong girls and loose everything.He again finds love but this time in CORONA crisis.Book is dedicated to DOCTORS and NURSES staff ,who are true warriors.

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    A beautiful collection of poems throwing light on love, nature, nation and family.

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    Kabir.. A charmer of all the times who knows his way to everyone’s heart.Nidhi.. A multimillionaire’s daughter bestowed with all the love and riches possible.Nidhi looses her heart to Kabir. He empowers her, she was otherwise very dependable. They fall in love, never ending eternal love. Life was indeed beautiful and perfect. But then destiny plays it’s part. What happened was a headline for others. For these two, it was a never ending nightmare.”Let me go, I can’t bear this anymore, just let me go,” was what he said.”For the sun, moon and the universe will all conspire to make you mine. You own all my breathe till I take the last one, I can’t let you go..I just can’t let you go.. ,” was what she said.But how will she conquer this hardship when her saviour is at the other end? What made Kabir so indifferent to Nidhi?Read this overwhelming tale of romance which gives you many reasons to introspect life and look at the world around with compassion

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    When a techie goes for joining in her third job, she meets Craig who is attractive and autocratic. She dares not fall for him, of course when she is legally bound to her husband. She pushes off his charming and secretive personality, but finds that he wants her above anybody in this world. Even the thought of his first born child didn’t cringe him for a split second and he falls in love with this beautiful irresistible lady.Kristina doesn’t want him because she loves Smith too much. She hesitates but she couldn’t step aside from the affectionate and passionate physical affair that she and Smith never had.Intimidating and arousing, the Gamed trilogy is a story of a common woman who wasn’t common in infinite ways.This book series is meant for adults.

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    Kaali fell in love with a bandit who abducted her while a bandit attack on her village, living as his prisoner, she finds it mysterious and challenging to set with him on his farm on a secluded spot, in surrounding cohabitation of others.

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    Love heals but love also hurts. And to some of us, it hurts more than anyone can assume. Natasha Singh, a modern desi girl appears to have it all in her life from outside, but on the inside she keeps missing her ex Akul whom she had truly loved during their MBA days and ever since their break-up she has been vulnerable to the idea of falling in love again and then… Akshay enters her life. Akshay is not just any guy but Akul’s twin brother. Natasha totally wants to avoid him because she is constantly skeptical that Akul will think wrong when he comes to know that his ex is bonding with his twin brother. But destiny wants them to meet and eventually, Akshay and Natasha are drawn to each other. But what is love without challenges? Natasha gets shattered when she comes to know that Akshay has also hidden something big from her. She feels devastated after two break-ups therefore her best friend Mansi takes her on a trip to Mcleodganj to meet Nikhil, a new age agony uncle. What happens when Natasha meets Nikhil? Is she able to find an aid to her aching heart? Does Akshay return in her life? How does Akul react when he comes to know that his ex-girlfriend is in love with his twin brother? A Bit of Both is a new age love tale with a very gripping plot and interesting twists till the end. It is an ideal read for those who are always up for a light-hearted fiction.

    A bit of both by: Richa Telang 199.00
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    Adjustment is a fictional love story. Individuals, the situation is initially a fantasy world. Love is an integral part of a person’s life. Without it man cannot have manhood. But; Nevertheless, there are some adjustments in love, adjustments. Only then does that love last. Some even compromise for the sake of love and spouse. Some feel that adjustment is a bad thing.But; Anyway, in life there is nothing but compromise. A small attempt to convey this is through this story. This story is also based on the same topic. The story is rather short; Hope you enjoy this story.

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    “What is Love? Not even 10% people of this planet will give the same answer. Probably it has more meanings than any other English word. It took fifteen years for Digvijay to understand it’s true meaning and a cup of coffee for Sidhesh Banerjee to know it’s worth! Who is sidhesh, and why is he so interested in Digvijay’s story? Is it out of his-own-interest or because of their mutual relation with a specific woman? Buckle up and endeavor a fifteen-year-old tale of love, life, hatred, family, emotions, friendship, success and failure!Based on true Incidents of every common man’s life”

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    “Every part of me will be in love with you for the rest of your life. I wanted to be the one that you never see coming. It is tough to believe that you let me go. You may see a million sunrises in my absence, but only I can make that beautiful for you.” An intense feeling of love, which is beyond to express in words, acts like a fierce “flame.” Moon has the power to make nights beautiful by fading the darkness away with its charm. This book is about the “flames” of a lover who was left by his love of life. His pain and grief that not being with his charm of the living “moon”. But he will never stop his fight until he wins his battle. This book contains 36 poems. It is a journey of true love. And its madness for beloved ones. This book is the expression of unconditional love towards their partner. “I will love you until God decides that it is time for me to leave this body…leaving my body is an end but my love will conquer this world to start a new beginning. In my absence, it will worship you for ages.” There is no death for love. If you truly love anyone, even your death will conquer this world.

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    She is a girl who knows how to hide her pain in a smile. “Love is not for you” she always used to tell herself, but deep down in her heart, she wanted to be loved. She wanted to have that special bond with someone. And one-day, love came in her life unannounced, changing her life into a beautiful dream she never wanted to wake up from. As beautifully as it came it went away leaving her alone, empty and broken.

    What happens when two years later, she comes face to face with the same person who made her body tingles, and her thoughts restless, the one who didn’t let her sleep at night?

    Will she get her love back, or she will have to live only with those memories?

    Read and find out…”

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    “The novel is about a 18 year old boy named Sam, like most other guy’s his age he is an average student and is fed up with his studies, he’s very much interested in going to Himalayas to know the purpose of his life and find some answers. Then he meets a girl named Priya, falls madly in love with her at the very first sight, meets her again, they get into a relationship, everything goes good until her dreams of becoming a badminton player gets in between them.
    Does she leave her dream for her boyfriend? or breaks up with him for her badminton?
    Did he leave her to make her happy? Did he visit Himalayas?”

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    I, the writer of the story, listened to it From the protagonist about his love life Lob Sang Kim, the protagonist, and Vrishti Ahuja, his love Both are in love, but never confess to each other. Feelings are strong, but what to do with doubts? But at last, one of them confesses, but it drives them apart, Miles apart

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    “My Love You look hot when you run!” When she read the letter written with blood, she gasped in horror. The protagonist Natasha, was a content editor by profession and was living a peaceful life in the suburbs. However, an unsolicited event made her a nyctophobic— someone suffering from post-traumatic stress. And while recovering from her trauma, she started receiving creepy letters from a stalker turning her into an ‘avenging angel’ mode. Nevertheless, her life again changed completely when she met Siddharth in a hospital. He was a fun loving and a handsome hunk whose life was a perfect mess around alcohol, drugs, and one-night stands. But after meeting Natasha, he developed captivating interest for her. Will Siddharth be able to catch up or will it rip them apart? Will Sid be able to convince Natasha that he’s the one for her? Will he support her to find the culprit? “Hello, Don’t put the book down just yet, Pick it. You are welcom to my world.” -The Anonymous

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