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  • Life is Tough, Be Tougher by: Susmita Gupta 239.00

    “Life is tough, Be Tougher” revolves around the story of the protagonist Shilpa Vohra who has been in Australia for seven years. Her intelligence knew no bound along with her alluring beauty. She was compassionate, strong, resolute, and tough-spirited, as well as soft and kind. She had been through a lot in her life. She was dissatisfied and caged in her past with her life and felt broken. She felt like tearing her apart from life but there remained someone who amid her darkness became a beacon of lights to guide her way to get through the darkness. Will she be able to pull herself back?

  • PEBBLES by: Dr. Ghazala Naaz 200.00

    Pebbles’ is a collection of contemporary and realistic short stories on women. These are all true-to-life tales, based on experience, hearsay, or newspaper headlines from around India. Each story is a slice of extreme drama, verging on the tragic. The purpose is to draw attention to the unbearable splendour of everyday life such as these, being lived around us, touching us, and then getting lost in oblivion. Little known, unheard, unsung, everyday occurrences, scattered around like pebbles.

  • Jugnoo by: Laxman Krishna 200.00

    Charu felt like a shock. She had never even dreamt that Sharad would do this to her. For whom she was ready to fight with the whole world, today he left her side. She was heartbroken. Tears were rolling down her eyes and along with the Kohl her desires were shedding as well, Which she had kept in her heart for so long. She was crying and just kept on crying.

  • The Six Magicians by: Gungun Yadav 250.00

    This story is about Magic and Magicians. We all heard and listen about the magic and Magicians and also we see them in the cartoon. This story also tells about Magic and Magicians about the Six Magicians. They get a big responsibility. To complete that responsibility one of them lost her life. God give them a special gift for complete their responsibility with selfishness, bravery, and intelligence.

  • SexCare by: Dr Sakshi Tickoo 200.00

    SexCare is a self-paced, reflective workbook that helps in challenging the conventional ideas about sex, identify barriers (internal, external, and relational) that limit one from experiencing their true pleasure potential, and encourages to set an action plan through guided activities and sensory practices that can be incorporated in a daily routine; prioritizing sexual pleasure and wellness in ways that are practical and convenient. Through this book, one shall focus on exploring and experiencing pleasure holistically in various parts of their lives by enhancing sensuality, connection, and intimacy with oneself and/or their partner(s).
    The workbook addresses people in a gender-neutral language without assuming their orientations, abilities, limitations, and/or relationship styles because no matter what your identities are, pleasure is a human right and everyone deserves it!

  • PG Ginger’s Whiskering Tails by: Lajwanti Dsouza 267.00

    The book is a brave attempt to pen a biography of a corporate/ pet cat. Felines are not always the most understood of pets, in fact, their detached demeanour is often misunderstood for snootiness and pride. This book hopes to introduce readers to a cat’s soft side – one that weaves magic into every chapter which progresses from the birth of this golden-yellow fur ball to a full-whiskers marmalade cat who brings nothing but joy to the world.

  • Mirror in Darkness by: Jatinder Thakur 122.00

    Mirror in darkness is a book of clarity of thoughts, truthfulness, and full of various anecdotes related to our day-to-day life. It is a story of Sahu, Dagru, Somu, Balu, Pearl from different backgrounds who met with each other on a common platform where they all were taught and enlightened. It is about Madhav’s dream and Radha’s sacrifice. It is about the love and devotion of Madam Katy’s for discarded and downtrodden children. It is about selfless service to society. I hope by the medium of this book I would be able to invigorate someone. After reading this book, if I am able to influence even one reader I will sense then that my job is done.

  • Let the Cool Breeze Blow by: Jagdish Chander Khera 201.00

    ‘Let the cool breeze blow’ is an honest and humble attempt of Mr. Jagdish Chander Khera to put his true to life reminiscences, musings, and anecdotes; which were earlier randomly spread in his social media pages, in book form. The comments, suggestions, and reactions of readers motivated Mr. Khera to collect 58 pearls of stories into one thread and name it ‘Let the cool breeze blow’ which also happens to be the title of one of the stories in the book.

  • Family & Lies by: Sara Fayaz 250.00

    “Hey, I am Lee Nayeon a 15-year-old living the perfect life.” Lee Nayeon’s life looks perfect from the outside but her most well-kept secret is the reason she struggles every day (her secret she’s the daughter of a well-known mafia). But that’s just the beginning of the many secrets this family is built on. Embark on the journey with this
    fifteen-year-old as she uncovers the lies of her family. Be sure to fasten your seatbelts as this roller-coaster ride is full of shocking surprises and twists.

  • Naradiya Bhakti Sutre Bhavadhara by: RASHMI A BAPAT 265.00

    “‘Narada Bhakti sutra bhavadhara ‘ treatise on ancient devotional literary work, translation, commentary on Narada bhakti sutra the highest devotional poetic text in bhakti shastra written by sage Narada even before starting of kaliyuga as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavata mahapurana.

    The human kingdom is graceful and blessed with an evolutionary superhuman brain from plants, minerals, and then to the animal kingdom. Paramahansa Yogananda said “realize the power of God within you. Try to realize the power that is playing like a searchlight within you. You can be the master only when you realize the power. You must be persistent with determined thoughts so that you may realize that you are a child of God. When you realize that you are saved. You must seek wisdom, power, and prosperity from god. If you prefer material desires after seeking god then it is an error of judgment. Do not strive for unimportant things and reject all- Satisfying god. Even great people and materially successful people will realize the emptiness of their lives in the end but those who find God in this life are already rich in Joy and power. Peace eternal, joy eternal be the glory of your being. Bliss is the altar in which God stays forever. He who is filled with joy shall make an altar of lord within ”

    As rightly said by Swami Vivekananda “ each soul is potentially divine and yoga is the process of invoking the potential within. Arise and awake and stop not till the goal is achieved “

    This book enlightens us on the path of devotion from understanding the psychophysiological, social, scientific, spiritual dimensions and reaching the highest goal of liberation ( as per the ancient Vedas last purushartha called as ‘ moksha’). one must read and again to contemplate on Narada bhakti sutra .”

  • Concepts of Entrepreneurship by: Ankita Chandra 200.00

    The present book attempts to describe the various aspects of entrepreneurship. It would enable the young entrepreneurs to learn the basic principles and concepts involved in establishing a new venture. The problems faced by entrepreneurs during COVID-19 and ways to overcome it has also been explained.

  • Chah by: Suman Shastri 229.00

    चाह उपन्यास के द्वारा मैंयह बताना चाहती ह ूँ कक अपनी संतान की परवररश बबना(ल ंग, रंग, रूप) भेदभाव के करनी चाहहए। बचपन में माता – पपता द्वारा हदए गए संस्कार और परवररश सम चे जीवन की नींव होते हैं। अत: जजतना हो सके इस नींव को प्रेम, गुण, संस्कार, लशक्षा और अपनेपन की भावना से सींचचत करना चाहहए। पढा- ल खाकर अपनी संतान को काबब बनाना चाहहए। रही बात जीवनसाथी की तो अपने बच्चे के जीवन की बागडोर उन्हीं हाथों में सौंपने की कोलशश करनी चाहहए जो इन हाथों का सम्मान और सहयोग कर सके और गुणों के आधार पर उसी के समकक्ष हो। बेमे जीवनसाथी चुनकर उसे जीते जी नरक में नहीं धके ना चाहहए। इसी प्रकार जजस इंसान के अंदर का इंसान दम तोड़ चुका है, उससे ककसी भी प्रकार की उम्मीद करना बेकार है। प्रत्येक मनुष्य को दया, धमम , परोपकार ,
    सहानुभ तत जैसे गुणों से स्वयं प्रकालशत होकर दस रों को भी उनकी रोशनी से सरोबार करना चाहहए । तभी सही अथों में इंसान होने की साथमकता लसद्ध होगी।

    Through this novel ‘Chah’, I want to convey that we should care for our children without any discrimination like sex, colour, form, etc. Sacraments and upbringing given at childhood through their parents are the foundation of their whole life. However possible we should accommodate this foundation by love, virtue, sacraments, education, and affinity. We should make children capable by making them educated. Talking about life partners, we should try to hand over the life of reins of our children in those hands which can do respect and cooperation of these hands. We should not push into hell by choosing the mismatched partner. In this way, we should not try to expect anything from that person whose inner person had suffocated. Each and every person should treble others by their glimp by first lightening themselves with such qualities like mercy, faith, charity, sympathy, then in the true sense there a is the significance of being human.)

  • Quarantined Love in the Time of Corona by: Dr. Mahul Brahma 125.00

    When the world is fighting its war against COVID, quarantine has become a norm rather than an exception. And even in these extreme times of extreme measures, love conquers all. When social distancing has become the grand narrative, the sudden danger of human contact and the sudden suspicion that has taken a deep root among fellow humans, start playing mind games. The book is an anthology of unconventional love stories, about how the quarantine irreversibly changes their lives forever. The book tells tales of Dark Love, exploring the depths to which our minds take us in unfamiliar times where familiar faces become unfamiliar. The ‘Quarantined’ has you!

  • A Date with Myself by: Dr. Karuna Bhalla 225.00

    Life has sunrise and sunsets, rainbows and storms, trials and triumphs but the sunny side up makes self-belief quotient drive and look straight into the eyes of storms and trials bringing up revitalized enthusiasm to start afresh.

    This book is all about people, who think high, dream big, carve vision, and work tirelessly to achieve goals. What matters is their noble aims with flavors of care, compassion, kindness inspiring humanity to love and laugh and make the world a happier place.

  • Man ki Bhavnaye by: Devendra Yadav 220.00

    This book is a showcase of some experiences I have gone through, some portrayal of my thoughts, and a few exhibitions of my feelings in words. This book deals with the circumstances which we often face and tells how bad we are and have been, simultaneously showing good & great we can be and had been in past.

  • LATEST LABOUR CODES by: Advocate Birender Singh Nain 900.00


  • The Beverage Program by: TBP 885.00

    THE BEVERAGE PROGRAM, BEGINNERS GUIDE is created to enhance the mindset and knowledge level of beverage enthusiasts and aspiring students, who look up to the profession to start a career in the field of Bars. The modules are created, specifically catering to the market needs of the aspirants which are a combination of hands-on experiences behind the bar counter and theoretical learning process.
    We are ready to embark on a journey together with you by guiding and mentoring you to be the perfect combination of passion and knowledge. We want to equip you with the correct skillset to deal with the different scenarios of your work life as well as personal.
    The Guide is a collection of references written or referred from trustable sources as well as original contents shared by industry experts exclusively for the guide. This guide is compiled by Varun Sudhakar (Founder, Bar Bundle by Varun Sudhakar) & Simran Singh (CEO & Co-Founder of Madushala School of Beverages).

  • Thinking Waves by: Rahul Labroo 200.00

    This is the story about Rahul who because of worlds politics has to marry the pole star president-general but Rahul doesn’t want to marry her because he knows their intention, so make a trick that he will marry only that woman who wins the miss galaxy contest.

  • Green Sea Star by: Rhea Gupta 200.00

    Green sea star is the story of a snail that dares to dream and becomes a star above the green sea in the sky of planet earth….

  • आप हो, तो मैं हूँ by: Sharda Charan 250.00

    ये जरूरी नहीं हैं कि हम जैसा या जैसी जिंदगी अपने लिए सोचते हैं, चाहते हैं वैसी हमें जीने को मिले भी! और जब नहीं मिलता हैं मन चाहा तब मन कैसी कैसी कल्पनाएं करता हैं उन्हीं कल्पनाओं और भावनाओं इस पुस्तक में उड़ेलने की कोशिश की हैं मैंने।

  • Dil Se Dil Tak by: Dalia ghosh 200.00

    Dil Se Dil Tak is a collection of poetry ranging across different subjects and themes. While some are spiritual in nature, some seek to inspire the readers and provide motivation to them. It is her belief that making god as a companion will give a sense of fulfillment and enlightenment which will help us n this journey called life. Faith in God and yourself will render you the courage to pursue no matter where you are today.


    The way of the periodontal concept is indeed advanced is how it had been within the past. We now have a more robust understanding of the etiological factors related to periodontitis, the mechanism involved in periodontal wound healing, and the interrelationship between patients factors (such as smoking and diabetes) and treatment outcomes. However, some controversies associated with periodontology do exist. The rationale of controversy on a selected topic could also be associated with inadequate knowledge of the etiological factors, technical difficulties, and patient-related factors affecting the treatment outcomes or some unknown factors. Hence I have tried to cover a number of these controversial topics in periodontology in this textbook.

  • If I Could Write all that I Wanted by: Shrestha Agrahari 150.00

    I am sad. I am depressed. I am lonely. I feel tormented. I feel like I’m being punished. I don’t dare to come out of my shell. I haven’t told anyone about it. It’s a secret of my own. I’ve kept it deep within my heart because I know, no one really understands, of only a shallow companion, they can play the part. So I laugh, I laugh hard and smile a lot. Some might even think that I’ve gone berserk. But I’m craving, craving for someone to understand me before I do myself, because these emotions you see, are drowning me within. I’ll write poetic stories for you, ones that will put my mind to ease, but maybe I should not because that’ll make it hard for you to, life, appease. But I need to live too, don’t I? I’m not just a character you’ll read about, I’m a human of many minds. Breathing in the air seems impossible now, the truth of life has taken away my appetite. But I wish you all the happiness that you deserve. And if you don’t find it, you’ll find me here, in my reserve.

  • Sadetod by: Bhai Deoghare 278.00

    “Sadetod” Means “impartially To The Point”.Articles of the experiences of an author. Which are laid in front of readers as it is, impartial. Articles that give new dimensions to the thought process. The experiences make you think about our living standards, conditions, how people suffer while running the families. Some political articles with impartial analysis. Articles that give wide-angle to the think tank. On construction sites, experiences are very interesting that shows how people are eager to break the systems. Articles that give perfect safety analysis. All the articles & experiences are unique that readers have never gone through before. Excellent writing skills – as readers always comment, make this book more precious and readable. I am very pleased to share my first book “Sadetod” – “सडेतोड” with love to you all. Please enjoy the reading of the book.

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