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    This book is a survival note of the hero, described by the hero himself to his friend Mia, Once Who Loved him. This story is a very unique manner of being presented as novel, this story is started with its end, from the last, as a doubt. .. but end with a conviction that yes it’s not. .. book opened with a line, “I would never thought of my end” Mia, the narrator got that from his friend, whom once he loved, he is in jail. His beloved is dead, and he thinks that the society can make his love corrupt, so he decided to live in his own world.

    The Boy by: Prajesh Kumar Roy 207.00
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    This is a book of prose and poems dealing with topics like love, life and forgiveness. All through the book, the author keeps the reader’s mood elevated, sharing the ideas behind the beginning and the end, which makes the book a treat to the mind and the soul. Moreover, he shares his concerns over our nation through one of his articles. Above all, his explanations on the concept of trinity sets apart this book, titled WISDOM WINGS.

    Wisdom Wings by: GEORGE ALEX 200.00
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    The book is the closely monitored and researched work of Dr. Shrikant Tiwari (IIT BHU), Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (MNNIT Allahabad), and Ms. Neda Firoz (SHUATS Allahabad). This book, titled “Computational Science” is for anyone who is deeply interested in computers and their modern-day trends. The book is the fine outcome of the experiences gained by the authors in the core academic research industry. The book can be a good reference for students doing their engineering graduation or post-graduation in computers. It can also be referred to for competitive examinations like NET/SET/GATE/CCC/PGDCA AND DOEACC ‘O’ level etc, and computer related exams and courses. This book serves not just computer engineers but everybody who wants to be able to write better programs by learning what is going on “under the hood” of a computer system. It begins with computer basics and goes on to connect AI and machine learning with strands like genetic algorithms, pattern recognition etc. The book handles the modern computational approach and discusses very naive ideas pertaining to researches in computer science. It provides clear, detailed knowledge in very simple English language and illustrates the concepts with the help of diagrams, charts and figures wherever necessary. You are welcome to recommend this book to your friends and colleagues. In case of any suggestions, comments or queries, please write to us We are always happy to hear from our readers. Happy reading, happy learning!

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    The banking sector in India has undergone remarkable changes since the nationalisation of 14 major commercial banks in 1969. The geographical and functional coverage of banks has surged at a rate that is unprecedented in the world. Similarly, service rendered by banks witnessed major changes after the liberalisation of the financial sector carried out from the early 1990s. The banking system has now transferred itself into a vibrant financial service sector with many innovative and technology-driven services at the end. A diverse range of studies has been conducted by the researchers for measuring the performance of the banks. However, traditional systems of performance evaluation have been typically based on financial views which are incomplete in evaluating the overall performance of the banks. Non-financial criteria like customer’s satisfaction and employee’s satisfaction can be necessary for the strategic success of any bank. In this context, this book puts forth a comprehensive model proposal for the performance evaluation of the banking system which measures the performance of banks by using financial and non-financial performance criteria.

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    Meri dairy is inspired by the real life-based experiences and in this book, all experiences shared in the form of poetry and small stories.

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    The problem of Water Pollution and scarcity of clean water is increasing day by day in India, which is due to so many reasons like fast and unplanned urbanization, non vailability of treatment technologies as well as lack of attention and skill in the field of pollution and pollution control systems. Keeping the environment clean and safe is not a duty of any individual but it is the duty of all. Environment can be kept safe with the joint efforts of all who are living on the earth and every human has to contribute in this with their capacity either by their act for the prevention or by their skill for the corrective actions. Since I am in the field of Effluent Treatment and worked with so many treatment systems, therefore, I felt it as my duty to share my knowledge among the Environment Technical and to inspire the professionals of Sugar Industries to put attention towards the treatment of the effluent and water conservation. I am thankful to my colleague Mr. Manoj Kr. Mishra who has helped a lot in compilation of the relevant matters in this Book. I am also thankful to our colleague Ms. Lucky Jain who has helped in typing of this Book. This book is being written in keeping view of the Effluent Treatment of cane based Sugar Industries this book comprises with the technologies available for the treatment of the cane sugar Manufacturing Industries. Besides this book also covers the way of selection of suitable technologies and the procedure for their operation and maintenance with the procedures how to measures the performance of the Effluent treatment system. We have tried to precise the material of the Book. Only essential, relevant and compulsory contents are taken care. I hope this Book will be helpful not only to the professionals who are working in Effluent Treatment and Environment but others who are working with the other department like Production and Engineering will also get benefited with this Book.

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    There was only a space, which was cold, smooth, continuous, infinite, eternal, and without boundary and any visible matter and energy before creation of our early Universe. However, this space may not have been empty. It was, perhaps, the Dark Matter particle, which popped up from this space. And due to its intrinsic properties it converted itself into a Supersymmetrical Superparticle that generated Supergravity by the pressures of forces of moving particles and thus into an infinitesimally small, dense, primordial, non-transparent (opaque) plasma fireball. This particle first designed the fertile sites due to its own strong gravitational attractive field in which all galaxies, stars, and planets in different regions of the Universe, including our own Milky Way galaxy that contains our Solar System with the eight planets, including Earth, originated after the collapse of the normal particles. With passage of time, the great fertile sites were generated on the Earth by tectonics, in which sedimentary rocks containing petroleum deposits at depths overlain by great alluvial plains were generated for the evolution and development of living beings, including humans and practicing agriculture, establishing industries, constructing civil facilities, and a multitude of other things for the survival of humans.

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    Its an emotional journey of true love, brokenhearted faith and ever lasting memories. I always found solace in my poems. Alike, find yourself connected with my poems, every sigh of despair because true love is immortal. Believe me

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    “””This book deals with the emotions of person going through phase of love and after that.
    Various tastes of emotions dwell in this situation and this book contains all that forms of love. “””

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    Ancient Indian Yoga has a very wide history, with regard to the origin and development of Indian civilization in the modern times today. A human being has more than seventy two thousand nadis but only a few of them perform the main functions. The three most important nadis are: Susumna nadi, Pingala nadi and Ida nadi. The energies of the body and mind circulate mainly through these nadis and the seven chakras/endocrine glands dispersed in the Susumna nadi accommodate and control the circulation of the nadis. The seven chakras and endocrine glands is the central master. It controls the accumulation of the energies of the body and mind as well as the conscious revelation and sublimation centre of different aspects. According to the traditional doctrine of yoga the body consists of five elements and these elements are controlled by different chakras and glands. Two of them are controlled, healed and enhanced by yogic practices. This reunion after thousands of years, simultaneously declares a miraculous advent of yoga: hence, a great way of liberating life in the most prefect and suitable way to adopt the modern lifestyle in this distressful world. Thus, this book highlights the true reality that everyone should look for and practice.

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    Lisa is living the best phase of her life with her granny and her childhood friend Carrie, who has returned to her life after eleven years. They mean the whole world to her: the best she could ever get from life until her friend goes missing. David, the investigating officer who is in charge of the missing girl’s case, realizes that the case is not as simple as it looked when he learns that Carrie is not an ordinary girl. His investigation reveals the darkest shadow that someone’s life can ever cast on them. This is a story of friendship, love, trust and betrayal. Let’s find out who Carrie is and how David with the help of Carrie’s friends, Rio and Ana and her psychiatrist, Dr. Katherine unveils the truth to resolve the case? Sit back tight to watch the mystery getting tangled and how David manages to cut the knots and reach the hidden truth.

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    The collection of poems in this book is an attempt to awaken in the reader a desire to know the true reality. To understand this reality, one needs to delve deep inside oneself, access the Ocean of Memories that lies well within the ambit of each soul; memories that can be invoked by the blessings of a Master.

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    A revolution of women’s powers.

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    She is a girl who knows how to hide her pain in a smile. “Love is not for you” she always used to tell herself, but deep down in her heart, she wanted to be loved. She wanted to have that special bond with someone. And one-day, love came in her life unannounced, changing her life into a beautiful dream she never wanted to wake up from. As beautifully as it came it went away leaving her alone, empty and broken.

    What happens when two years later, she comes face to face with the same person who made her body tingles, and her thoughts restless, the one who didn’t let her sleep at night?

    Will she get her love back, or she will have to live only with those memories?

    Read and find out…”

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    “A family with zero coins in the pockets entered globally recognized city. It knew no road to take but begin to live every human seems to be known buy they behave unknown. To live, she, head of the family should invest. Invest money which the pocket doesn’t contain. Invest energy but who would believe to offer a job. She thought of the very valuable asset she has “the body, the nubile structure, sashay lips smiting looks”.

    Her death marked sadness. Splitting the family into, son stood again on the same path where his mother had begun. It was his turn to invest. He began questing himself what all he could do to earn. He began it. He began clapping in the public transportations and market places. Collecting the currency, he began to keep them in the finger gaps.”

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    This book is about the Indian culture and practices and the embedded science in it. It shows how India used to be “Vishwa Guru” and how scientific is our cultural heritage

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    “The nineteenth century is an important milestone in the history of India. In this century, economic and administrative policies of British rule gave a new direction to the social changes in India. A new transformative stream would emerge that brought about radical changes in Indian society. This means that the Enlightenment era has come all over India. Enlightenment is the process of awakening the society intellectually and scientifically. It was a broad and evolutionary movement that moved India from the Middle Ages to modernity. This movement includes religion, social system, culture, literature, and art, etc. began to become widely known in the field. The winds of nationalism started flowing in India.

    A newspaper is an effective tool for enlightenment. To that end, Tilak’s newsletters have played a vital role in fostering the movement for independence through effective dialogue with social issues and public welfare.

    Thinking of the nineteenth century in a broad and comprehensive sense and setting the history. The work of Lokmanya Tilak’s newspaper is a great inspiration and example for today’s newspapers. The book would help Lokmanya Tilak’s effective ideas of nationalist and social enlightenment to solve arising questions that have been created in the society and would play a strong, independent, effective role in today’s newspapers. There of the present media should work in tandem to the 19th century Tilak’s journalistic ideas.”

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    It is a wonderful poetic collection, describing the continuous decline of society and the everyday struggle of youth. Which provides the direction of harmony to the nation. With the rise of human civilization, culture and tradition were also created. Due to the constantly moving chronology of the world, civilizations were distorted. Human traditions and original culture began to be violated. For this reason, the youth also began to decline automatically. To compensate for the same downfall, I composed this poetry collection. So that a universal awakening can arise in the youth and society for centuries.

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    The war continues for the elixir. Amrit, the magical elixir of immortality, the belonging of the Devas, is being demanded by the evil tribes. The Devas have been attacked and they require help from their old ally, the Nagas. This war had already caused loss to the King of the Nagas. Will the Nagas help the Devas? Will the Devas be able to win the war? Will Amrit go into the wrong hands?

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    A Remarkable book that truly shows us various Shadows of Truth. It points out the reality of social and economic equality. Read the stories that touch the heart through their unique simplicity.

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    The Mysterious Adventure revolves around the adventure trip of five friends travelling from the sea world to the vampire bloody forest, then to the land of Suzuki and the prince of melody, and finally to the future. Four friends, Harchintan, Kritika, Sheetal, and Azar, casually happen to meet. They decide to go to the fantasy world below the sea. All four of them pack the necessary items for their trip. They begin their journey to the fantasy world. The group reaches the land of hills where all flowers and plants are dead and where they help bats build their houses. Harchintan and Kritika hand some weapons to Azar and Sheetal to fight with the vampires. The two enter a witch’s castle and stop the witch from destroying the flower. The witch takes Sheetal with her. The group kills the witch, and then proceed to the land of Suzuki. The new member in the team, Sukhraj, takes them to the land of mermaids, and then a merman takes the team to the prince of melody. Will the friends be able to find the rose, bringing the smile back on the fairy’s face, and get their powers back in the future world? Find out from the pages inside. Happy reading!

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    The author is an educator in the Engineering field, with B.E. (1984) and M.E.(1992) degree from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Engineering and Technology (the then VRCE), Nagpur. The author is struggling against injustice perpetrated through misleading and irrational interpretations of law relating to Nazul lands at various forums for the last ten years.

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    Through practical, everyday situations, the author tells us about the various kinds of Cognitive disorders that can be improved or cured by CBT; the various age groups it can affect, and how CBT can help at these various stages in life. He speaks about the cognitive biases in everyday life as well as the cognitive rehabilitation necessary for the various disorders.

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    “Myriad emotions experienced through life, sometimes across a lotus pond, sometimes amidst the presence of a Guru, sometimes when watching the stars, or measuring your heart’s beats waiting to be inked
    lest they be lost..

    That’s how this book came about.”

    Sweet Soul by: Mary Abi Nader 624.00
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    In this book, the author has tried his best not only to drain out certain sticky and contradictory items in “The Constitution of India 2018,” but also passionately suggest a new system that involves a fusion of federalism, feudalism and secularism. In this system, the Central Government is maintained as the logistic center, while the sovereign is shared with the State in such a way that there is no overlap of power, allowing the State Government to function independently. This system will regulate the central political party’s power and ensure that it is not misused or concentrated in their hands but monitored by the State Advisory Board of council, Auditor General, and Budget Committee under the doctrine of check and balance. Indeed, it is a function of the Government to oversee or veto acts of Government that facilitate fraud, omission, errors, etc. “Democracy is pretentious, unless we emancipate from the political system, it will disparage the concept of democracy.” Politics and Democracy are two different ideologies. They are inseparably mixed; a suitable mechanism or a solvent is needed to elute this mixture for the good of this Country. Perhaps this book, “The New Method for the Formation of State Government,” may provide a chromatography solution to eluting the mixture. This book does not contain anything that infringes on the fundamental rights of anyone. There is no derogation of fundamental rights, and no inconsistency affecting the scope of Article 13(1) or Article 13(2) of the Constitution of India. Even assuming that some of them are, it is for the Government and the Courts to apply the Doctrine of Eclipse or on the Doctrine of Severability. Mechanical interpretation on this ‘New Constitution of India 2018’ might be atrophied or fossilised, but the organic interpretation might not. It is up to the Government to find a way to implement the new method without affecting the earlier judgements of High Court and Supreme Court on Constitutional issues.

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    “The novel is about a 18 year old boy named Sam, like most other guy’s his age he is an average student and is fed up with his studies, he’s very much interested in going to Himalayas to know the purpose of his life and find some answers. Then he meets a girl named Priya, falls madly in love with her at the very first sight, meets her again, they get into a relationship, everything goes good until her dreams of becoming a badminton player gets in between them.
    Does she leave her dream for her boyfriend? or breaks up with him for her badminton?
    Did he leave her to make her happy? Did he visit Himalayas?”

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    “Desires play a very important role in our life to remain happy and satisfied.

    Our desires equal everything we secretly dream about, visualize or imagine. They’re not just far-off, impractical wishes or impossible hopes. We all must follow what our heart desires and we will definitely reach the real happiness.

    This book is all about what our heart desires and is expressed beautifully by the author in the form of poems making us enjoy our life, our surroundings in the best possible way.”

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    “Geo-Tectonics and Geomorphology’.
    The book ‘Geo-Tectonics and Geomorphology’ have a broad approaches of
    geomorphological processes. The book presents a better emphasis
    related to exogenetic and indogenetic processes in formation of
    earth’s crustal topography. Book has divided into four modules. In the
    book, first module explains of the origin of universe and solar system
    with simple and basic understanding and technics of flow-chart. This
    module provide a scientific analysis of topographical and structural
    evolution of earth with Geological Time Scale, Tectonic activity with
    new ideas, Isostasy, earthquake and Vulcanicity.
    General degradational processes related to weathering, Fluvial,
    Aeolian, Glacial and Fluvio-glacial processes and occurred landforms
    are explained in the second module.
    Third module deals about geomorphological structure related to
    landforms on granite and basalt, limestone; river network, their
    development and uses and gomorphological concepts.
    Last module evaluates the basic landforms evolution theories related
    to Davis, Penck, King and Hack.”

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    “Financial market and management is a well-known concept. It is utilised in various fields like finance, forex, stock market, import-export, etc. Around the world, more and more trade activities revolve around this concept. This book is introduced to give concise information not only about financial and commodity trade and their managing authorities, but also about the problems that occur during trade situations and how to resolve the same. The salient features of this book are:

    Information on cryptocurrencies

    Trade war and its impact on economy

    Focus on Indian economy

    How globalization has changed the world’s vision

    Role of foreign institutions

    Currencies’ role in trade market

    Practical case studies and data based on governmental sources.

    Proper references provided in the book help researchers design their work more easily. Chapters include formats to help researchers get ideas for the development of their work. Each chapter provides specific information aimed clearly at students and researchers.”

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    “Adventures are an integral part of life. Highs and lows, ups and downs, negatives and positives together sum up life. But what if mishaps outnumber the smiles?.. So much that there builds up enormous gap between smiles and tears?I suppose then life cannot be termed as a summation of highs and lows.

    Hayatt Ali Siddique’s life is one such enigma of pain, tears and devastating struggle for peace. He takes life by snatching it away from the clutches of destiny. Doom starts spelling on him right since his existence comes into being. But a born warrior, he fails all the ordeals and travails coming his way. And before the curtain of life falls, he rises up again. And we witness his resurrection.

    ‘The Man who lived the Ages’ is the story of a young guy who undergoes huge misdemeanours of fate, so much that at several instances, he almost touches the drape of death, but each time life holds his breaking string and mends his attire of heartbeats. While going through this book, the reader shall travel in great spaces and times and live the journey as it treads.

    Umair Siddique has made his hero alive in his entire narration. He has marvellously pictured Hayatt’s life to an extent of living it. The writer is full of emotions and a strong panache of weaving events. At times, he would throw you in flashbacks, but only leaving you in awe.

    The suspense and thrill wouldn’t leave you till the end. He can make you guess like the sky, yet touch your instincts each time. The deeper strata of the book holding more sentiments, is a vision of the strongest of humans, who believe in life and the power it holds.

    The book will compel you to believe that we can never plan life, not even death. We are only puppets at the hands of destiny. We have to accept life as it comes… Even if we plan to die. We’ll succeed only if our final time is destined by the Almighty.

    The book deserves true appreciation and praise. It is though a work of fiction, but very close to reality. At times, it can make you smile, at others, it can make you cry. It can set you pulsating at numerous instances and leave you guessing. It can bring your imaginations to examination.”

    The man who lived the ages by: Umair Siddiqui 250.00 213.00
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